APPALLING: CNN Giggles At ‘Kanye West Is A Dumb Negro’ Commentary. (VIDEO)

Just when you think CNN can go no lower it manages to do just that. Here is a panel this week hosted by Don Lemon giggling at open racism – calling entertainer Kanye West a dumb negro for Mr. West’s ongoing support of President Trump—the same President Trump who has overseen a dramatic improvement in black unemployment, business investment, etc. Mr. West recognizes how the president’s policies have benefitted minority communities all across America, and yet, these liberal elites demean and taunt Kanye West, throwing out racial slurs, calling him crazy, and then laughing as they do so. 

This is what happens when intelligent minorities in America #walkaway from the liberal plantation—they crack the whip and attempt to destroy you for having the courage to do so. Don Lemon is a media slave merchant of the worst kind.

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