POTUS Trump Urges Covington Catholic Students To Turn Negative Experience Into A Positive

How ironic that the president who the Establishment Media so often attempts to portray as “unhinged”, is the one to step in and be the much-needed voice of calm and reason after that very same Establishment Media transformed a non-story into a hate-filled social media feeding frenzy that unfairly targeted high school students with some even calling for them to be murdered. 

President Trump’s words also come at a time when some reports indicate the students of Covington Catholic High will be invited to the White House, though, that has yet to be confirmed. 

Until then, we should all heed the president’s advice and work to turn a terrible negative into a potentially much greater positive.

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BOOM! Media Admits Catholic Students In MAGA Hats Story Was FAKE NEWS

While it’s nice to see the media have to admit it got it REALLY wrong, what was done to those students should get everyone’s blood boiling…

And despite the posted mea culpa from Jake Tapper, many thought the media owed those students much-much more…

Replying to @jaketapper @reason @robbysoave
You and you media friends almost always “get it wrong”

Don’t you feel any journalistic responsibility to report without your personal bias?

The media has become the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.


Replying to @jaketapper @reason @robbysoave
Cover this on your show. Air it for CNN viewers to see, so they stop targeting these boys and their families. Challenge the narrative of your network and colleagues and do the right thing. Please Jake. Set the example.


The anti-Trump National Review was quick to put up an article condemning the behavior of the students. When further video evidence showed the students’ behavior was nothing like all of the social media headlines were declaring, it was just as quick to pull the article but as of this writing, has yet to apologize to the students or the school.

This was Fake News at its very worst. School kids were unfairly targeted and threatened (including their lives) for something they didn’t do.

They were kids waiting for a bus in Washington D.C. Some of them were wearing MAGA hats.

Apparently that is all the Fake News machine needed as they initiated a shockingly aggressive social media persecution campaign.


MAGA Make America Great Again hat burning at Berkeley (Elijah Nouvelage / Getty)


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