White Males Targeted During Fresno Terror Attack: Three Dead

His name is Kori Ali Muhammad, the primary suspect in a shooting rampage that has left three people dead.

Muhammad was reportedly crying out  “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

Police tackled him to the ground and he has been taken into custody.

The suspected killer is said to be Muslim and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Below is a music media video he made celebrating the chance to kill white people. All of the Fresno shooting victims were white males.

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Thugs Send White Teen To Hospital With Fractured Skull For Saying, “Blue Lives Matter”

Last Friday a white teenager who goes to Sylacauga High School in Alabama, was airlifted to a nearby hospital after being brutally beaten by a mob of thugs who attacked him for posting on Facebook that “Blue Lives Matter.”

Today, other teens at the school are fighting back, requiring police to be called to the scene to try and maintain order as tensions continue to mount between segments of students.


The boy’s mother is understandably distraught:

This is Obama’s America.

Hillary Clinton wants four more years of this.




Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani Says Cops Don’t Like Sick Hillary

Last week, the Hillary Clinton campaign staged a public appearance that had her sitting alongside a handful of city police chiefs in an attempt to convince voters Mrs. Clinton will be both tough on crime, yet also somehow supportive of the anti-cop, Black Lives Matter movement. Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani watched that moment, and considers it a farce, while also pointing out how sick Hillary Clinton appeared at that gathering.

“First of all, she looked sick. Number two, she looked completely uncomfortable with saying anything pro-police.  And number three, it was a complete joke because she’s surrounded by four or five Democratic-appointed political police chiefs. We know — just go ask any cop right out there, we know who the police are supporting. They know she’s anti-cop. She’s the one who found the police officers in Baltimore guilty before the judge, an African-American, found them not guilty.”

Putting Mrs. Clinton’s visibly fatigued appearance last week aside, Mr. Guiliani’s contention she lacks support among America’s rank-and-file law enforcement is not without merit. Back in April, numerous police union leaders came out in support of Trump, and that support has apparently strengthened even further since then.

As for Mayor Guiliani, he appears quite willing to continue attacking Hillary Clinton’s false promises and seemingly sickly public appearances while at the very same time, Donald Trump’s poll numbers continue to improve and the first of three presidential debates between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, looms.


How The Liberal Media Helped To Kill Five Dallas Police Officers

They did it with Trayvon Martin. Did it again with Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc.

Each time the media had the facts wrong. Each time it helped to spread a patently false narrative. And each time, violence ensued.  


castile robbery

The photo above is reportedly that of now-deceased, Philando Castile, who was shot and killed while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle shortly after it is believed he perpetrated an armed robbery. (The photo identification has not yet been confirmed, though.)

The Minnesota police officer who shot him was Hispanic – though the media has for days pushed the assumed belief that it was a White/Asian officer.

According to the police officer’s attorney, Castile had a gun on his lap while he sat in the car and refused a “Don’t move” order. As that interaction was taking place, Castile’s girlfriend, who was driving, livestreamed what became a deadly altercation. She narrated that Castile had a conceal to carry permit.

According to authorities, HE DID NOT.

Further reports suggest the gun might in fact have been stolen.

The liberal media failed miserably to relay the facts of this case, helping to further worsen the tension between law enforcement and Black communities across America – particularly angry and violent black youth looking for any reason to justify the looting that has been so prevalent during previous “protests” of incidences involving police and minorities.

Hands up don’t shoot never happened.

A black judge has so far found the officers charged in the Freddie Gray death not guilty.

And now, it seems Philando Castile was a young man with a penchant for committing crime, who might very well have been reaching for a weapon even as a police officer told him not to. Instead, this same media (and some politicians) took the word of Mr. Castile’s seemingly self-promoting girlfriend who it now appears, lied and lied repeatedly about what did and did not happen during that brief and fatal altercation with law enforcement.

Five officers are dead in Dallas, and seven more wounded.

When will the media be held accountable for their complicity in that terrible injustice?


Guess Which Presidential Candidate Was Scheduled For A Black Lives Matter Event Today?

Hint: Her first name is Hillary.

See this earlier announcement via the New  York Times:

“Mrs. Clinton will be in Pennsylvania, with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., at events that will touch on the police-related deaths of Alton B. Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, as protests raged in Chicago and New York.

Mrs. Clinton, who is seeking to reassemble President Obama’s winning coalition amid the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, has made criminal justice overhaul a hallmark of her campaign.”

Poor Hillary.

She was all set to pander once again to the Black vote while attacking law enforcement officers (many of them minorities) all across the country.

And then a Black Lives Matter member/sympathizer (and possible cohorts) shot and killed/wounded eleven Dallas police officers yesterday – followed by Black Lives Matter supporters CHEERING the deaths of those officers:

SICK: 'Black Lives Matter' Supporters Celebrate Murder of Dallas Cops

The Clinton campaign then abruptly cancelled the anti-police event that was to be held today. Apparently the optics just didn’t feel right to them.

Who can possibly state with any semblance of honesty that Hillary Clinton’s version of “leadership” is what America needs at this time? 


Right One Cue: Obama Pushes Gun Grab Following Attack On Dallas Police (VIDEO)

He makes no mention of Black Lives Matter, a racist, violent, socialist group he has all but endorsed as President. He makes no mention of the culture of hate and divisiveness his administration has built for the last eight years. 

No, instead, Barack Obama once again uses tragedy born of the racial tensions he himself has created, to go after gun rights in America.  Here he is earlier today, with the bodies of slain Dallas police not yet cold, doing just that:


Obama’s War On Cops Visits Dallas: Coming Soon To A City Near You…

If you were watching, or have since seen footage of the anti-law enforcement bloodshed that took place in Dallas, Texas yesterday, please remember that Barack Obama built that environment. He did so from the first days of his administration, and has consistently continued to foster a dangerous and volatile anti-police sentiment for the last eight years.

Mr. Obama has excused the violence and destruction that is represented by racist groups like Black Lives Matter while time and time again promising to go after the police for what he views as their transgressions. There are bad cops in America to be sure. 

But let us not forget, there are very bad presidents, too.

From our southern border, to our city streets, American law enforcement is under attack by the Obama administration, and its Democrat and media cohorts.

A repeated irony in all of this, is that U.S. law enforcement so often is a place rich with minority members, as the footage from Dallas so clearly showed. Black and Hispanic officers are often the majority among city police forces, but Barack Obama, who claims to care for the plight of minorities, attacks their chosen profession over and over again. It is a White House-directed culture of organized hate, courtesy of Barack Obama.

According to police reports, one of the Dallas cop killers explained his action by telling police he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops. This attitude, this dangerous and now deadly intent, is the direct byproduct of the divisiveness that has been repeated via the political climate in this country – a climate created primarily by the Mr. Obama and his supporters.

And to those in the administration and/or the media who try and and claim Black Lives Matter is a movement about “peace”, check out this footage of BLM marchers CELEBRATING and TAUNTING after dead and wounded police officers lay in the streets of their city:

And remember this, Barack Obama has personally invited Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House and applauded their efforts. Last night, those efforts included the deaths of five Dallas police officers.


Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested On Charges Of Child Trafficking

His name is Charles Wade, a young man who quickly rose to some semblance of community organizing prominence during the anti-police Ferguson riots two years ago. Those  riot efforts and subsequent growth of the Blacks Lives Matter movement were applauded by many on the left, including those within the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama went so far as to personally invite Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

ABOVE: Barack Obama congratulates Black Lives Matter for their, “outstanding work.”


Today we learn that some of the “outstanding work” Mr. Wade was involved in according to law enforcement, was the use of minors for prostitution according to this Weasel Zippers report:

Charles Wade was arrested in April on prostitution and child trafficking charges.

On April 25, he really got himself in a fix. He was arrested and charged with human trafficking and several prostitution-related charges. The police report notes, that as part of the charges, he is accused of allegedly pimping out a 17 year old girl in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

So far, the Mainstream Media has been reluctant to share Mr. Wade’s current legal troubles.

The Obama White House has no comment as well.

For now, Charles Wade’s police report will have to do the talking.


blm prostitution