Is The Fed Attempting To Damage The Trump Economy? A Market Expert Says YES…

Charles Payne is a highly successful and respected market expert whose life remains an example of self-made hard work whether it was during his time serving in the military, his years at E.F. Hutton, or running his own financial analyst business since 1991. 

When it comes to market manipulations the man knows his stuff and right now he’s calling out the Federal Reserve for politicizing its current monetary policy trend that he thinks is intended to put a damper on the remarkable Trump economy.

WTF? Fed gave money to Obama at 0% interest rate. With Trump they are charging and increasing the interest rates ridiculously. Is this the new political warfare zone?

The Fed is on pace to raise interest rates for the fourth time this year. That is in stark contrast to the Obama years when interest rates were set artificially at zero which allowed a shadow economy that primarily benefitted the very rich to thrive while Main Street continued to suffer. In less than two years the Trump administration has reversed that emphasis back to the Middle Class and the results have been astonishingly good but now more and more are questioning whether the Federal Reserve is trying hard to put some brakes on President Trump’s economic success. Some interest rate hikes, especially after so many years of a zero rate, are in order, but four rate hikes in one year? That is unusual and, according to experts like Charles Payne, quite possibly politically motivated to turn the economy into a negative for President Trump heading into the 2018 Midterms and the 2020 re-election cycle.