The Democrat Candidate Who Won The Special Election In Pennsylvania Is Actually More Conservative Than Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan

You gotta make a little time to laugh at the Establishment Media’s stupidity/dishonesty. The poor things were huffing and puffing big-time about a projected anti-Trump “blue wave” coming in November and pointing to the just-concluded special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district as evidence. Democrat Conor Lamb narrowly won that race against a rather hapless Republican opponent named Rick Saccone. 

What the media isn’t explaining is the following regarding the winner, Mr. Lamb – he’s a moderate-conservative. That’s right. Conor Lamb, the 33-year-old former Marine, is a fresh-faced example of a Reagan Democrat – the very same kind of Democrat who supports Donald Trump and number in the millions across the country and who were critical in helping Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Lamb refused to attack Trump during the race. He also applauded the economic benefits of the Trump tax cuts and has indicated support of Trump’s demands to revise trade deals that hurt U.S. workers. Lamb supports gun rights, the 2nd Amendment, opposes further gun legislation, (he actually ran an ad that declared how much he “loves to shoot”) and wants Nancy Pelosi to be fired.

Here is how Lamb was introduced by a union leader during a recent rally before this week’s election:

“He’s a God-fearing, union-supporting, gun-owning, job-protecting, pension-defending Democrat.”

His opponent, Rick Saccone, made the repeated mistake of calling for union-busting right to work laws in what remains a very heavy pro-union voting district. (Saccone raised far less money and was horrible on the campaign trail and trailed Lamb by nearly double-digits until President Trump gave Saccone some much-needed support in the campaign’s final days. That Trump support was nearly enough to give Saccone the victory – a clear indicator of how popular the President remains among conservative-leaning Democrats.)

Lamb was largely successful in navigating away from social issues (which in this current political climate are not the issues driving election outcomes as Donald Trump was so quick to figure out during the 2016 General Election) including giving the tried-and-true “I’m personally opposed to abortion” response.

Here is how the Daily Caller described the Lamb victory:

Lamb Won Appealing To The Bitter Clingers Most Democrats Despise

Conor Lamb is by most accounts, a political moderate with subtle conservative leanings in some areas, and more conservative leanings in others – such as economic policy. All of which makes him a Trump Democrat.

He didn’t win by running on the Democrat platform of higher taxes, gun grabs, open borders, and bigger government. He won because he more convincingly ran away from those Democrat policies.

The Trump America-First transformation continues and Conor Lamb’s victory is yet more evidence of that – regardless of how Lamb actually performs in Congress. His campaign platform was 80% pro-Trump and that’s what got him elected and that’s what the Establishment Media is willfully ignoring.