The Most Accurate Election Outcome Prediction Was RIGHT HERE – FIRST.

Based on information from a highly trusted source, D.C. Whispers went live with a stunning pre-Election Day scenario that many welcomed, some dismissed, and yet others attacked.

In the end, it was D.C. Whispers who was proven right, and its few but vocal detractors so very-very wrong.



Here was the headline to that report published nearly three full days before Election Day:

Want To Know Why Team Trump Has Been So Positive Of Late? Here’s Why…

Now with the actual Election Day results known, check out this information that was an essential part of that report from three days earlier and see how it played out almost EXACTLY as forecast here via D.C. Whispers:


“…Moving on from North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio (three HUGE Trump wins if this internal polling data holds) there is the battle for Pennsylvania, a state that has long been considered Republican “fools gold” as it draws in a Republican presidential candidate’s time and resources, only to end up voting Democrat.

This time might be different, and here’s why. Outside of Philadelphia, Trump is polling extremely well. So well in fact, he might just overcome the Philly deficit and win the state – and Team Hillary knows it and is in a panic to add resources there to prevent that from happening. This resource shift has then made the Clinton campaign more vulnerable in places they never, until quite recently, thought they would be:

Virginia and Michigan.

The Trump campaign is said to be feeling increasingly confident they will get a win in at least one of those two states, though in the last 48-hours, some are thinking a 2/2 outcome is not only possible – but probable. There has been an upsurge in the old Reagan Democrats voting bloc who are showing seriously motivated enthusiasm for Donald Trump. It has been more than three decades since this segment of the Democrat Party has been so willing to vote for the Republican ticket, and though not as numerous as they were in the 1980’s, could still prove pivotal in securing Trump victories in historically blue states.

NOTE: Trump’s last-minute move into Wisconsin is strategic. We won’t say more than that for now. Let’s just see if the strategy works.”


Of course we now know that the above scenario was very nearly duplicated on Election Day. Team Trump carried Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio and then outperformed all the Mainstream Media polling to put up a very serious challenge in Virginia, while also taking Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Team Clinton and the political pundits were certain the battle would be almost exclusively waged for North Carolina and Florida, (while shoring up their defenses in Virginia and conceding Ohio) and it was to be in those two states where Trump’s campaign would ultimately be crushed. Failing to win there, they then watched the Election Night results in stunned disbelief as Team Trump outmaneuvered them in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and most astonishingly, Wisconsin.

Those three wins made it game over . Donald Trump won the White House, just as outlined here via D.C. Whispers’ days-earlier report:

Want To Know Why Team Trump Has Been So Positive Of Late? Here’s Why…



Debate Moderator Lester Holt Challenged Trump Directly SIX Times vs ZERO for Hillary

Two days ago, D.C. Whisper published the following insider report:

Clinton Campaign Tells Debate Moderator Lester Holt To Attack Trump & Protect Hillary

Last night, that earlier report was undeniably confirmed in the actions of NBC’s Lester Holt, who directly intervened against Donald Trump no fewer than six times during the 90-minute debate, while NOT ONCE doing so against Hillary Clinton.  These challenges included questions on Mr. Trump’s tax returns, stop and frisk policing, Trump’s years-ago demand Barack Obama reveal his birth certificate, and Trump’s (correct) claim he was against the war in Iraq.

No such challenges were leveled by Lester Holt against Hillary Clinton, despite her own highly controversial political past that includes the Benghazi Massacre, the rise of ISIS, her private server/email scandal, attacks on women who claim to have been physically assaulted by her husband, etc.

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DC Whispers Confirmed By NYT: Obamas’ Lining Up Record Breaking Book Deal$

Way back in April, D.C. Whispers was the only place to find information on a then-in-the-works media deal being pieced together by various funding sources to the Obamas for a job well done:

Barack Obama Said To Be Negotiating $25 MILLION+ Book Deal

The New York Times has just confirmed that months-earlier D.C. Whispers report.


Lucrative Book Deals Might Finance the Obamas’ Post-White House Life

All of those goals, serious or not, might soon be achievable if Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, sign post-presidency book contracts for what literary agents and major publishers say could amount to $20 million to $45 million — more than enough to pay the estimated $22,000 per month rent for the nine-bedroom home they will occupy in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington and foot the bill for flights on private jets.

“His is going to be easily the most valuable presidential memoir ever,” said Raphael Sagalyn of the ICM/Sagalyn Literary Agency, who predicted that Mr. Obama could earn as much as $30 million with a two- or three-book contract. “


And the books deals are just the beginning of the lucrative post-presidency money trough that awaits Barack and Michelle Obama. It will be a multi-faceted operation that will include paid speeches both in America and abroad, a still-in-the-works public school curriculum component that is alleged to feature the by then former president prominently, and “humanitarian” works that will very much be in the mold set by the now infamous (and highly lucrative) Clinton Foundation.

Some critics scoffed at the earlier D.C. Whispers report regarding the record-breaking book deal being negotiated on behalf of the Obamas.

They aren’t scoffing now.

And don’t forget this line from that same earlier D.C. Whispers report:

“All told, the post-presidency Obama Machine could quite possibly generate income of $100 MILLION DOLLARS or more for Obama within just a few years of his leaving office.”

Bank on it.

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D.C. Whispers Initiates Nationwide Debate: “What Is Wrong With Hillary?”

Last week, a DC WHISPERS story posed the question, “What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton?” that was accompanied by a photo of Mrs. Clinton clearly struggling to get up a small set of stairs.

In the hours and days that followed, MILLIONS have since started to ask that very same question.

This effort was aided greatly by news media powerhouse, The Drudge Report, which continues to demand questions surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s health, or lack thereof, be answered – a demand that is now being sounded by multiple alternative news sources.

It was also due to the power of YOU, the readers of this blog.

America is seeing a Mainstream Media effort like no other to ensure Hillary Clinton is the next president. Her health, be it mental or physical, should be of paramount importance, particularly given her numerous previous health-related difficulties.

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Media Just Confirmed Earlier D.C. Whispers Report With “Get Trump” Media Blitz

“Get Trump.”

That’s the call that has been sent out to all corners of Establishment media and political circles by those whoe would have you believe Donald Trump cannot be trusted to maintain the long-standing status-quo, and as such, his political ambitions must be destroyed.

Today, the New York Times just admitted as much.

First, an excerpt from the August 3rd D.C. Whispers report on this very subject:

“Apparently this isn’t a joke, nor is it merely another snide attempt to smear Donald Trump and the Trump campaign.

Sources indicate a concerted effort is now underway among a group of Establishment Democrats and Republicans to try and convince the American people that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve as President of the United States. These forces don’t need actual medical verification of their claims, but rather seek to merely have it confirmed within the court of public opinion.” (full article: HERE )

And now THIS, from today’s New York Times:

“If you’re a working journalist and you believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him?

…If you view a Trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional. That’s uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, nonopinion journalist I’ve ever known, and by normal standards, untenable.

But the question that everyone is grappling with is: Do normal standards apply?” (full article: HERE )


What the NYT has just done is give the moral reasons/green light on why every “patriotic” journalist should now fully engage in an all-out destruction effort of the Trump campaign. The Times is the bastion of the liberal elite and today’s “get Trump” column is meant as a seen-by-all head nod of approval that condones journalists doing anything and everything they can to make certain Donald Trump does not win the White House – the media’s version of by hook or crook.

And just as D.C. Whispers reported days earlier, it is an effort based almost entirely on the premise that Trump is too “unstable”, “dangerous”, and ultimately, “mentally unfit” to be President of the United States.”

The attempted take-down of Donald Trump is now underway.

This is going to get very-very ugly.


D.C. Whispers Confirmed Almost Word-for-Word Regarding Team Trump Concerns

Twenty-four hours earlier, D.C. Whispers published the following headline:

Trump Insiders Increasingly Frustrated Over Billionaire’s Repeated Blunders This Past Week

Today, the Mainstream Media is confirming that earlier D.C. Whispers report.

From D.C. Whispers yesterday:

Donald Trump had a bad week.

That’s not the word coming from the often anti-Trump Mainstream Media or Establishment politicians, but rather from the men and women working within the Trump campaign, including, it is said, Trump campaign supervisor and longtime politico, Paul Manafort, the man largely credited with ensuring Trump secured the GOP nomination.

…Mr. Trump’s performance was so uneven this past week it required a somewhat testy one-on-one between Trump and Paul Manafort. Whispers indicate Manafort was unnerved over what should have been the campaign’s primary focus following the rioting by American flag-burning protesters in San Jose following a Trump rally. Instead, the news cycle jumped upon Trump’s belief that the judge overseeing his Trump University civil lawsuit should step down from the case because, “He’s Mexican.”

And today from NBC News:

“…Aides appeared unprepared for the Trump University story last week, despite knowing in advance that unsealed court documents would reveal explosive allegations of fraud. Beyond a short video of former students praising the program that was posted online, the campaign offered scant pushback.

The absence of a response to the Trump U story left the candidate to fill the vacuum with a torrent of demagoguery against the federal judge overseeing the case, Gonzalo Curiel, who Trump said was biased by his “Mexican heritage” despite his Indiana birthplace.

Trump’s comments against the judge horrified many supporters, but the real estate mogul rebuffed efforts by campaign staff, donors and party officials to back off the incendiary claim this weekend, per sources, telling them he was unwilling to look like he had caved to pressure.

“These are things that will defeat [us],” a second source within the campaign lamented.”


Trump’s verbal missteps are not yet campaign-killers, but a few more “He’s Mexican” moments very well could prove to be just that, and the Mainstream Media is waiting and all-too-willing to make it so.

The above is also confirmation yet again that if you want the political news before it’s news – bookmark now.


Remember When D.C. Whispers Reported On The Trump-Gingrich Alliance First?

Several months ago, D.C. Whispers shared the below-the-political-surface whispers of an alliance being formed between then-insurgent GOP candidate, Donald Trump, and former House Speaker and presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich.

While some readers were enthused by the news, others responded with derision and claimed this blog to be guilty of baseless speculation.

Those responses have since gone silent as the Trump-Gingrich alliance is now being discussed openly via various media outlets.

“The former Speaker of the House and 2012 presidential candidate was the last to lead a Congress that was willing to send to the president’s desk a balanced budget, and Trump appears increasingly interested in utilizing Gingrich’s considerable talent and know-how to keep his White House on task and on time in delivering the kind of change Mr. Trump’s millions of supporters are hoping for in 2017.”

-D.C. Whispers: February, 2016


Now take a look at this sample of headlines from other media over the last 72-hours:

In Trump’s World, Newt Gingrich Is King — and Maybe VP

(National Review)

Growing support for Trump-Gingrich ticket

(Washington Examiner)

Donald Trump says Newt Gingrich is ‘absolutely’ on his Veep short list



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BREAKING: Valerie Jarrett Confirms D.C. Whispers Executive Order Gun Control Report

Today Valerie Jarrett herself confirmed an earlier D.C. Whispers report regarding the Obama White House’s pending (but at the time still secret) Executive Order gun control plan.

Here is that initial D.C. Whispers headline: BREAKING: ObamaTo Outline Executive Order Gun Control

Jarrett indicated to media contacts the Executive Order gun control measure would be forthcoming, “In short order.”

The White House appears intent on bypassing any Congressional input on what is expected to be further expansion of federal authority over all gun sales in America.

The measures will be taken despite multiple gun control experts admitting further laws would have done nothing to stop the terrorist attack in San Bernardino or curb cities with rampant gun violence but already prohibitive gun laws like Chicago.

Critics of the White House are pointing out that Mr. Obama and his administration have repeatedly cautioned American citizens against speaking out against the threat of Islamic terror while at the very same time calling for further restrictions upon those same citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

With Valerie Jarrett’s public approval of the pending Executive Order, it means it is a done deal which will only be overcome by public outrage and the next President’s willingness to then reverse it with an executive order of their own.





Apocalyptic Fiction: RACE WARS: Episodes 1-2: An Apocalyptic Fiction SHTF Prepper Survival Series...



Trump & Cruz Winning Americans’ “GUN TO THE HEAD” Test…

2016 is shaping up to be a “gun to the head” presidential cycle, meaning voters increasingly concerned over the looming threat of Islamic terror and equally fed up with the limp-wristed political correctness that has dominated the Obama years, are looking for a candidate who, if given a chance to place a gun to the head of an ISIS terrorist, would be the one willing to pull the trigger.

Of all the prospective candidates, two have emerged as most likely to pass such a test: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Even as Mr. Trump faces a barrage of media-generated outrage against his proposed (and temporary) Muslim immigration moratorium, and as other GOP rivals followed the media’s lead in denouncing Trump as a racist and a bigot, Ted Cruz gave a far more measured response.

Mr. Cruz indicated he would not favor a sweeping moratorium, but rather a more targeted one. In essence, he gave a more developed version of Mr. Trump’s generalized proposal, much to the media’s chagrin who was hoping to finally see the two most outspoken and beyond the mainstream candidates go to war against one another.

Ted Cruz still refuses to comply with the media’s demands in that regard, stating yet again he is not interested in dancing to the media’s desire of Republican-on-Republican violence.

The two men clearly share considerable respect for each other. While Donald Trump speaks loudly, Mr. Cruz appears to then follow up with an intellectually large stick. It has made for a fascinating one-two political punch.

Cruz’s motivations are not entirely due to respect for Donald Trump, though. He has likely noted that those who forcefully took Mr. Trump on either ended up in the back of the GOP line, or off the stage altogether. Those candidates who have been careful to only cautiously take on the New York billionaire, such as Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, remain in the upper echelon of GOP candidates and still hopeful their campaigns will be competitive when actual voting begins in 2016.

A D.C. Whispers source had this to say regarding the Trump/Cruz dynamic:

“Donald Trump and Ted Cruz represent the two most aggressively pro-American candidates in quite some time. They are unapologetic regarding the United States’ place in the world which is a very big contrast to the apologetic tone of Barack Obama. That contrast is working. People are fed up. People are scared. People want to go back to work. People are tired of America losing and Washington DC appearing not to give a damn. I heard a phrase the other day that is very applicable to what is going on in the GOP race and what will play a big part in the General Election as well. Voters, without setting out beforehand to do so, have created a gun to the head test. They are looking at the candidates and imagining them holding a gun to the head of a known ISIS terrorist. Voters are then wondering who among those candidates would be most willing to pull the trigger and ensure that terrorist doesn’t have the chance to harm anyone else.  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the ones who are presently passing that test. Americans are tired of weakness. They’ve had Urkel for the last seven years. Now they want John Wayne.”





Apocalyptic Fiction: RACE WARS: Episodes 1-2: An Apocalyptic Fiction SHTF Prepper Survival Series...



The Attempted Destruction Of Ben Carson: All According To GOP Establishment Plan

D.C. Whispers readers were told of it weeks earlier. With the Jeb Bush campaign in tatters, the GOP Establishment needed to create an insurance policy to continue its control over the Republican nomination process. Donald Trump’s volatility and refusal to bow to his would-be GOP masters required a new challenger to emerge.

It is the rough and tumble world of national politics, and is being played out in real-time at this very moment…

(Above: It was a three-layered plan by the GOP elite involving Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio.)


Here is a D.C. Whispers headline from early October:

GOP Operative On Donald Trump: “He’s Most Likely Finished.”

And an applicable excerpt from that same report:

“There is alleged to be two primary forces working in conjunction to complete what has been an already weeks-in-the-making process to push Donald Trump down, and then off, of the 2016 serious contention GOP platform.

The first and greatest of the two waging war against Trump is said to be the Conservative Solutions Project – the primary super PAC for Republican senator and GOP presidential candidate, Marco Rubio

CSP is said to have accumulated a war chest in excess of $20 million dollars in just the past few months.”

The sentiment of the above report was then confirmed a few weeks later as indicated by the following headline:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

“…The senator’s team is positioning to take Carson’s support over the next two months and then emerge as the dominant candidate in the nomination race.”

“…Such a plan does appear to have an element of very simple math – add Jeb Bush’s support, then Ben Carson’s, and that would likely leave Marco Rubio in an almost-dominant position to potentially run the table on Super Tuesday which will take place on March 1st and represent over 400 delegate votes.

Tens of millions of dollars are set to pour into the Rubio campaign and related super-PAC’s in the coming weeks to make certain the senator does just that.”

And then finally this headline and report from last week:

Rubio’s Rise Signals Trump’s Demise?

“New polling out this week shows Florida Senator Marco Rubio surging in both national and state polls while Donald Trump falls behind Ben Carson. If this current scenario holds it is an almost perfect reflection of what was first reported here earlier – an intentional plan by the GOP Establishment to make certain it remains in absolute control of the eventual nomination outcome.”

…“For Donald Trump to eventually collapse it required Ben Carson to be pushed upward so as to provide the appearance of a challenge to what has been months of Trump polling domination. This will then allow the establishment to further solidify their choice in this race, which is Senator Rubio. Trump is being baited, he’ll falter, as will Carson, and Rubio will emerge as the undeniable front-runner by March of 2016. That is the GOP’s plan and with present conditions as they are I see no reason to believe they won’t succeed. Trump will have to prove himself a far more capable political machine than he has so far. The silly season is coming to a close. Now the knuckles start to get bloodied up and there’s a lot of us who think Trump is much softer than he wants anyone to realize. Maybe he’ll surprise us but at this point, he’s dancing to the GOP’s tune and doesn’t even realize it.”

In recent days the GOP Establishment in conjunction with the Mainstream Media has initiated the next phase of the Marco Rubio nominee plan – the destruction of Ben Carson. It is said GOP operatives fully expect Mr. Carson to enjoy a short term “bump” from the damaging media-generated stories, but that in the days and weeks to follow, the allegations of fabricating some of his own life story will begin to take hold and his support, already somewhat soft, will begin a slow yet steady slide downward. This will be the opening for Team Rubio, waiting in the wings for this very thing to take place.

From there, Marco Rubio, if all goes according to the GOP Establishment’s plan, will emerge the dominant front-runner by March of 2016. It will be up to voters to see that plan relegated to the scrap-heap of Republican political history.

D.C. Whispers was among the very first conservative Alternative Media sites to go public with this information and once again is being proven remarkably accurate in its reporting.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich Reaching Out To GOP Mega Donors?

The Koch Brothers Machine and its many related affiliates were apparently first on a short list of GOP mega donors a small and trusted team of operatives for Ohio Governor John Kasich recently contacted to gauge potential support for a potential Kasich presidential campaign.


The calls were said to have been made some time last month as Governor Kasich continues to give “very serious” consideration to going ahead with a presidential campaign – a campaign that would be based upon his considerable record of success in turning around an important Midwest swing state that has garnered him admiration from both sides of the political aisle. Under his leadership and ability to work with the state legislature, Ohio now enjoys a $2 billion budget surplus while also cutting taxes by $3 billion and creating over 350,000 new jobs. He won re-election last fall by 30 percentage points, picking up 26 percent of the minority vote and nearly two-thirds of women.


John Kasich is already among the nation’s most popular governors. Despite his success in Ohio though, Kasich would need all-important campaign dollars if he is to make the successful transition from governor to president by adding his name to an already impressively strong field of Republican White House contenders.


Considered a man of strong faith who manages to also appear politically middle-of-the-road, Kasich would likely appeal to a broad base of support – IF he can generate the kind of national awareness of who he is that such appeal requires. Political insiders are quietly calling the Ohio governor the potential presidential candidate nobody should overlook.


If at least one of those GOP mega-donors took a liking to him, they may be right.