SHAME ON CNN: Harrassing Elderly At Their Homes For Supporting Donald Trump

CNN has done some appalling stuff of late but this might be the most disgusting yet. They are actually sending “reporters” to the homes of people who they believe were duped by Russians during the 2016 Election. Of course, these same Russian “trolls” were also posting plenty of anti-Trump material as well as support for Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Black Lives Matter, etc. Funny how the CNN reporter isn’t showing up to inner-city Detroit knocking on the doors of black Americans asking them about their support of a Russian-generated meme.

And let’s not forget – CNN gave wall-to-wall coverage of anti-Trump rallies that were in part generated by these same Russian “trolls.” Doesn’t that mean someone should be knocking on THEIR door demanding an explanation?

What is shown by this video is disgusting. CNN is a cancer. Period. 



This Pic Proves CNN Is A Cancer Attempting To Kill America

Divisive. Dangerous. And highly manipulative.

That is CNN and its Mainstream Media cohorts that intentionally inflame one group of people against the other. There is only one reason to do such a thing and it goes far beyond mere ratings. It is about the purposeful destruction of a nation from the inside. Enough is enough.

CNN is beyond help