MUST WATCH: CBS News & Ben Swann Investigate “Pizza Gate” Claims. Uncover Shocking Details.

While not claiming to have any verifiable proof of the bizarre and troubling accusations some outlined via the leaked Podesta emails from earlier this summer, Ben Swann lays out what is both a succinct and troubling parade of facts/coincidences.

Watch and if you so choose, share with others.

WARNING: Disturbing Subject Matter:

Swann, and his CBS affiliate, are said to be currently inundated with backlash via some very powerful and high-placed sources for the airing of the above report.


Far-Left Stephen Colbert Show Ratings Plummet As Cancellation Rumors Escalate…

It would appear Americans are in no mood to hear a late night talk show host repeatedly foist his far-left ideology upon them. CBS’s Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert is now in fourth place among late night shows and in last place along his time slot contemporaries, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

Rumors are now rampant of CBS already considering a reboot replacement for next season.

According to Neilson, Colbert’s ratings have plummeted by nearly 50% since his show debuted in September.

A recent Hollywood Reporter poll found that even Democrats find Colbert’s show to be “too partisan.”

Low ratings equate to far less advertising revenue. If things don’t improve, CBS will surely find itself with no choice but to pull the plug on Mr. Colbert and his leftist version of late night comedy.


Putin Enjoys Free Rent Inside Of Barack Obama’s Head…

A glaring and sniveling President Obama disputes the softly-worded commentary of CBS’s Steve Kroft and reveals just how much Vladimir Putin’s ascent to being the primary foreign power influence in the Middle East has gotten under Obama’s skin.

And then make note of how Mr. Obama, when attempting to talk down Putin’s standing, sounds as if he is actually describing the failures of his own presidency!

H/T Dhaval Sheth 

(Above: How dare you insinuate I am not undeniably the greatest living leader in all the world…)