Donald Trump Is America’s First Truly Post-Racial President

It wasn’t Bill Clinton who has a long and often complicated relationship with race relations and it certainly wasn’t Barack Obama who from day one on the national stage made race and religion the dangerously divisive platform upon which he built his entire political career upon. No, as much as the far-left media would have people believe otherwise, President Trump is America’s first truly post-racial president because of one simple and undeniable truth—he looks on everyone as equal regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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That equal treatment for all extends to his sometimes rather aggressive rebukes against those he disagrees with on policy and/or character as well. That’s the thing with President Trump — he doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. If he doesn’t like something you’re doing he has no problem saying so regardless of the politically-correct rules that have already done so much harm to free speech in America. And if you attack him or his family, regardless of who you are or what color your skin is, he’ll come back at you twice as hard.

This is in stark contrast to the poll-tested politicians of our age. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, etc., all wanted to be told what to say and how to say it.

President Trump is just the opposite — he says it how he sees it, political correctness be damned. The thing is that he’s most often proven right, something the far-left media continues to give him almost no credit for. In this regard, Trump might very well be the most Martin Luther King-like in his approach to governance where his world view is primarily shaped by the content of people’s character and not the color of their skin. White? Black? Brown? Male? Female? Other? President Trump doesn’t care. For him, it’s always been about the quality of the job you do – period.

The political and media far-left (which is overwhelmingly comprised of elitist white folks) have had a very difficult time accepting this because their entire existence has been built around the idea of creating differences, attacking one group, promoting another group, and in doing so pushing an agenda that says certain kinds of people are incapable of success without their elitist-driven help and it is there one finds the foundational racism that makes up so much of what is modern American liberalism. 

President Trump truly believes anyone and everyone is capable of great things but that it’s up to them to see that potential through.  The far-left’s retort is to say “HOW DARE YOU” and call his colorblind outlook racist when it is actually just the opposite.

Watch and listen to Candace Owens give an example of this twisted, self-contradictory, and ultimately elitist racism that sadly permeates the far-left today:


“Regardless of who you are or where you come from, if you believe in the code that is DON’T TREAD ON ME then Mr. Diaz’s Revenge is for you.”


“Time and time again this author proves how he always seems to have his hand on the pulse of what is coming before it actually happens. I don’t know how he does it but it sure makes for some fascinating reading. Mr. Diaz’s Revenge is a MUST READ for anyone who thinks this country needs to get back to the basics and stop promoting the kind of nonsense that has done nothing but tear us all apart. In a way, we are all Mr. Diaz.”

Mr. Diaz's Revenge by [Ulsterman, D.W.]




“One President. One Country. One Love.”

It’s the pic from today’s White House gathering that has the far left seething. One of the most important and influential musicians/entertainers of this generation, Kanye West, is seen embracing President Trump while wearing the now-iconic Make America Great Again cap. So much good is being done every day of the Trump administration but the Establishment Media and its Democrat Party cohorts would have us believe otherwise. (They even went so far as to call Mr. West a “dumb negro” earlier this week for his support of the president.)

Ignore the negativity and embrace the positive. America truly is growing stronger and more unified once again.


Candace Owens Challenges Democrat Socialist Darling Ocasio-Cortez To A Debate. Cortez Runs Away…

The rumors have been proven true – Ocasio-Cortez, socialist media darling, is the most current low-intelligence face of the Democrat Party. She can’t explain socialism, (while calling herself one) speaks in political generalities that would make even the political generalities emperor Barack Obama blush, and then when asked to participate in a debate on the current issues of the day, promptly declares debates to be “sexist.” (HUH?) Candace Owens, the fearless Millenial truthsayer of minority America who wants nothing more than people to think for themselves, offers to debate Ocasio-Cortez for charity. Cortez, now fearing the parking lot puddle depth of her intellectualism will be even more openly exposed, promptly runs away.

Via American Spectator:

The prom queen of socialism says debates are sexist.

Everyone’s favorite Democratic socialite continues to entertain, and not merely because of her unique views about how the world works beyond Westchester, NY. She has kept us in stitches with her claim that Medicare-for-All will save the nation zillions in funeral expenses, her weird belief that questions about the costs of M4A are merely GOP talking points, and her unique theory about the SCOTUS ruling in NFIB v. Sebelius. Now she has us slapping our thighs with comical excuses for refusing to participate in a debate about the virtues of socialism versus those of capitalism with black conservative Candace Owens.

Shortly following her refusal to accept a debate challenge from Ben Shapiro, claiming that it was somehow sexist, Candace Owens called out Ocasio-Cortez on that excuse by offering to donate $20,000 to a charity of the latter’s choice if she would debate capitalism vs. socialism. The self-styled “girl from the Bronx” has declined, but Owens isn’t letting her off the hook: “And what exactly was your excuse for having turned down the debate with me? Can’t wrap that one up in fake-feminism.” Not that her excuse is really a secret. Ocasio-Cortez knows little of socialism’s intellectual foundation, such as it was, and less about capitalism.

Gone are the days when serious, if hopelessly misguided, people like Michael Harrington could debate socialism in a civil fashion with heavyweight conservatives like William F. Buckley. All of Harrington’s claims have now been shown by history to be false, leaving the left with a catalog of empty slogans parroted by “progressives” who couldn’t stay in the ring with Buckley for 30 seconds. This is why the American left has now reverted to the suppression of free speech, the verbal abuse of its opponents, and outright violence. History hasn’t been kind to socialism, and honest debate will not be kind to Ocasio-Cortez.


That last bolded sentence is very important because it speaks directly to what is going on in the country right now. The Far Left cannot win on ideas and substance because history has proven time and time again that leftism leads to totalitarianism which leads to chaos, starvation, the loss of human rights, and ultimately the loss of life. And so what is the Far Left in America to do? They attempt to harass, intimidate, and most recently, outright censor ideas that run counter to their own.

The Democrat party and its leftist enablers in the Establishment and Social Media complex are the Brown Shirt fascists of our time. That isn’t mere exaggeration.

It’s the truth. 


CHILLING: Far Left Media Powers Are Promoting & Defending Violence Against Women, Minorities, & Free Thinkers (VIDEO)

Those paying attention will likely recall the multiple attacks against Trump supporters that took place throughout 2016. Such attacks have since intensified. The Establishment Media has largely ignored this trend even as social media powers tacitly endorse it. Candace Owens is a young black woman who has most recently been a leader in urging minorities in America to think for themselves and leave the “Democrat Plantation” in favor of true opportunity and self-realization. Watch the video below as a group of white “protestors” attack Ms. Owens (and Charlie Kirk – a free market advocate) screaming and chanting “stop white supremacy” and “f*ck the racist police.” Note the police there were themselves minorities – just like Candace Owens. 

These white “activists” clearly believe Candace Owens, a young black woman, should know her place, sit down, and shut up.

This is the mentality being promoted by both the establishment and social media powers in America.

If that doesn’t scare the hell out of everyone who truly believes in freedom of thought and expression, then just come out in the open and declare yourself a thought-police Nazi because that’s what you are. The rest of you? It’s time to wake up and speak out. Step up and stand shoulder to shoulder with opinions you don’t agree with but be willing to fight to the death for their right to have them.

That’s America and it’s still worth saving.


The Most Important Voice In Black America Right Now Is Candace Owens – And Why The White Establishment Hates Her (VIDEO)

Candace Owens is a young, educated, and outspoken woman who refuses to be the kind of self-created victim that has become so popular among the young people of today. Her message of independence of thought and action is aimed especially at those like herself who are young people of color. She tells them to stop whining about the past and live in the here and now. We all have problems regardless of the hue of our skin. The difference is there are those who work to improve themselves and those who simply take repeated selfies of them complaining about things.



Note how many white males are now attacking Ms. Owens. That is no accident. White males have long dominated the message and manipulation of Black Americans for generations through institutionalized education bias, music, film, and television. The shared foundation of these examples is spreading a message of victimization which in turn breeds a culture of reliance upon the white-dominated government masters to improve said victimized lives.

The Civil War ended more than 150 years ago but plantation slavery has persisted in the form of white victimization merchants who have beaten down minorities wanting to think for themselves. The modern Democrat Party and Establishment Media are the masters of that plantation and minority entertainers and politicians their too-willing puppets.

This is a big reason why Donald Trump, despite the false narrative pushed forward by the media that he is racist, is more popular among minorities than any Republican president in decades. Trump communicates the truth and doesn’t hide it under layers of political-speak. Due to Trump’s economic agenda minority unemployment has fallen to the lowest levels in U.S. history and economic freedom gives one the opportunity for true freedom and the Black community knows this. Donald Trump is the first American president who did not come from the white masters’ plantation. No prior president of the modern era can say that – including Barack Obama. Mr. Obama was given the full approval of the political plantation masters and Obama’s policies as president reflected that which in turn caused minority communities to suffer greatly.

With Donald Trump that suffering has lessened. Opportunity and freedom for minorities in America are on the rise as more and more choose to leave the plantation. Candace Owens is helping to lead others to that path of self-determination. Others should join her.