HYPOCRITES: 1700 Private Jets Fly Into Davos To Discuss “Climate Change”

The globalist elite are flying in by the thousands (and paying $40,000 just to get a seat) to attend the “World Economic Forum in Davos – a hodgepodge of international leaders, mega-rich business interests, and a sprinkling of celebrities whose money comes from those mega-rich business interests.

Topic #1 is said to be the threat of “climate change” which is actually code for the threat of Donald Trump who just this week took a much appreciated “America First” approach to international agreements.

1700 private jets is an atrocity for anyone who genuinely feels alarmed by “climate change.”

Just one private jet flight from New York to Paris produces more CO2 than the typical American produces in an entire year.

If these people were truly concerned about “climate change” why the use of 1700 private jets? Why the high-priced meals with items like Kobe Beef and salmon flown in from across the globe? Why the $40000 cost to attend?

It’s a hoax. A scam. A money-shifting chess game whereby international corporations and anti-American nations are hoping to play upon the fears and emotions of the simple-minded that human beings can actually alter the weather over the next century even as we struggle to predict the weather next week.

Wake up. Get real. And tell these anti-American globalists to go to hell. They can take one of their private jets. That way they don’t have to wait in line.


Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Fully Exposes Bill Nye As Climate Ignoramus

Bill Nye continues to make a very good living preaching from the climate change bible that attempts to lay blame for the earth’s changing weather at the feet of humankind. Nye, like so many others, cries out “it’s science!” over and over again in an attempt to end discussion on the subject. Watch as Tucker Carlson moves past that ploy and then fully exposes Mr. Nye as the fraud he truly is. There is no evidence – NONE, to suggest a specific, verifiable impact by humans upon the entirety of the earth’s climate, a climate that has been changing since its inception. Don’t forget, there was a “Mini Ice Age” less than 150 years ago. That’s fact. And so too is it fact that the earth has then warmed up since that time all on its own – thank goodness!

What Tucker Carlson is doing in the conversation above is demanding answers for the strident, overly aggressive tone that has long been the hallmark of the “blame humankind” mindset exemplified by figures like Bill Nye. Mr. Nye has advocated that those who question the doomsday scenario used to sell climate change to the masses should be punished. What he is doing then, is joining the long and troubled history of the closed-minded authoritarians who once jailed people for not believing the earth was flat, or that the sun circled the earth and not the other way around.

Climate change advocates are actually the modern version of the flat earthers – ignorant authoritative fear mongers who refuse to consider opposing views. The primary reason for that isn’t science, but rather greed. There’s a great deal of money to be made peddling “climate change” to the masses. In the video above, Nye repeats the mantra the climate change peddlers have been repeating for nearly a half-century. It is a plea that something must be done NOW, or it will be too late. That humans can alter the course of the earth’s climate to save us all “in the next few decades.”

What they don’t admit is the previous claims that said the same exact thing – and were proven so false as to make clear the entirety of those claims were lies to begin with. Towards the end of the video he even goes so far as to suggest that without humankind, the earth’s climate would be the same as it was in 1750 during the Little Ice Age. Think about that. Mr. Nye, (who is not an actual scientist) believes that the earth’s climate would not have changed in nearly 250 years if but for humankind. And yet, the earth’s climate has ALWAYS changed with or without humans. It was much warmer during the age of dinosaurs, much colder during the Ice Age of ten thousand years ago, warmer yet again during the Middle Ages, colder yet again two hundred years ago, warmer again in the 1940’s, cooler again in the 1970’s, and on and on and on.

Mr. Nye represents hysterical stupidity wrapped in a bow of self-importance always reaching for the next promotional dollar that has made so many like him very wealthy peddling scienceless nonsense.

Kudos to Tucker Carlson for so effectively exposing the fraud.

And isn’t it interesting how these climate change “scientists” so rarely want to discuss the influence of the that big mass of hot swirling gas in space called the sun has on the earth’s temperatures? The real science has proven rather conclusively that the sun is the single most critical determinant of the planet’s climate. Gee, who would have thought, right?



Mainstream Media CAUGHT Creating Fake News Regarding Trump’s Climate Change Views

Donald Trump met this week with representatives of the New York Times – a publication the President-Elect has repeatedly denounced as a far left, biased, and ultimately, failing publication. Part of that meeting was a discussion on Mr. Trump’s views regarding climate change. And from that discussion, the Mainstream Media is now blaring the following headline:

Donald Trump backflips on climate change … 

President-Elect Trump has long been a skeptical voice of reason in the ongoing discussion of human-made global warming/climate change, which in turn has made him an enemy of media outlets like the New York Times that earn millions of advertising dollars from Middle East funding that continues to push the climate change agenda in an attempt to curtail U.S. independent energy production.

With that said, here is the Mainstream Media getting caught red-handed fabricating news in an attempt to create a wedge between Trump and his now-growing base of voter support.

Mr. Trump did not engage in any backflipping on the issue. Far from it. In fact, he directly challenged the NYT representatives more than once – but those challenges are being omitted, left out of the false narrative that somehow Trump is now agreeing with the false premise of human-caused global warming.


NYT columnist Arthur Sulzberger attempts to blame bad weather on climate change. Trump quickly counters by reminding Sulzberger that New York has always dealt with bad weather:

Yes, we have ALWAYS had storms. That is a President-Elect dismissing outright the claim that bad weather is proof positive of human-made global warming/climate change. The media neglected to include this exchange in their “Trump flip flops on climate change” coverage.


Donald Trump brings up the ClimateGate scandal in which scientists were caught manipulating data in order to promote a global warming agenda – and keep their funding coming:

“My uncle was for 35 years a professor at M.I.T. He was a great engineer, scientist. He was a great guy. And he was … a long time ago, he had feelings — this was a long time ago — he had feelings on this subject. It’s a very complex subject. I’m not sure anybody is ever going to really know. I know we have, they say they have science on one side but then they also have those horrible emails that were sent between the scientists. Where was that, in Geneva or wherever five years ago? Terrible. Where they got caught, you know, so you see that and you say, what’s this all about. I absolutely have an open mind. I will tell you this: Clean air is vitally important. Clean water, crystal clean water is vitally important. Safety is vitally important.”

Trump is taking a nuanced approach to the issue, admitting, like most of us, her does in fact care very much about clean air and water, while also indicating how the global warming debate has been deeply flawed by institutionalized corruption from within. To date, no American president has been willing to discuss the subject in these terms – common sense skepticism. And again, the Mainstream Media has left this exchange out of its coverage and described nuance as back-flipping.


Here is Trump’s answer when pressed about his belief that there is some “connectivity” between human industry and climate change:

“I think right now … well, I think there is some connectivity. There is some, something. It depends on how much.It also depends on how much it’s going to cost our companies. You have to understand, our companies are noncompetitive right now.

They’re really largely noncompetitive. About four weeks ago, I started adding a certain little sentence into a lot of my speeches, that we’ve lost 70,000 factories since W. Bush. 70,000. When I first looked at the number, I said: ‘That must be a typo. It can’t be 70, you can’t have 70,000, you wouldn’t think you have 70,000 factories here.’ And it wasn’t a typo, it’s right. We’ve lost 70,000 factories.

We’re not a competitive nation with other nations anymore. We have to make ourselves competitive. We’re not competitive for a lot of reasons.

That’s becoming more and more of the reason. Because a lot of these countries that we do business with, they make deals with our president, or whoever, and then they don’t adhere to the deals, you know that. And it’s much less expensive for their companies to produce products. So I’m going to be studying that very hard, and I think I have a very big voice in it. And I think my voice is listened to, especially by people that don’t believe in it. And we’ll let you know.”

Trump gives the NYT folks a reasoned, economically-based response, but all the subsequent media reports state are along the lines of Trump admitting to “connectivity” between human activity and climate change, leaving out once again the nuance within Trump’s answer. The President-Elect is saying he’s open to some connectivity, but then also makes clear this pales in comparison to the economic impacts – especially when nations like China will happily sign climate change agreements they have no intention of following in order to gain economic advantage over those countries that do.

The sum total of Trump’s position on the subject is to indicate perhaps humans have some negligible impact on climate, though even that remains unproven, that rampant corruption has been proven to exist within the scientific community who are growing rich off spreading the global warming agenda, and that there are in fact many more scientists who are as skeptical of that same agenda as is Donald Trump.

But none of that is now being reported.

Instead, the Mainstream Media is determined to create dissatisfaction among Trump voters, even as Trump proves what he has long said about his world view. He is a man who leads via a pragmatic, common-sense approach to the task at hand, which is of course in stark contrast to the raving madman this same media attempted to portray him as mere weeks earlier.



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