MORE Liberal Fake News: Khizr Khan Lied About Travel Privileges Being “Reviewed”

Two weeks ago, Khizr Khan, an outspoken proponent of Muslim immigration into the U.S. who spoke at Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Party Convention last summer, claimed he had to cancel a speaking engagement in Canada due to having been notified his travelling privileges were “being reviewed” – allegedly by the Trump administration.

Now, Mr. Khan is quietly changing his story. The Mainstream Media reported widely on the original claim, and is now largely ignoring Khan’s own correction, thereby keeping the anti-Trump slant intact.

Since his DNC appearance and attacks on then-GOP candidate for President, Donald Trump, Khan has become something of a hero to fellow open border / Muslim immigration proponents, including many within the Mainstream Media. Khan quickly monetized this newfound celebrity status, appearing on multiple news programs, giving speeches, etc.

Then came his claim he had to cancel yet another speaking engagement due to uncertainty over his ability to travel outside of the United States. Left-leaning media outlets such as Politico, The Daily Wire, The Daily Beast, etc., reported on the alleged travel ban. CNN picked up the story as well.

Those who took a moment to look a bit further became increasingly suspicious regarding Mr. Khan’s claims:

Khan went silent. Now, he’s all but admitted to having made it up as detailed by this Free Beacon report :

Khizr Khan Changes Story About Why He Didn’t Attend Toronto Event

“…Khan changed his story of what happened last week.

In a March 17 email to a Richmond, Va. radio station, Khan said that it was his own decision not to travel abroad.

“I did not want to go through the hassle of uncertain rules and capricious implementation,” Khan told WCVE’s Hawes Spencer.

Khan also said he is concerned about Muslims being profiled at the border.”

So, it was Mr. Khan who was reviewing his own travel plans – not any government agency. Now hold the above admission to Mr. Khan’s own earlier social media comments on the same subject:


“Late Sunday evening Khizr Khan, an American citizen for over 30 years, was notified that his travel privileges are being reviewed. As a consequence, Mr. Khan will not be traveling to Toronto on March 7th to speak about tolerance, understanding, unity and the rule of law. Very regretfully, Ramsay Talks must cancel its luncheon with Mr. Khan. Guests will be given full refunds.

Mr. Khan offered his sincere apologies to all those who made plans to attend on March 7th. He said: “This turn of events is not just of deep concern to me but to all my fellow Americans who cherish our freedom to travel abroad. I have not been given any reason as to why. I am grateful for your support and look forward to visiting Toronto in the near future.”

It appears to have all been a publicity stunt by Khan to keep his name in the news to perhaps keep the paid speech appearances coming. The only one “reviewing” Khizr Khan’s travel privileges was Khizr Khan. Where is CNN to report on this lie by a man it spent hours supporting? MSNBC? The New York Times?

They’ve all gone silent on Mr. Khan and moved on to the next Fake News anti-Trump story.


Liberal Juan Williams & Conservative Sean Hannity BOTH Call Out CNN For Fake News Gun Incident

CNN went to air with allegations that Sean Hannity pointed a weapon at fellow Fox News contributor, Juan Williams. The bent of the CNN report was to suggest Williams and others felt threatened.

The story is at best a gross misrepresentation of what really happened – more commonly known as a lie.

The incident in question was an off-air moment between Hannity and Williams, longtime friends, that had Mr. Hannity showing Mr. Williams, a firearm for which Hannity has a conceal and carry permit for. Dylan Byers of CNN printed a story indicating Williams felt threatened.


Here is Juan Williams himself responding to CNN’s fake news claim:

What the above words by Juan Williams above show is that CNN NEVER BOTHERED TO ASK HIM ABOUT THE INCIDENT. Let that sink in. CNN creates a story claiming Williams was threatened at gunpoint by Sean Hannity – but never interviews the supposed victim. Instead, it goes to print with said story without the facts – the “facts” are simply made up.

That has been CNN’s (and others in the Establishment Media) mode of operation for a very long time. They create a narrative, and then simply make up/exaggerate stories to fit that narrative. How many lies/exaggerations have they pushed regarding politics, global warming, the economy, immigration, foreign policy, education, race relations, etc.? The count now is easily into the thousands.

Oh, and in related information. The CNN attack on Sean Hannity took place within days of Hannity taking time on air to expose the “corporate jihad” against President Donald Trump that CNN and its Establishment Media cohorts have been involved in for the past several months.

Coincidence? Not likely.


Democrat Congresswoman Declares To CNN It Was Obama & Clinton Who Armed ISIS….

WOW. It appears Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has had enough of following the Democrats’ company line as proven by her recent interview with CNN this week during which she blasted the now-departed Obama administration for its role in arming dangerous Islamic militants – including ISIS, and goes on to explain how the entirety of the anti-Assad campaign by Establishment Democrats and Republicans is largely a manufactured lie.

What Congresswoman Gabbard has done in recent days is put the entirety of her political career on the line by openly condemning the lies and manipulations of both the Obama administration, and much of the D.C. political establishment as it pertains to the fight against Islamic terror in general, and the manufactured Syrian refugee crisis in particular. Whatever motivated American politicians to so aggressively move military against place like Libya and Syria remains a mystery. What is less a mystery are the myriad of results following that policy – namely increased instability throughout the Middle East, the rise in power of deadly terror groups like ISIS, and a far less safe world overall.


LOL: Clueless Hillary Supporters Still Whining Over Historic Election Loss (VIDEO)

It was fake news. It was Russia. It was racist white people, (Huh? isn’t Hillary white?) It was everything and anything but the fact that Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate who was exposed as being detached, out of touch, arrogant, ignorant, and either too lazy, or too unhealthy, to wage a rigorous campaign for the highest office in the land.

What the above interview exposes is the inherent stupidity that plagues the interior of the modern-era Democrat Party. It has, over the course of the last decade, devolved into a fringe party that cries out with words like racism, discrimination, etc., nearly every time it doesn’t get its way, which these days, is quite often. The Democrat Party has not been this weak at the federal and state levels of government in nearly one hundred years.

That kind of decline doesn’t happen by accident. It is because its elitist party leaders are so enamored by the echo-chamber of the Mainstream Media and entertainment industry, that it thinks its often silly and/or extremist views are actually mainstream. Trump’s victory exposed that fallacy, so these out-of-touch-with-reality Democrats and their media cohorts are attempting to explain it all away by blaming Russia, fake news, white racists, etc.


Donald Trump ran the smarter, tougher, and far more energetic campaign. If you ask Hillary Clinton supporters what Hillary Clinton ran for, they struggle to form and answer because Mrs. Clinton primarily ran against Donald Trump, and for very little else beyond her own self-promotion as a woman.

Americans decided that wasn’t good enough, and Donald Trump won a near-landslide electoral victory because of it. Hillary Clinton’s America-last ideas came off as old and tired as she so often appeared whereas Donald Trump’s America-first approach ignited the imagination of millions of Americans from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences regardless of age, race, or gender.

He was the better candidate, and as such, America hopes he proves himself the better President as well.


Indian-American Sheds Tears Over Honor Of Being An Elector For Donald Trump

“Ash Khare came to America from India with two bachelor’s degrees, $8 in his pocket and a dream — the American dream.”

Today Mr. Khare is casting his electoral vote in Pennsylvania for Donald Trump.

Some of the thousands of letters Khare has received.

(Above: Ash Khare looks over thousand of letters he has received, many of them threatening, from people opposed to a Trump presidency.)


Via CNN:

“I was a nobody that came from a third world country,” Khare says. He paused, choking back tears as he finished his thought. “And I am making a difference. It’s not by a handout. It’s by hard work and loyalty. That’s all.”

Khare has made it very clear that he is going to do exactly what he said he would do: vote for the person his electorate voted for — Donald Trump.

“I am for Mr. Trump. I am for his agenda. I am totally excited. The way he his picking his cabinet, the way he is doing his thing. I believe the greatest days of this country are yet to come. And I am glad I am alive to be able to see it.” He says he is sure the 19 other Pennsylvania electors will vote for Trump too.”


It is the too often untold aspect of the remarkable Trump political movement. While the media continues to paint it as a phenomena dominated by White, Middle Class voters, (as if that is a bad thing) the reality is Mr. Trump’s appeal is far-reaching endeavor that brought in men and woman from seemingly disparate backgrounds, but who all shared a common love of America and it’s principles of freedom and opportunity.

Ash Khare’s story is but one of many in the now-emerging Age of Trump – and deserves to be told.


CNN Crew Caught Wishing Donald Trump Would Die In Plane Crash (VIDEO)

Good Lord, can this fake news network sink any lower?

Listen as a member of the crew says off camera how “this” will be the signal if President-Elect Trump’s plane crashes, and then also note how she giggles when saying, “hopefully” as the on-air reporter smiles and laughs and another male voice says, “I like that!” Does anyone really think a news network can be trusted to report honestly on a soon-to-be President when they laughingly wish him dead?


RIP Glenn Beck. It Seems We Hardly Knew Ya…

“Glenn Beck begged CNN for forgiveness.”

So went several incredulous messages yesterday, leaving the few remaining Beck loyalists surely shaking their heads in disbelief. This could not be. Not CNN. Not the very news network Beck once railed against as the Mainstream Media’s version of the “pit of despair” just a few years earlier. Today, Mr. Beck is grovelling before that same pit…

Surely Glenn Beck was aware of CNN’s complicity in promoting, NOT reporting on, Hillary Clinton for the last eighteen months? That complicity was proven time and time again via a litany of leaked John Podesta emails, proving the very state-run media Mr. Beck once spoke out so strongly against.

And yet, Beck did not speak out against CNN. He did not condemn them for their part in colluding with Mrs. Clinton, going so far as to have a CNN contributor feeding the Clinton campaign debate questions during the primary race against Bernie Sanders – or Wolf Blitzer requesting suggestions from Team Clinton prior to conducting an interview with Donald Trump.

No, instead, Glenn Beck cried out this week to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, bemoaning he has no credibility with CNN’s viewers because he, “made mistakes.” CNN – the insidious propaganda arm of the globalist threat that Mr. Beck once outlined in such alarming detail.Perhaps Beck, facing rumored financial ruin, wants nothing more than the opportunity to be given his thirty pieces of silver and the pretense of relevance from his media masters.

RIP Glenn Beck.

It seems we hardly knew ya…


WOW! British Journalist Mocks CNN – “You are in for a BIG Surprise. Trump Will Win.”

Her name is Katie Hopkins, a highly respected British-born journalist who comes right out and mocks CNN – the “Clinton News Network” which she states engages in “post-truth politics” that attempts to create a narrative vs actually reporting the news. The CNN host is appalled by the accusation, but is utterly shredded by Hopkins as Hopkins explains the truth of CNN’s long and well-known Clinton bias.

The liberal media’s bias has never been so consistently challenged as it has during the last year-and-a-half of the Trump era. More and more Americans are realizing they have been lied to for years, and their anger over that fact is growing, and might very well be reflected in the Election Day vote in November with a stunning Trump victory.



WOW. Trump Crowd Points To CNN & Chants, “DO YOUR JOB!” & “TELL THE TRUTH!”

A fascinating phenomena is growing among the electorate this election cycle, particularly among Trump supporters.

More and more people are getting wise to the overt media manipulation that would have media powers unduly influencing election outcomes in this country.

It appears millions of voters are now saying, NOT THIS TIME.

It is likely one of the greatest appeals Donald Trump has to his millions of supporters. The idea that no longer should voters allow themselves to be fed a stream of intentional lies and think they are required to believe them

There is power in truth, and truth might just be enough to once again set America free, and make it great once again.


BREAKING: RNC “Stuffing” Tonight’s GOP Debate With Open Borders Advocates

The allegations against the RNC making certain it protects a very specific political slant to its debate audiences is apparently not only continuing tonight, but being greatly expanded to include not just candidate-specific audience members, but issue-specific ones as well.

Front and center on tonight’s CNN-hosted event is said to be a relatively large contingent of open-borders advocates at tonight’s debate in Houston.

ABOVE: The “Trump is a racist” meme has been the purview of small fringe protesters for most of the primary election cycle – until tonight when the GOP is said to effectively be sponsoring that very message in an attempt to halt the Trump campaign momentum.


Just today, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke came out and publicly endorsed Donald Trump.

Word is, this long-ago figure from America’s political past is going to be used as the basis for questions directed at the GOP frontrunner that are intended to portray Donald Trump as so far out of the American mainstream he cannot possibly be allowed to win the GOP nomination.

This line of questioning will be supplemented by the militant, open borders activists liberally sprinkled by the GOP throughout tonight’s debate audience.

The intention is not only to damage Donald Trump’s campaign, but to decimate it.

The above information comes on the heels of an also-breaking revelation noted by the always good, ZEROHEDGE blog regarding casting calls going out to actors to participate in anti-Trump advertising and protests:


In their mad dash to now put a stop to the momentum that is the Trump campaign, his enemies are no longer even bothering to hide their efforts.

Tonight’s GOP debate might very well prove Donald Trump’s most brutal test yet.


CNN Caught Red-Handed Trying To Trip Trump Up – PROOF!

Last night Donald Trump participated in the CNN South Carolina town hall series that began on Wednesday and then ended with his town hall appearance yesterday. Each of the remaining candidates sat on the stage with host Anderson Cooper and replied to a series of questions from both Cooper and “regular” South Carolina voters from the small audience.

During Trump’s townhall event though, it wasn’t a “regular” and undecided South Carolina voter who stood up and directed a question, but rather a repeated CNN political contributor posing as a regular voter – and here’s the undeniable proof of the intended deception:


Mr. Oran Smith is a longtime South Carolina political activist who has most recently, voiced his general support of Mainstream Republicans like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Smith stood up and asked a rather long question about how angry he was at Donald Trump’s attacks on Jeb Bush and Jeb’s brother for the Iraq War. He said how angry/disappointed he was and how popular George W. Bush was among South Carolina voters, and then Anderson Cooper repeatedly attempted to get Trump to come out and say that he believes George W. Bush lied.  Trump appears to figure out what is happening pretty quickly and easily dispatches the attempt by Oren Smith and Anderson Cooper and by the end of the exchange effectively shows that the much larger question isn’t his opinion of whether or not George W. Bush lied or not, but the horrific and long-term impacts the mismanaged Iraq invasion has caused to the United States and the world. Here is that exchange:

Note how CNN makes no mention of Mr. Smith’s contributions to its own network, or his ties to political activism in the state of South Carolina. Instead, Anderson Cooper specifically calls him an, ordinary south Carolinian voter, who has yet to make up his mind.

That’s a lie of course. Oren Smith had already made it clear he doesn’t support Donald Trump. Further proof of the attempt by CNN to use this to damage Trump’s campaign is found in how quickly the network then promoted the above pre-packaged exchange between Trump and Hatch:

dr oran smith 4

The Mainstream Media and Establishment political powers still don’t get it. It’s stuff like this that has them so upset with the same-old-same old and is a big reason for Donald Trump’s appeal. He is clearly outside their sphere of control, and that scares the hell out of them. The real typical American voters has wanted to scare the hell out of the powers that be for a very long time now, and they see a figure in Donald Trump who appears quite capable of doing just that.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Trump & Cruz Refuse To Play Media’s WarGames…

In the forty-eight hours prior to last night’s CNN Republican debate, the media repeated every hour on the hour how the Trump and Cruz campaigns appeared to be turning on one another.

Then came the debate, and both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reduced that attempted media meme to a pathetic shambles.

The media wanted the two top GOP candidates to weaken one another, as did Marco Rubio who has seen his star fade somewhat in the last month as Cruz has enjoyed a significant surge in the latest polls.

Instead of focusing on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz turned his powerful and incisive rhetorical skills upon Mr. Rubio, catching both Rubio, the media, and the GOP Establishment by surprise. While Rubio held his own, most observers appear to feel Cruz ultimately won the back and forth battle. It was a battle the GOP Establishment wanted to see diminish Donald Trump, not Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz refused to play along with their plans.

As you watch this clip you can clearly see the annoyance beginning to fester throughout Mr. Rubio’s demeanor.


At another point in the debate. one of the CNN moderators clearly attempted to try and get Trump to attack Senator Cruz. Donald Trump merely smiled, turned to Cruz and said, “He’s great” as the CNN moderator’s mouth fell open as her attempted subterfuge was so easily dismissed by a candidate with a reputation for being the most combative of any within the GOP field.

The question that remains is whether or not the seeming mutual admiration that exists between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will survive the approach of the Iowa Caucus vote in less than six weeks. It is well known that Mr. Trump hates to lose at anything, and even though Iowa has negligible importance upon who is and is not the eventual GOP nominee, Trump might find it increasingly difficult to resist taking Cruz on more aggressively in the coming weeks.

For now, the ongoing political partnership between the two GOP front-runners remains intact.





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DC Whispers Confirmed: Republican Operative Declares, “Trump Out By Iowa”

Earlier this week a report was published here titled, GOP Operative On Donald Trump: “He’s Most Likely Finished.”

Twenty-four hours later, Stuart Stevens, a top operative for the 2012  Mitt Romney campaign, went on several of the news media outlets to declare his belief that Donald Trump’s campaign would not survive the next few months.

ABOVE: It appears the GOP establishment has turned to the Mitt Romney 2012 political team to assist with the dismantling of the Trump 2016 campaign. It is unknown yet how involved Mitt Romney himself is involved in this effort, but most likely it has at the very least his tacit support.


Here is a video clip of the Stuart Stevens prediction that the Trump campaign is in fact, all but finished:

Here again is an excerpt from the earlier and related D.C. Whispers report:

“A longtime Republican operative…described  a “significant” operation to dismantle the Donald Trump campaign…Interestingly, it was also stated that news media executives at each the major network and cable news entities are allegedly aware, and complicit, in the operation, with Fox News leading the way.”

Within that same week, CNN aired this anti-Trump report detailing three pending lawsuits against the now-defunct Trump University:



It now appears clear the earlier D.C. Whispers report regarding the potential demise of the Trump campaign at the hands of establishment Republican operatives was based upon accurate information.

The question that now remains is if Mr. Trump is able to successfully navigate the challenge in the coming days and weeks and emerge politically intact.