Obama Globalists Move To Ignore Brexit Vote

It is no secret the Obama White House was both stunned and outraged at British voters’ decision to withdraw from one of the most critical components of globalist governance – the European Union.

Now rumors are rampant that the Obama government has joined forces with its British and German counterparts to effectively ignore the will of the British people and keep the E.U. intact.

ABOVE: Barack Obama stands with Germany’s Angela Merkel and current British Prime Minister David Cameron. To the left is former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, a conservative who was at best a tepid supporter of his country’s involvement in the European Union. In late 2013,Sarkozy suddenly found himself facing corruption charges (which remain unproven) and he narrowly lost his re-election bid to pro-E.U. socialist candidate, François Hollande.


Earlier this week, Obama Secretary of State John Kerry informed a panel that the situation was “complicated” while behind-the-scenes whispers suggested Mr. Kerry was in fact working feverishly with British government officials to quickly form a second referendum vote that would effectively nullify last week’s vote. This move is said to have considerable support among other E.U. nations such as Germany and France, among others, and is being strongly suggested/demanded to take place by Barack Obama himself.

It should be noted that British Prime Minister David Cameron has yet to invoke Article 50 – the act which would formally initiate Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Cameron initially promised this would take place soon after the vote.

It hasn’t, and some are now saying it might never be invoked.

While Cameron is apparently being told by such figures as Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Angela Merkel to simply ignore the will of the people, the now-departing Prime Minister is publicly stating the British people have spoken and their will should be fully represented.

If that is the case, though, why hasn’t Mr. Cameron already invoked Article 50?

Germany’s Merkel has made similar public comments indicating the Brexit vote will stand, while privately working to minimize that vote’s authority as much as possible. Rumors indicate Germany will take an increasingly active role in trying to influence upcoming British elections, hoping it can possibly help to see that a more E.U.-friendly representative is made Prime Minster.

Perhaps it will be up to the British people to once again thwart those plans as well.