The Art of the Deal Comes To Washington: Trump’s High-Energy Style Engages Lawmakers

Donald Trump is winning converts to his cause at a remarkable rate. Multiple meetings/sit-downs/social gatherings with D.C. lawmakers have those same lawmakers leaving with vastly improved impressions of the new president.

“He was on top of it. He was energetic.”

That description came from Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a critical vote in the upcoming Obamacare reform legislation. It is a common theme for those lawmakers getting to really meet Mr. Trump for the first time, or, for those lawmakers getting to know him better after a tough GOP primary battle.

Such was the case with a dinner President Trump and the First Lady had with former political rival, Senator Ted Cruz and Mrs. Cruz. Senator Cruz will be a valuable source of support among the small but influential conservative faction within the U.S. Senate that also includes Senator Rand Paul. President Trump and Senator Paul have become particularly supportive of one another of late with both men seeming to genuinely admire and respect the other.

It is a kind of presidential outreach that is vastly different from the hands-off legislative approach utilized by former President Obama, who rarely met with lawmakers. Where Trump is increasingly viewed as personable and engaged in the process, Obama remained distant and detached from the work of governing. He was happy to show up for a bill signing ceremony in front of the cameras, or to give prepared speeches on various subjects, but rarely rolled his sleeves up and did the hard work of actual negotiation.

Not so with Mr. Trump who seems even more energized at the prospect of D.C. negotiations. It is a work ethic that the Establishment Media continues to ignore in favor of stories of administration infighting and political conflict. The reality is that the Trump White House, like any transitional phase of a new administration, had some hiccups, but Mr. Trump himself remains focused on the job of Making America Great Again, and is putting in an astonishing amount of time working toward that end.


Dems Prepare To Disrupt President Trump’s Address To Congress

The invite list by Democrat members of Congress reads like yet another staged protest like so many in recent years that resulted in costly mayhem and damage. This time, though, it won’t be a protest on city streets, but rather within the halls of Congress itself as President Donald Trump takes center stage to lay out his year one agenda for the nation to the legislators responsible for turning that agenda into law.

Both Democrats and the Establishment Media see it as yet another opportunity to try and challenge and embarrass the president.

The anti-president mood will be unprecedented. Remarkable that the very same party and media who not so long ago vilified a Republican congressman for shouting out that then-President Obama was lying about Obamacare (a truthful claim), who demanded that despite political differences the Office of the President must always be respected, is now the party of unhinged opposition – the Office of the President be damned.

The list of guests will be people Democrats feel have been unjustly harmed by an administrative that is barely a month old. Those “harmed” include immigrants both legal and otherwise. Children of illegal immigrants who had criminal records and then were deported will be brought into Congress. So too will Muslims claiming to have been victims of hate crimes as well as a handful of people Democrats will use to represent the “good” that Obamacare has done.

It is rumored some of these guests will boo and hiss the president and that the media is already preparing to highlight those examples in its coverage of the prime-time address.

President Trump will address Congress on Tuesday.


MADNESS: Dems Fight To Hang “Cops Are Pigs” Painting Inside Capitol Building

Yet more evidence the modern-era Democrat Party is a leaderless, immoral shambles – and now is openly threatening violence over an anti-law enforcement painting some demand be allowed to hang inside the Capitol Building.


The painting was done by St. Louis student David Pulphus and is his depiction of the Ferguson riots. Congressman William Clay (who has previously likened police officers to animals) was the one sponsoring the painting to be hung in the Capitol Building. Soon after the artwork was placed on the wall, another member of Congress took it down and returned it to Clay:


When word of that reached Rep. Cedric Richmond, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, he was reported by Politico to have said, “”We may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them!”

The highly controversial painting was then returned to its place on the wall:

Members of Congress from both parties are now taking their complaint over the artwork to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Remember, these are the “adults” said to be helping to run the country.  Is it any wonder then how the last eight years (and longer) have been such a mess? Or why voters decided to finally give a true D.C. outsider the opportunity to do things differently?




WOW: VP-Elect Mike Pence: “Obamacare Has Failed.”

VP-Elect Mike Pence didn’t mince words when he just stepped before the media after a meeting with Congressional leaders and declared, “Obamacare has failed and that the Trump administration’s first order of business will be to deal with that failure.

Mr. Pence went on to outline plans to “repeal and replace” Barack Obama’s namesake legislation, a move that would be a stunning blow to the outgoing president’s legacy.

GTY 630952434 A POL USA DC

Pence met with Republican lawmakers just minutes after President Obama did the same on the Democrat side. Mr. Obama is desperate to convince Democrats to do everything they can to keep Obamacare intact, despite recent polling that shows the healthcare law remains unpopular with a majority of the American people as health-plan costs skyrocket and choices continue to be eliminated.

Pence reaffirmed President-Elect Trump’s promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare with what Mr. Pence called “market based” solutions that would allow people more choice, lower costs, and superior healthcare plans.

Here is video of some of Mr. Pence’s words on the subject today. Keep in mind, he spoke to the media just minutes after Barack Obama had left Congress, making it a particularly stinging rebuke of the president’s failed landmark legislation:


Trump Rightfully Rips Clueless Republican Leaders Following Weakening Of Ethics Board Powers

Republican leaders, happy to now have control of both houses of Congress, (thanks to voter support for Donald Trump) did something so politically stupid it evoked an immediate reaction from the President-Elect, who called them out for their lack of political perspective. The genesis of the Trump rebuke came in the form of a proposed reform of the Office of Congressional Ethics by Republicans, weakening the office to the point investigations would now be conducted “in-house” and under nearly full control by members of Congress.

Mr. Trump was none too pleased with the effort:

The clueless duo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have yet to formally respond to the President-Elect’s demands that Congress focus fully on far more important issues than those related to protecting the cash-corruption money machine that has long infested this nation’s legislative body. It is a glimpse into how Mr. Trump intends to govern as a president of the people first, not of a political party.

If members of Congress misbehave, be they Republican or Democrat, this president will call them out publicly for their misdeeds. The entirety of the Political Establishment in America now lives in fear of what a Donald Trump presidency will bring – namely America-first policies that favor the American people, and not the political elite.


Barack Obama “Ecstatic” Over Emerging Supreme Court Nominee Battle

Nothing sends Barack Obama into a depressive spiral more than does being ignored.

That is why this past week the President’s mood has been greatly improved as the White House, under the guiding hand of Valerie Jarrett, has  quickly drawn battle lines against a non-cooperative Congress over the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death.

Barack Obama finds himself suddenly relevant again – and he’s loving it.

ABOVE: With Justice Scalia’s passing, President Obama feels he’s back in the proverbial driver’s seat and is ecstatic to be there again.


The Republican Leadership appears to have done its part to ensure they react in exactly the way the Obama-Jarrett public relations program intended. By quickly stepping out to declare they wouldn’t entertain a review of Mr. Obama’s nominee, it lent the Republican-controlled Senate the air of non-cooperation and thus escalated the impasse and elevated Barack Obama’s own importance in the process.

A likely far more tactically effective response would have been to shrug off Mr. Obama’s demand to fill the Supreme Court vacancy by indicating a disinterested willingness to review said nominee while reminding the President that American voters made clear in 2014 the direction they wished to see the country move in, namely away from the far left policies of the Obama administration. So while Barack Obama is free to nominate someone to the Supreme Court, the Senate is just as free to then ignore that choice should it not adequately reflect the current mood of the American people.

That tone would have forced the President on defense and remind him of his own Lame Duck status, a condition that is said to already infuriate him. Where Barack Obama is throwing punches, Republicans like Mitch McConnell are covering up, complaining he’s hitting too hard, and declaring he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

These current Republican leaders just don’t appear to have the spine nor the intellect for true political gamesmanship.

Let Barack Obama spend time choosing a nominee, then point out to the country just how radical that nominee is and simply ignore it, and thus, ignore Barack Obama – the very thing Mr. Obama fears most.



“A top-notch mystery suspense series with plenty of sex and intrigue and a downright sick and twisted bad guy politician.”



Political Civil War: “You Will NEVER Be Speaker.” (UPDATED)

Last week, Congressman Kevin McCarthy was the presumptive soon-to-be House Speaker following John Boehner’s announced resignation. McCarthy was thought to be a “workable bridge” between establishment Republicans and their more conservative and increasingly frustrated, legislative counterparts.

That bridge has just been blown apart via a combination of McCarthy’s Benghazi Committee gaffe and certain Republican operatives intent on moving the party in a leaner and necessarily meaner direction that has it for the first time in a very long time, actually responding to the needs of those whose votes put them into office in the first place.

Above: Congressman Kevin McCarthy stood up before the Republican Caucus just prior to the votes being cast and declared he was not the right man for the job. The room went silent, and then behind the scenes, chaos ensued.


There were three primary weapons utilized by opponents of the pending McCarthy Speaker vote.

The first, and simplest, was McCarthy’s startlingly inept choice of words in describing the Benghazi Committee investigations as being politically motivated against Hillary Clinton vs an entity that simply wants the truth. The Clinton campaign is already using his words against the Republican Party. It was a glaring “not ready for prime time” moment that had some supporters questioning if he was capable of handling the higher profile position of House Speaker.

Second is a long-lingering and still potential ethics investigation into some of Congressman McCarthy’s past dealings. This effort was in no way related to the recent political stunt ethics charge brought by Democrats just yesterday against Mr. McCarthy following his Benghazi Committee comments. It is said some among the Republican “Freedom Caucus” let it be known that McCarthy had far too much baggage to be allowed a home in the Speaker’s office. It was a none too subtle and hardball political threat that clearly had an impact given McCarthy’s removing himself from contention no more than forty-eight hours later. Speculation is that shortly after McCarthy’s now infamous Benghazi remarks, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, who chairs the Freedom Caucus, personally stood in front of Congressman McCarthy and declared he would never be Speaker of the House.

Third, and perhaps most interesting, was the alleged intervention by a small but influential group of Republican donors who made it clear it was time the party “found a spine” and that the next Speaker must represent that new, tougher approach currently so popular among Republican voters. It appears likely this third factor was directly related to both the second and first.

The end result is Kevin McCarthy’s influence within the Republican Party is now greatly diminished. Word is his current position as Majority Leader will not last the year. The very same anti-establishment sentiment dominating the 2016 presidential race is working its way through the Republican leadership, and Congressman McCarthy’s brand of ideologically mushy, middle-of-the-road politicking had no place within that new direction.

The question that remains is who will emerge as the next front-runner to replace the equally mushy John Boehner as the next Speaker of the House. That particular battle is now underway and being waged with a ferocity not seen in decades.

(UPDATE: D.C. Whispers was just informed that it was a “significant” Republican donor who apparently holds the keys to John Boehner’s future employment prospects who told Mr. Boehner to issue his public support of Kevin McCarthy. This effort in no way intended to assist McCarthy in securing enough votes to win the Speakership but rather, just the opposite. It was a Machiavellian gesture that consolidated those opposed to his nomination because it effectively covered Congressman McCarthy in the political stink that is John Boehner.)

(UPDATE #2: Apparently the interaction between Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan was more volatile than initially reported. McCarthy is said to have personally extended an invitation to  Jordan to meet inside his  office with the intent of offering a prominent leadership role in the new Congress in exchange for Congressman Jordan’s support. When Jordan refused that initial offer, McCarthy’s tactics took on a decidedly more threatening tone. This was not well received by Congressman Jordan, a former Division I national wrestling champion and Ohio State wrestling coach, who is said to have then stood up, pointed down at Congressman McCarthy and declared, “You will never be Speaker. NEVER.”)



Obama Tells Republicans,”This Is On YOU!” Regarding Russian Power Grab In Middle East…

President Obama is said to be in no mood to hear complaints from any members of Congress regarding the sudden Middle East power grab initiated by Vladimir Putin’s Russia this week. Requests from leading Republicans and Democrats to hold joint national security meetings with top Obama administration officials have gone unanswered by the White House.

“This is on you!”

So goes the refrain from White House staffers making the rounds at the Capitol late this afternoon, apparently repeating the sentiments initially voiced by the President himself regarding Putin’s recently initiated bombing campaign in Syria that has swatted away American influence in that region in favor of direct Russian military intervention.

The comment was said to have left at least one Republican Senator “red faced and livid” regarding the President’s willingness to place blame for the Syrian crisis on Congressional Republicans.

By early evening, phone calls were being made to the White House from top Republican legislators wishing to speak to the president on the issue but not a single one met with any response from President Obama. John Kerry’s office was reportedly more sympathetic to the concerns shared to him by a former Senate colleague but Mr. Kerry himself has noted of late he and the President rarely speak to each other directly.

If the past is once again prologue regarding the Obama White House, look to see media reports begin to do the same as Barack Obama is said to have already done – blame Republicans for the rise of Russian influence in the Middle East.

That media spin set to commence in three…two…one…

As for Vladimir Putin, perhaps his open indifference to Barack Obama both as a man and most certainly as a president, will soon be shared by an increasing number of Americans as well.


The Conservative Coup Is Now Underway…

House Speaker John Boehner let it be known late yesterday he intended to resign his position as Speaker of the House as well as his seat in Congress in October. This move was met with enthusiastic approval by conservative Republicans long ago disgusted by Speaker Boehner’s repeated refusal to take on the Big Government socialism that has become the hallmark of the Obama White House.

The Conservative Coup is now underway…

(ABOVE: John Boehner is out as Speaker. The man in the far left background is California Republican Kevin McCarthy who is now positioned to become the next Speaker of the House.)


The more conservative wing of the Republican-controlled House began to consolidate its influence early last summer. It is during that time they reached out to Majority Leader McCarthy and informed him he was their choice to become the next Speaker. McCarthy was said to be “very careful” in not participating directly with any plans to force Boehner out, but that he also made clear such a move also met with his unspoken approval.

Two significant moves by the California Republican sent undeniable signals that he had already broken away from Boehner and was open to a change in leadership. The first was McCarthy’s demand Congress kill the Import-Export bank while Boehner defended the controversial institution and fought to table any challenges to its existence. The second rift between the two legislators came when the shocking Planned Parenthood videos came to light. McCarthy immediately called for a suspension of all federal funding to the controversial organization while Boehner again demanded funding remain, not wanting to engage in a fight with Democrats over the issue.

Rumors are now circulating that it was the Planned Parenthood dispute that was the final straw for conservative Republicans who demanded Boehner step down. This time that demand was met, opening the door for Congressman McCarthy.

So who is Kevin McCarthy? 

McCarthy is a 50-year old former deli owner who started that business at just 19 years old and once described by a media report as, “square-headed and broad-shouldered.” It was that small business experience that planted very deep anti-government roots within McCarthy who during an interview several years ago said, “Every sandwich I sold, the city got more sales tax, the state got more.” By the 1990’s he was among the most prominent “young Republicans” of California. He is a relative newcomer to Washington D.C., having won election to Congress in 2006. His quiet yet assertive approach won him much support among his colleagues and resulted in his quick rise through the ranks of the Republican leadership. Ironically, he came to his current position as House Majority Leader due to conservative voters removing the former Majority Leader from Congress, Eric Cantor.

In the eight years he has since been in Congress, McCarthy has generated support among both Tea Party-affiliated members as well as longer-term establishment figures – no easy task. McCarthy is known for a somewhat informal quality that puts a cross-section of members at ease in a variety of situations while at the same time, he is able to maintain a focus for the job at hand which presently, is a far more concerted push-back against the Big Government policies of the Obama administration and its Democratic supporters in the House and Senate.

“He gets sh*t done.”

That is a now common description of the possible soon-to-be Speaker of the House. Congressman McCarthy feels comfortable working among both moderate and more conservative Republicans so long as they are all engaged in what he views as their most important task – defeating the Obama agenda. It was John Boehner’s increasing unwillingness to fight the president that finally pushed the normally loyal McCarthy to break away from Boehner and signal to others he would be willing to take over should Boehner find himself without the support necessary to remain in the luxurious confines of the Speaker’s office.

That moment has arrived.

The king is dead.

Long live the king…

As Opposition To Obama-Iran Deal Grows, White House Demands Top Democrats Fall In Line…

Republicans are pondering the possibility of a sudden and unexpected new ally of opposition to the disastrously one-sided Obama Iran nuclear deal – soon to be Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer,  D-NY.

President Obama and his longtime Iranian-born Senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett are said to be “livid” over what they are calling an “act of betrayal” by the man who most would deem the most powerful and influential Democrat in the U.S. Senate and it is Schumer’s expected move to replace outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid that the Obama White House is using to directly threaten Schumer’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Let Schumer’s office know he is now in danger of being challenged for the minority position.

That is the word that went out to Obama loyalists in the Senate late last week and is being repeated again this week by White House operatives. As of now, Senator Schumer has if anything strengthened his opposition to the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, calling out the agreement as one that ensures the world’s number one state-sponsor of terrorism will in the near future develop a “robust nuclear program” that would endanger the entirety of the Middle East and thus, the world.

Schumer appears to be marginalizing the Obama White House, perhaps even calling the president himself out as ignorant of the reality of Iran’s true intentions, a move that is said to have the notoriously thin-skinned Barack Obama fuming as the White House scrambles to isolate Schumer’s opposition before it spreads to other Democrats.

It should be noted the last high-ranking Democrat to publicly denounce an Obama White House foreign policy was New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. Senator Menendez raised concerns over the Obama administration’s sudden acceptance of the communist regime of Cuba (and to a somewhat lesser extent the deal with Iran) and within weeks of voicing those concerns publicly, was indicted on federal corruption charges by the Obama Department of Justice.  The case against the senator is still pending.

Various whispers have circulated throughout the D.C. corridors of power that the Obama DOJ acted with particular speed and aggression in its treatment of the Democratic senator so as to make an example of him and use the threat of a trial and possible imprisonment to keep other Democrats in line – a charge the Obama administration has publicly denied.

Privately is another matter…

Unhinged Nancy Pelosi Said To Promise, “We Will Hang Them By That (Confederate) Flag!”

Following an outburst by Republicans offended by Nancy Pelosi’s demand the Mississippi flag be removed from the 50-state flag display on the Capitol grounds, as well as all other flags and or symbols deemed racially insensitive be removed as well, the animated House Minority Leader reportedly issued a very confident threat against Republicans who continued to oppose her latest attempt to divide Americans against themselves.

Via a D.C. Whispers source:

“After she was dismissed from the House floor, Mrs. Pelosi made her way back to her office with staff in tow. She appeared both very excited and livid. Apparently at one point she jabbed a crooked, trembling right finger into the air several times for emphasis while declaring, ‘Just wait – we will hang them by that (Confederate) flag!’ “

Republicans were outraged at Mrs. Pelosi’s demand the state flag of Mississippi be removed from the Capitol grounds because a corner of that flag incorporates the Confederate flag:

Here is video footage of the outburst on the House floor that preceded the alleged comments by the House Minority Leader. The initial outburst begins at the 5:40 mark and is initially from Democrats realizing the Republicans intend to quickly end discussion by sending the resolution to committee. Congresswoman Pelosi then attempts to get a roll call vote on the proposed resolution as Democrats shout their approval while rightfully angry Republicans are openly disgusted by her highly divisive political stunt. Pelosi is seen smiling at the end of the video, clearly pleased by her own actions in attempting to further promote racial division throughout the country.

Barack Obama & Republican Leadership Move Quickly To Pass Obamatrade Following Shooting Tragedy

It is a bill (actually a collection of them) that by some estimates, would encompass nearly 90% of the world’s economic output. Detractors have warned it will inevitably push the United States into a global governance agreement whereby the laws of America become secondary to the laws of a multi-national coalition.

As the country watches the tragic news reports of a young and clearly troubled white man who opened fire upon members of a predominantly black church in South Carolina, the White House and a handful of Republicans move quickly to secure the necessary support for passage of the fast-track trade bill known as Obamatrade.

Never let a tragedy go to waste…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., left, and Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, stand together Feb, 13, 2015, at a ceremony before the signing of the bill authorizing expansion of the Keystone XL pipeline, at the Capitol in Washington. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Front and center is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker John Boehner whose respective staffs have joined with Obama White House operatives to go from one member of Congress to the next demanding support for the Obamatrade bill.

“They start with perks like committee assignments. Then they move on to campaign donations. If that doesn’t work, then the threats start and they don’t let up. It’s getting very testy up here.”

Yesterday the president was once again making personal calls to members of Congress – namely other Democrats who he is hoping will either continue voting in favor of the bill, or reconsider their previous no vote. While this is taking place, the Republican leadership is coordinating a similar, yet even more aggressive effort. Speaker Boehner’s office is said to be particularly aggressive/abusive in accumulating more votes for passage.

“There’s a lot of us who are stunned at how hard the Speaker is fighting for something with the president and against the wishes of so many of his own caucus. We basically have a Speaker who goes after Republicans who don’t tow his line much more aggressively than he’s ever gone after the destructive and dangerous policies of the Obama  administration.”

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has been among the most vocal opponents of the proposed fast-track trade bill, warning it will tie the United States into an ever larger version of the European Union while also saying there were several Republicans who voted for the bill simply because Boehner’s office demanded they do so. Senator Sessions indicated those Republicans actually had no idea what was in the bill. He also accused Congressman Paul Ryan of misrepresenting the true nature of the bill not only to members of Congress, but the American people.

If John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Barack Obama get their way, the bill will be up for another vote as soon as late today or early tomorrow.


Appalling, abusive, and arrogant are just three of the descriptions that emerged from President Obama’s morning meetings with both Democrat and Republican members of Congress today as he tried in vain to accumulate the needed support for what is being called the”Obamatrade” legislation.

Apparently those meetings did not go well for the president, who lashed out at members of Congress and then left visibly upset over how few were willing to support him.

Today Congress was greeted with the many faces of Barack Obama, and apparently none of them were particularly positive or respectful and that has whispers spreading throughout Washington D.C. regarding just how poorly the meetings went between members of both political parties and the President of the United States.

“The president was said to be very defensive within minutes of his arrival. He snapped at staff, verbally bullied members of Congress, and finally left openly angry and frustrated. There were lawmakers who in turn felt the president’s abusive and arrogant behavior was appalling. They’ve seen him act out before, but not like this. He was every bit the spoiled little brat.”

The contentious environment was apparently not simply between Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats either, but in fact involved certain influential members of the Democratic Caucus telling Nancy Pelosi if she did not stand up to the president on the trade bill, her time as Minority Leader was over. Pelosi must have taken her own members at their word as she was among those who then told Barack Obama he didn’t have the votes. The president pushed back, Pelosi refused to budge, and the president then got up and walked out, “tight lipped and ready to leave.”

“He despises Congress. He despises the Supreme Court. He despises anyone or anything that doesn’t go along with every demand he has for his own agenda.”


UPDATE: Fox News confirmed much of this earlier D.C. Whispers report. Panelists on Special Report indicated the rift between Pelosi and members of her own House caucus who forced the Minority Leader to reverse her initial support for the Obamatrade bill. This resulted in what was described as a “striking” image of President Obama walking into the halls of Congress with Pelosi at his side and then Pelosi telling the president in a closed door meeting he didn’t have the votes – including her own!

President Trolls Halls Of Congress Promising $$$ For Passage Of Obamatrade

It is legislation that has made strange bedfellows out of the Obama White House and Republican party leaders who both want to see the president given unprecedented fast-track powers for what is now being called “Obamatrade.” Fearing he doesn’t have the votes, the president has made a rare appearance inside the halls of Congress itself, and is said to be promising large sums of campaign cash to those willing to support the legislation…

Stranger still, the president is said to have made this offer TO REPUBLICANS as well as Democrat lawmakers.

Let that one sink in.

A sitting Democrat president who has berated Republicans for over six years since moving into the White House is now promising 2016 campaign funds to some of those very same Republicans so that they will vote in favor of the fast-track trade treaty legislation.

This same wheeling and dealing comes soon after Republican Congressman Paul Ryan channeled Nancy Pelosi when he declared voters would have to wait until the agreement was passed before getting to see what was in it.

Stranger still is that Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats have come out AGAINST the bill that Barack Obama and some Republicans seem so desperate to pass! It is a situation that has D.C. operatives scratching their collective skulls.


“The president is blatantly playing both sides. He is hedging his bets with Democrats and kissing ass with enough Republicans in the hopes of saving the bill. Funny thing is, Democrats are the ones who are complaining the most about him. Some are saying they’ve been insulted by the president’s methods. Right now I’d put passage of the bill at no better than 50%. It’s going to be very-very close. The president left this morning in a very foul mood. Apparently he personally made threats against some legislators and they didn’t like it one bit.”


Oh my…


UPDATE:  Media reports now breaking that the fast-track legislation has failed to pass the House of Representatives, thus putting the entire TPP trade bill into jeopardy. These same reports indicate the strongest opposition to the legislation is coming from Democrats as well as confirming some very testy moments between the president and Democratic members of Congress.