Tonight’s Debate Intends To Be The Campaign Kill Shot Against Donald Trump

The first question is to be about the just recently released private conversation tape that has Donald Trump using words both colorful and tawdry. Apparently, that question will not go to Donald Trump, but rather, Hillary Clinton. In effect, the moderator will summarize those “horrific” words, and then give Mrs. Clinton an opportunity to further extrapolate on just how terrible Donald Trump is as a candidate, and a human being.

And from there, the moderators and Hillary Clinton intend to pick the political bones of the insurgent Trump campaign clean.

Team Trump has been a flurry of damage-control activity, with the New York billionaire giving a “don’t hold anything back” directive. But even as that directive went out, rumors of more damaging clips of Trump’s penchant for colorful language are now emerging, most notably from his decade-long tenure as The Apprentice television program.

Ten years is a long time to collect material on an enemy, and that is what Clinton operatives are said to have been doing in conjunction with their supporters at NBC/Comcast. Perhaps that is why so many Republicans were so quick to denounce Trump’s use of the word p*ssy – they have already been told that more such examples are to be released.

Late yesterday, Rudy Giuliani, Trump surrogate, former NYC Mayor, and longtime friend of Donald Trump,emerged from a multi-hour meeting atop Trump Tower and indicated everyone in the campaign fully understands it is Donald Trump and his millions of supporters versus everyone else – including the establishment powers of both political parties, and most certainly, the Mainstream Media.

No political candidate in the history of American politics has taken on so many, or risked so much, as Donald Trump is doing now.

The Clinton Machine, and all its layers of corruptive support, is determined to punish the New York billionaire for having the audacity to so forcefully challenge the status-quo, and they are confident Trump’s political fortunes, and perhaps much of his personal one, will not survive the night.


CAUGHT! Watch Hillary Clinton & Lester Holt Working Together During Presidential Debate

Does this go into the realm of all-out conspiracy?

Perhaps, but the evidence is indeed compelling, and can anyone argue that Lester Holt, who just weeks earlier openly celebrated Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Party nomination, wasn’t interesting in doing all he could to help her?

Watch the video and if you feel it provides evidence of complicity between Clinton and Holt, share with others.


The Tie Goes To The Runner: Trump Defeats Hillary In First Presidential Debate

Donald Trump more than held his own against a much more (politically) experienced Hillary Clinton in what was a sometimes contentious debate between the two candidates for president, and by doing so, Mr. Trump effectively carried the night.

As predicted, debate moderator Lester Holt was far more aggressive in coming back at some of Mr. Trump’s answers than Holt was with Mrs. Clinton. Trump swatted both Holt and Clinton away, sticking to his primary points of an America and world in disarray, that requires voters to choose something different over the ongoing status quo.

Hillary Clinton went personal a number of times, efforts which might have won applause from her base, but turned off a much larger voting segment, namely Independents. Trump, on the other hand, called out Hillary for her controversial political record, but left out what is decades of personal baggage that includes, but is not limited to, attacks on the very women her husband is alleged to have taken liberties with.

The Mainstream Media spin will begin, which will no doubt try and favor Hillary at the expense of Donald Trump, but a record number of Americans watched the debate and will decide for themselves, which will bode well for the Republican nominee. He wasn’t polished, but he was clearly the more powerful and sincere personality. Hillary Clinton was the only thing she apparently knows how to be – a politician. In 2016, voters are tired of politicians, and so, will likely find themselves tired of Mrs. Clinton.



UPDATE: Nearly every online poll has Donald Trump winning the debate, while the Mainstream Media pundits give the nod to Hillary. Once again, the Establishment is pushing its version of events, which is in stark contrast to the American people’s.


Clinton Operatives Urge Calm: “Hofstra will be Trump’s Waterloo. After the debate, he’s done.”

Hillary Clinton has had a horrible few weeks, culminating in her literal collapse on a sidewalk that had her security detail throwing her into the back of a van like a wet sack of grain as her unresponsive feet dragged along the concrete.

The campaign then went into full on blackout mode for nearly two hours, eventually declaring that Mrs. Clinton had become “overheated” at the 9-11 memorial service, despite relatively mild temperatures accompanied by a breeze.

Once some in the media (including physicians) began to question the overheating explanation for Mrs. Clinton’s collapse, the campaign then announced Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and had fallen ill while attending the memorial service.

This announcement was in direct contradiction to Hillary’s emerging from a location stated to be her daughter’s apartment where the former Secretary of State declared to the media that she was “feeling great” before getting into a van and rushed off to what was said to be her home in Chappaqua for some much-needed rest. (Rumors suggest a full medical detail was already awaiting her there.)

Now Team Clinton, having once again circled the wagons and successfully reached out to its most trusted media supporters who are working hard to push the “she’s doing fine” narrative, is communicating to party leaders and more importantly, party donors, that “after Hofstra” all will be well once again.

Hofstra is a reference to the very first (and possibly most critical) presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to take place at New York’s Hofstra University on September 26th. The debate is to be moderated by NBC’s Lester Holt.

The debate format will be six 15-minutes sections focusing on topics chosen by the debate moderator, Mr. Holt. The campaigns are to be told what the topics will be approximately one week before the scheduled debate.

Whispers suggest Clinton operatives are extremely confident about the debate outcome:

“Hofstra will be Trump’s Waterloo. After the debate, he’s done.”