Nick Sandmann: The Truth in 15 Minutes – A MUST WATCH Video From The Sandmann Family’s Attorney

What happened to the young men of Covington Catholic School was an appalling injustice primarily carried out by a far-left driven media agenda. The only real racism on display that day was by a group of black men who attacked Native Americans, women, homosexuals, and Catholics. THE MEDIA SAID NOTHING ABOUT THAT TRUTH. Instead, it promoted a highly biased view of events whereby young innocents were unfairly portrayed as villains because they were white and because some of them support President Donald Trump. 

This video confirms those facts. This video is being used to right a wrong and hold those members of the biased media responsible for their willingness to try and destroy lives. Please watch it, share it, and help to educate others to the truth. The Establishment Media in America is among the most dangerously divisive and dishonest institutions that would see America made less. The Sandmann family is fighting back. You can help by simply sharing this video with others.

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POTUS Trump Urges Covington Catholic Students To Turn Negative Experience Into A Positive

How ironic that the president who the Establishment Media so often attempts to portray as “unhinged”, is the one to step in and be the much-needed voice of calm and reason after that very same Establishment Media transformed a non-story into a hate-filled social media feeding frenzy that unfairly targeted high school students with some even calling for them to be murdered. 

President Trump’s words also come at a time when some reports indicate the students of Covington Catholic High will be invited to the White House, though, that has yet to be confirmed. 

Until then, we should all heed the president’s advice and work to turn a terrible negative into a potentially much greater positive.

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