CNN Labels People Of Color As Felons

CNN is so desperate to try and put a negative spin on anything and everything Trump-related that it often doesn’t realize (or doesn’t care?) how stupid and offensive it comes off while doing so. Here is one of the more recent examples. President Trump, who enjoys historically high support for a Republican among black voters, signals to the GOP it must do a much better job of reaching out to the black community. CNN then rushes out and labels black Americans as felons. CNN, a network dominated by rich white people, is seemingly blind to its own deeply rooted world-view racism. If you are a person of color, you cannot exist without the government – and you’re most likely a felon.

That’s CNN’s twisted version of logic. 


CNN Put U.S. National Security At Risk To Attack Donald Trump

CNN, under the false guise of “news”, worked hand-in-hand with Deep State operatives to try and topple a newly-elected President. They knew the story was fake. They didn’t care. 

CNN’s actions make them an enemy of America and by extension, so too was the Obama-era Deep State operatives who foisted this dangerous falsehood upon the American people.