China Ignores Obama In Favor Of Direct U.S. Job Creation Discussions W/Trump

Though little reported by an always-Obama-supporting Mainstream Media here in America, it is well known throughout international circles the Chinese government and that nation’s top business powers, have long considered Barack Obama to be an utterly weak and self-involved caricature of a U.S. president.

That fact was never made more clear via a visit this week by Chinese billionaire and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma during his visit to meet privately with Donald Trump in Trump Tower. It was a dismissive backhand delivered across the face of outgoing President Obama, and further evidence of how world leaders are far more attentive to the potential America-first determination they now see in President-Elect Trump.

And know this – when Jack Ma journeys to Trump Tower, he does so on behalf of not just his own company’s business interests, but those of the entirety of the Chinese government, for in communist China, it is the government that has the final say in all things.

Ma had a job to do in his meeting with the soon to be new U.S. President, and that job was to assure Donald Trump China would be far more willing to deal with issues of unfair trade and business development than it ever was during the far weaker version of America that was the hallmark of the Obama regime.

In fact, the primary headline coming out of the Trump-Ma meeting was China’s promise of developing ONE MILLION NEW JOBS in America, for Americans. Trump in turn now has this meeting with Ma, and its promise of massive expansion of Alibaba inside the United States, as a powerful leveraging tool in future job-creating negotiations with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Trump made clear on the campaign trail his concerns over Amazon’s long-standing tax shelter machinations, as well as Mr. Trump’s dislike of the Bezos-owned Washington Post which was strongly pro-Hillary Clinton, and has been for years perhaps Barack Obama’s most consistently supportive member of the Mainstream Media. The Obama administration is said to have in turn created a very favorable business environment for Amazon while at the very same time, used federal SEC investigators to go after Amazon’s #1 competitor – Jack Ma’s Alibaba. 

So, from that perspective, Trump’s meeting with Ma is very much a multiple birds with a single stone political scenario. It confirms what many have already stated, namely that world leaders are already looking to Donald Trump as the man in charge in the United States, a move to create a significant number of jobs for American workers, as well as a powerful shot across the bow of the longtime anti-Trump, Jeff Bezos.

It is the Art of the Deal on full display by the man who gave life to that very phrase.


World Leaders View Obama As “Irrelevant Child” At G20 Summit

China was the first to set the tone, refusing to greet Barack Obama with full honors at the airport, a gesture that resulted in the embarrassing photo of an American president exiting Air Force One via the emergency exit at the rear of the plane.

And once the G20 officially commenced, Barack Obama was repeatedly snubbed, overlooked, and largely ignored.

Then came the meeting between Mr. Obama and Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Smirk ... Smiling Putin met Obama on the sidelines of the G20 summit taking place in China

Putin’s disregard for the American president is said to have only intensified in recent months. Putin sees Obama as something of an irrelevant child, a leader whose time has already come and gone while Putin himself has only broadened his own international influence within the power vacuum created by a too often tepid and meek Obama presidency – a view shared by many others world leaders, including G20 host nation, China.

It is the truth of the Obama legacy within international circles. His eight years were a purposely manufactured production via an all too compliant Mainstream Media. Obama is not a strong man, nor a particularly intelligent one, which has led him to prove to other world leaders time and time again he is without doubt, a less than capable leader. 

And for Vladimir Putin, Obama’s repeated allegiance to the Muslim world has become a matter of deep and personal dislike toward Obama. Where Putin has long fought against radical Islam, he has watched an American president just as enthusiastically defend it, even after that radicalism took American lives. It is a display of turning against your own country that Putin finds most  incomprehensible. He simply cannot understand how an American president can be so seemingly…un-American. 

Obama appeared tense at the G20 in the company of Putin, while the Russian leader most often had a dismissive smirk. He shook Obama’s hand, held it there for several seconds, and then released it, turning away and chuckling something into the ear of a Kremlin staffer while Obama seethed. Mr. Obama was being shown up. He knew it, just as he also knew there was nothing to be done about it.

Barack Obama’s presidency is set to end very soon. He will be a very rich man soon after, and the pro-Obama publishers are already preparing to elevate his legacy prominently in the history books. The world leaders who shared a stage with Mr. Obama during his eight years as president know better, though.

The Obama presidency was a cheap mirror. Thin, weak, hastily constructed, and entirely enamored by the image staring back from within its inconsequential surface.