Comey Testimony Proves Trump Did Nothing Wrong – Media Attempts To Spin Otherwise (VIDEO)

As president, Donald Trump could have ordered an end to the Flynn investigation and/or any and all investigations into the bogus “Russia” narrative that has dominated the Mainstream Media news cycle since before Mr. Trump was even sworn in office. Trump could also have pardoned General Flynn and ended the investigation that way. Other presidents have done so. It is within their Constitutional authority to do so.

President Trump did none of those things. Why? Because he knew he did nothing wrong. Today’s James Comey testimony proved that time and time again. The media will ignore this of course, splicing bits and pieces of the Comey testimony in an attempt to further the Trump/Russia narrative even as the American people grow increasingly weary of their pathetic partisan games. The country needs to get back to work. Donald Trump was the duly elected President of the United States. The respect for that office demands he be given the opportunity to accomplish his vision for the nation.