Black Marching Band Ignores Race-Baiting Critics – WILL Participate In Trump Inauguration

Talladega College is Alabama’s oldest, and predominantly black liberal arts college. News is now breaking that it has received, and accepted, an invitation to perform at Donald Trump’s upcoming presidential inauguration later this month, much to the dismay of race-baiting activists across the nation now panicked at the prospect of a Trump administration doing more for black communities over the next four years than Democrats have done over many decades.

The President-Elect’s enemies continue to perpetrate the lie that Mr. Trump is somehow anti-black. The truth is far different of course, as Mr. Trump was among the only political voices on the national stage who repeatedly demanded things must change in this nation’s minority communities as the old ways of doing things have left generations behind, causing the loss of jobs, the breakup of families, and an overall decline in both hope and prosperity for millions.

It was a message that resonated with minority voters, leading to Trump garnering far more support among black and Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney did in 2012. If Mr. Trump is able to deliver on his promise to revitalize minority communities, the longtime race-baiting status quo in America fears a disruption in their “divide and conquer” political platform that was so essential to Barack Obama’s election and re-election efforts in 2008 and 2012.

Kudos to Talladega College for breaking free of the plantation politics that demand subservience to the Democrat Party.

Donald Trump certainly represents something different.

All Americans, including minorities, would do well to give him a chance to prove it’s also something BETTER.


Megyn Kelly Claims Trump Doing “Horribly” Among Black Voters – New Poll Says Otherwise

Megyn Kelly’s ongoing misrepresentation of Donald Trump and his millions of supporters continued this week as she returned to the Fox News airwaves following a lengthy summer hiatus. 

And just last night, Ms. Kelly repeated the claim to a panel of guests that Donald Trump was doing “horribly” among Black voters in America, despite numerous polling data that says otherwise.

Apparently, Kelly doesn’t let facts get in the way of her long-standing dislike of Donald Trump, despite this latest headline out of all-important swing-state Florida that includes some very positive news regarding Trump’s support among the African-American community:

Shock Poll: Trump Gets 20 Percent of Black Vote in Florida Poll; Leads Clinton Overall 43 to 41

The headline comes from a just-released Florida Atlantic University poll of 1200 registered voters in Florida surveyed over the last few days. In 2012, Mitt Romney, a candidate Megyn Kelly “gushed” over, according to then-media reports, garnered just six percent of the Black vote in Florida.

Donald Trump is currently more than TRIPLING that amount, and yet, Kelly repeats over and over again that Trump is doing “horribly” among black voters.

The truth Kelly chooses to ignore, is that Donald Trump is garnering far more support among African American voters than her own show does among African American viewers. (only 1% of Fox News viewers are Black according to a 2014 Nielsen survey.)

She would do well to give that fact some thought. 


Media Enraged Over Donald Trump’s Support Among Black Voters (VIDEO)

“He’s as real as any human being I’ve met and he’s walking among the snakes.”

So says one of the Black community leaders who recently met with Donald Trump and left that meeting even more impressed with a man he thinks might very well be America’s last best hope for a more prosperous future for ALL Americans.

A handful of pastors decided they would not attend the meeting. The media instantly pounced upon those cancellations and effectively ignored the vast majority who did participate in what was a lengthy discussion of issues with the New York billionaire and then left both impressed and hopeful for the Trump campaign.

“He was sincere…he was not uncomfortable.”

In September, a SurveyUSA poll showed Donald Trump receiving 25% support among Black American voters. That amount is a rather astonishing number given the last Republican to earn double-digit support among Black voters was George W. Bush in 2004 with 11%.

Trump is more than doubling that rate of support which in turn if those numbers held, would give him a landslide Election Day victory in November of 2016.


Read D.W. Ulsterman’s RACE WARS: HERE




Since that September polling information was released both the Mainstream Media and the Establishment from BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties have worked in unison to paint Mr. Trump as a loudmouthed bigot, racist, and whatever other negative labels they hope to see stick.

So far, with just minor and temporary success, none of them have.

The Trump Train inexplicably rolls on, re-writing the political playbook in a way not seen in the modern era of American politics.

And so, the anti-Trump attacks continue to escalate as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others persist in pushing a narrative a majority of Black leaders say does not apply to the Donald Trump they have personally met with.

It would appear the media does not feel Black Opinions matter.

Check out this video of some of those Black leaders who recently met with Donald Trump discussing with Sean Hannity their thoughts on that meeting, and Donald Trump. It is an informative and honest discussion and a portrayal of Black America the far left has long worked to silence as it shows a segment of that population who want more freedom and opportunity, not less and who grow tired of politicians who want nothing more than to keep them on the Big Government plantation that only serves to keep them as slaves to the system: