STUDY: Christians Face Deadly Persecution More Than Any Other Religious Group In The World

The statistics are shocking, but sadly, after eight years of anti-Christian and anti-American sentiment from an Obama  White House that has so woefully failed to lead both at home and abroad, it is hardly surprising.

Christians are being attacked for their faith more than any other religious group in the world.

And the results have been deadly according to a just-released report from RELEVANT:


“This year, almost 90,000 Christians died for their faith, according to an Italian research group.

The Center for Studies on New Religions (Censur) will publish its annual report next month, and it’s devastating. That 90,000 number means in 2016 one Christian was martyred every six minutes…”


A Christian is killed for their faith every six minutes. From tribal Muslim terrorism in Africa, to machete attacks in the Philippines, to Islamic terror throughout Europe and the rest of the Western World, we now live in an age where being Christian can be a death sentence.

And yet, that reality has never been shared by the Obama administration, or the American Mainstream Media who continue to demean and attempt to demoralize this nation’s Christian communities. Remember, it was Barack Obama who chided Christians during an annual Faith Breakfast, for being too judgmental against a Muslim religion mired in acts of terrible and recent violence, and he did so even as another bloody attack against Christian youth was just carried out, wagging his finger like an Islamic scholar and in effect, telling Christians to simply STFU: