Former Obama S.S. Agent: “Will Be Sharing More On Obama This Week. It’s Time.”

Former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino also indicated the Obama wire tap scandal was going to “blow wide open” this week even as the Mainstream Media attempts to spin in favor of Barack Obama.


Secret Service Agent Calls Bullsh*t On CNN’s Anti-Trump 2nd Amendment Comments(VIDEO)

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who has been on the security detail for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, wasn’t willing to take the shockingly biased spin being delivered by CNN host Don Lemon regarding comments Donald Trump recently made on the importance of voters defending the 2nd Amendment. Lemon, and many others in the Mainstream Media, are now spinning those comments as Trump hinting that violence should be taken against Hillary Clinton.

Bongino calls that anti-Trump media spin absurd, and then the conversation really gets heated…

And isn’t it interesting that as Hillary Clinton faces a barrage of campaign headwinds in the form of questions about her health, the bizarre behind-the-podium attendance of the father of the recent and horrific Pulse nightclub terrorist attack at one of her rallies, and polls numbers that show her lead over Trump once again softening, the Mainstream Media once again creates a controversy where none should exist.

And of course, where was CNN’s outrage when it was Barack Obama crying out for “kicking ass”, “getting in their faces” and “bringing a gun” to a fight?


Welcome to Pravda, America, folks.