Trumpism Sweeping The Globe As Western Europe & Canada Go Conservative

Last week rioters in France protested against the high-tax globalism that plagues that nation’s economy. Similar sentiment is cropping up throughout Western Europe, including in the United Kingdom, while in Canada conservatives are preparing to possibly sweep the far-left (and disastrous) government of Justin Trudeau from power as early as next year. Even as liberals and the Deep State in Washington D.C. attempt to cripple the Trump presidency, millions of people all across the globe are yearning for their version of Trump to make their own countries great again.

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Both France’s Macron and Canada’s Trudeau have enraged those country’s respective citizens by repeatedly siding with globalist “no borders” policies and taxes that have resulted in a myriad of negative impacts to the people of those nations. From higher crime and incidents of disease, to near-crippling national debt, more and more are saying ENOUGH.

A video that was originally (and incorrectly) attributed to French protestors chanting “We want Trump” was actually taken in the streets of London earlier this year. While leftists were quick to point out the error, they were just as quick to remain silent about thousands of British citizens being so supportive of the current U.S. president’s “America First” platform. The Establishment Media has spent thousands of hours trying to convince everyone that President Trump is a highly unpopular figure abroad when in fact Trump’s international support among the people of other countries, (not their establishment leaders) is growing.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the primary globalist political leader, Angela Merkel, is on her way out due to rising unpopularity following years of disasterous immigration policies that have the nation’s economic and law enforcement infrastructure buckling under the strain of more than one million migrant refugees being allowed into the country since 2016 resulting in billions of Euros spent trying to accommodate such sudden mass migration—many of whom despise Western European culture and norms. According to the BBC, the violent crimes of rape and murder have increased significantly in Germany since 2016 with migrants accounting for a greater and greater percentage of those crimes.

Chart showing asylum-seeker suspects relative to overall population

Similar trends can be found in other nations like Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Great Brittain, and France.

A world without borders, without organized and lawful immigration policies, is a world in chaos. President Trump has made that clear time and time again. The globalists hate him for that even as the facts prove his words and his vision for safety and prosperity for all to be the right one.

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Trump Now Takes On Canada’s Trudeau In Another ‘America First’ Trade Deal

With the Mexican government publicly gushing gratitude for President Trump’s negotiating savvy following a remarkably successful and important conclusion to trade negotiations between the United States and Mexico Mr. Trump now sets his sights on doing the same with Canada. It will be an interesting showdown between the alpha Donald Trump and the preening beta Justin Trudeau. One man built a real estate empire. The other was a drama teacher. 

Earlier this summer PM Trudeau attempted to corral President Trump into signing off on a G7 deal.

Trump was having none of it.


A bit of public back and forth between the two leaders has followed but with the clear economic advantage favoring the United States. Trudeau has become something of a joke among Canadian voters over his propensity to grovel for approval which has resulted in some rather disastrous public relations examples.

And now the whispers in and around D.C. suggest a growing number among Canada’s political and economic elite are bypassing Trudeau altogether and seeking out a new trade deal with the United States before President Trump’s ongoing tariffs against Canadian imports further harms an already increasingly precarious Canadian economy. In short, Donald Trump is negotiating from a position of considerable strength as he further inserts his administration’s ‘America First’ agenda.

Then, with agreements between Mexico, Canada, and in part the European Union, already hammered out, Trump will again turn his full attention to China and North Korea. The Chinese economy is faltering, partly due to the weight of Mr. Trump’s trade battle with the communist regime. The U.S. economy, by comparison, is thriving due primarily to the pro-growth policies of the Trump White House. More and more are suggesting China will for the first time in decades be willing to negotiate an open and honest trade deal with the United States. Should that happen, the U.S. stock market boom will be one for the ages.

This President Trump is truly something special.

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