MAGA! More Than 1 Million Workers Have Received a Bonus Since The Trump Tax Bill Became Law

Another remarkable success story the Establishment Media chooses to ignore. That means all of YOU are duty-bound to educate the masses with this good news.


Over 1 million American workers with over 100 companies are set to receive a bonus, pay hike or retirement increase as a direct result of President Trump’s tax reform package.
The latest list from Americans for Tax Reform, which has been collecting the names of firms paying the Trump bonus, finds that some are paying as much as $3,000.
One company, IAT Insurance of Raleigh, N.C., wrote Secrets today asking to be added. “I just read your story on the 100 companies giving bonuses after tax reform. On December 11, IAT Insurance Group announced their pledge to reinvest tax savings into what makes IAT great, their employees. After the bill officially passed, IAT announced on December 21 their plan to pay all non-executive employees a $3,000 bonus on January 15, 2018,” said the company.

…Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that; this bill cuts taxes for 80-90 percent of Americans. This tax bill will probably get more popular as well. As Democrats are eating crow over the impact of this bill on American workers, it could spoil their 2018 plans when millions of families find out they got significant relief with this reform package.