“Obama Doesn’t Have “Plausible Deniability” And Stupidity Isn’t A Defense” #RELEASETHEMEMO #OBAMAGATE

Whispers indicate there is a flurry of activity in BOTH the Obama and Clinton camps today. Both are reaching out BIG TIME to trusted media advocates to try and make certain this scandal is contained.

Mr. Bongino doesn’t seem to think that will prove successful…



Roadmap To The #ReleaseTheMemo Obama-Clinton-FBI Scandal: SEE IT HERE


Dan Bongino On Democrats: “You’re A Steaming Pile Of Ideological Hypocrisy”

He’s right. Democrats and the Establishment Media will decry tax cuts that give more of people’s money back to them. Well guess what? These same complainers could just as easily choose to pay MORE in taxes – but they don’t. In fact, most will likely continue to hire high-cost accountants who will keep on shielding millions of dollars from the very government they demand Middle Class Americans should support by paying MORE taxes. 

Hypocrisy indeed!