No Collusion, No Obstruction. Comey Is A Dishonest Leaker.

The anti-James Comey tide continues to rise both in and outside of Washington D.C. The “Comey memos” have further solidified President Trump’s long-standing assertions he did nothing wrong while also portraying Comey as a shockingly dishonest and calculating operative for the “Never Trump” movement.

Via The Hill:

Memos don’t prove ‘obstruction’ — they further cement Comey’s legacy as a leaker

We now have the FBI memorandums and emails drafted by James Comey to document his nine interactions with President Trump. House Republicans lobbied the Justice Department for access to the infamous musings and then promptly released them.

Having just read Comey’s ode to “ethical leadership,” “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” I pored over this document dump with the anticipation of investigative dot-connection. From a quarter-century in the FBI, I know the agency’s paperwork; bureaucracies are built on paper. The 15 pages of these seven memos seemed certain to provide the “smoking gun” that the polarized sides of our political divide were anticipating or dreading.

My immediate reaction? The memos are as disappointing as Geraldo Rivera’s two-hour live TV foray into Al Capone’s vault in 1986.

Beyond the gossip-worthy charge from Comey that Trump questioned the judgment of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, Comey’s writing showcases a wonderful flair for the descriptive that reflects his never having been an FBI agent and his inexperience in preparing testimonial or corroboration documents for the bureau.

From their earliest days at the FBI Academy, special-agent trainees are instructed to draft documents that succinctly capture the relevant, salient portions of an interview: Stick to the facts; no suppositions or opinions allowed; only describe items or utterances that demand description; anything you put on paper will be subject to scrutiny from seasoned defense attorneys. As with many things, less is more.

Comey’s memos were written in novel-like form — almost as if they were being prepared with a tell-all book in mind.

Then, he queried his deputy director, chief-of-staff and senior counsel as to the appropriateness of his classification choices for these memos. The classifications were either “secret” or “confidential.” All contained the acronym “NOFORN,” indicating “no foreign nationals” should view them. There are numerous redactions in the released documents, with four of the seven containing classified information.

And that may prove to be Comey’s Waterloo.

…The book tour has further contributed to his diminution. He has appeared less noble and more petty, self-serving and vindictive with each passing interview.

The memos further highlight his misplaced notion that he is, “the last honest man in Washington.” He has become a caricature of that once carefully crafted image. He is now sullied beyond repair.