D.C. WHISPERS CONFIRMED: Comey Alleged To Have Aided Obama Unmasking Cover Up

48 hours earlier D.C. Whispers published the following headline:

BREAKING: Real Reason Comey Was Fired: Helping To Cover Up Stunning Obama Unmasking Scandal

This afternoon investigative reporter Jack Posobiec went live with this Twitter post:

Mr. Posobiec is no favorite of the far left media who has spent a good bit of ink disparaging his reputation – a tactic commonly used by them to silence truthful opposition. Evidence shows he routinely scoops them, though. The above post is likely another example.

Mr. Comey has reportedly just refused to testify before the Senate under oath.



CAUGHT! FBI Colluded With Clinton State Department To Cover Up Email Scandal

The foxes were guarding the hen house. 

Officials within both the FBI and the Obama/Clinton State Department were engaged in tit for tat proposals that included altering evidence in order to protect Hillary Clinton, and expand the FBI presence in the Middle East.

The above image is of but one of the many communications between high-ranking State Department personnel and the FBI. These communications are a direct line between the Clinton  campaign, the Obama/Clinton State Department, and personnel who were supposed to be impartially investigating Hillary Clinton and her staff’s role in what many feel was widespread malfeasance and resulting cover-up.

The above outlines the intent of the proposal – to protect the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s pending presidential aspirations. It is why when others have done far less than Hillary Clinton by way of mishandling classified information, those individuals have received jail time. Hillary Clinton benefited from high-ranking government officials giving her a nod and a wink, and only pretending to carry out an investigation, while behind the scenes, those “investigators” were lobbying for future benefits via a possible Clinton administration.

And THAT is why the American voters is so disgusted with their own government, for it is a government for government and certainly not one for the people.

A vote for Hillary Clinton in November is a vote for more of the same.


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Hillary Has 24/7 Emergency Medic Who Never Leaves Her Side? (PIC)

The always-good GATEWAY PUNDIT has released photos showing a man who has been a constant presence at Hillary Clinton’s side in recent months, carrying what appears to be an anti-seizure pen.

hillary handler seizure drug

Here is a close-up of that pen in the hand of the man on the right:

hillary handler diazepam

It appears to be a Diazepam pen, meant for patients who have sudden-onset seizures.

Just last week, the same man shown carrying the pen in his hand assisted an apparently confused and troubled Mrs. Clinton on the campaign trail, as reported earlier by DC WHISPERS . You can clearly hear him comforting Mrs. Clinton and then instructing her to “keep talking”, which she then mimics to the audience around her.

Alternative media covered the incident, while the Mainstream Media remained largely silent.

It has been a routine of silence in matters such as this whereby anything that could potentially harm Mrs. Clinton’s campaign are minimized or ignored altogether.

And then there was THIS peculiar moment/reaction from Hillary Clinton at the conclusion of her own convention last week:

Which came just a week after this reaction from her when being questioned by the media, which clearly freaked out a woman directly in front of the Democrat candidate for president:

To date, the Mainstream Media continues to simply regurgitate the responses from the Clinton campaign itself regarding concerns over Mrs. Clinton’s health – that there is nothing to see and everyone should just move on even as just yesterday, a photo showing Hillary Clinton needing considerable assistance in navigating a set of steps went viral:

(And note the same medical-pen carrying handler at her side.)

Nothing to see here?

Or perhaps an ongoing cover-up?