John Bolton’s First Order Of Business: Shred Disastrous Obama Iran Nuke Deal

In the short term, newly-appointed Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s most important job is to navigate the dismantling of the disastrous Obama-era Iran nuke deal that was so strongly supported by Russia. (Isn’t it interesting how Democrats claim to be anti-Russia but enacted policies time and time again that were favored Russia?)

Bolton appears to be both up to that task and quite willing to carry it out – much to the dismay of the Establishment Media who are increasingly desperate to protect the Obama legacy.

The Russian reaction to Bolton’s appointment was both swift and negative:

Trump has replaced McMaster, a “hawk,” with “super-hawk and neocon John Bolton,” said Alexey Pushkov, who is also active on Russian foreign policy matters. “McMaster is a general. Bolton is the ideologue of a new cold war, a convinced opponent of Russia.”

The Russians didn’t fear Bolton’s predecessor, General McMaster. McMaster was a longtime D.C. military fixture with a decidedly globalist worldview bent that often clashed with President Trump’s “America-first” outlook. Some believe General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first choice as National Security Adviser, was intentionally eliminated from that position by Deep State operatives intent on replacing him with McMaster who many inside the Trump inner-circle feel was the source of numerous anti-Trump leaks to the media.

Bolton shares the President’s views on the Obama Iran nuke deal – namely that it is a disaster for America, the Middle East, and the world at large. It gave billions to the world’s #1 state sponsor of terrorism, strengthened Russian influence upon the region, bolstered Assad in Syria, and provided a financial link/incentive to the North Korean regime. In short, it was perhaps the single worst international agreement by any U.S. administration in the last one hundred years.

McMaster (who is said to be an Obama supporter) defended the agreement. Donald Trump wants it dismantled.

It’s now John Bolton’s job to help make that happen.