Tonight’s Debate Intends To Be The Campaign Kill Shot Against Donald Trump

The first question is to be about the just recently released private conversation tape that has Donald Trump using words both colorful and tawdry. Apparently, that question will not go to Donald Trump, but rather, Hillary Clinton. In effect, the moderator will summarize those “horrific” words, and then give Mrs. Clinton an opportunity to further extrapolate on just how terrible Donald Trump is as a candidate, and a human being.

And from there, the moderators and Hillary Clinton intend to pick the political bones of the insurgent Trump campaign clean.

Team Trump has been a flurry of damage-control activity, with the New York billionaire giving a “don’t hold anything back” directive. But even as that directive went out, rumors of more damaging clips of Trump’s penchant for colorful language are now emerging, most notably from his decade-long tenure as The Apprentice television program.

Ten years is a long time to collect material on an enemy, and that is what Clinton operatives are said to have been doing in conjunction with their supporters at NBC/Comcast. Perhaps that is why so many Republicans were so quick to denounce Trump’s use of the word p*ssy – they have already been told that more such examples are to be released.

Late yesterday, Rudy Giuliani, Trump surrogate, former NYC Mayor, and longtime friend of Donald Trump,emerged from a multi-hour meeting atop Trump Tower and indicated everyone in the campaign fully understands it is Donald Trump and his millions of supporters versus everyone else – including the establishment powers of both political parties, and most certainly, the Mainstream Media.

No political candidate in the history of American politics has taken on so many, or risked so much, as Donald Trump is doing now.

The Clinton Machine, and all its layers of corruptive support, is determined to punish the New York billionaire for having the audacity to so forcefully challenge the status-quo, and they are confident Trump’s political fortunes, and perhaps much of his personal one, will not survive the night.


CAUGHT! Watch Hillary Clinton & Lester Holt Working Together During Presidential Debate

Does this go into the realm of all-out conspiracy?

Perhaps, but the evidence is indeed compelling, and can anyone argue that Lester Holt, who just weeks earlier openly celebrated Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Party nomination, wasn’t interesting in doing all he could to help her?

Watch the video and if you feel it provides evidence of complicity between Clinton and Holt, share with others.


The Tie Goes To The Runner: Trump Defeats Hillary In First Presidential Debate

Donald Trump more than held his own against a much more (politically) experienced Hillary Clinton in what was a sometimes contentious debate between the two candidates for president, and by doing so, Mr. Trump effectively carried the night.

As predicted, debate moderator Lester Holt was far more aggressive in coming back at some of Mr. Trump’s answers than Holt was with Mrs. Clinton. Trump swatted both Holt and Clinton away, sticking to his primary points of an America and world in disarray, that requires voters to choose something different over the ongoing status quo.

Hillary Clinton went personal a number of times, efforts which might have won applause from her base, but turned off a much larger voting segment, namely Independents. Trump, on the other hand, called out Hillary for her controversial political record, but left out what is decades of personal baggage that includes, but is not limited to, attacks on the very women her husband is alleged to have taken liberties with.

The Mainstream Media spin will begin, which will no doubt try and favor Hillary at the expense of Donald Trump, but a record number of Americans watched the debate and will decide for themselves, which will bode well for the Republican nominee. He wasn’t polished, but he was clearly the more powerful and sincere personality. Hillary Clinton was the only thing she apparently knows how to be – a politician. In 2016, voters are tired of politicians, and so, will likely find themselves tired of Mrs. Clinton.



UPDATE: Nearly every online poll has Donald Trump winning the debate, while the Mainstream Media pundits give the nod to Hillary. Once again, the Establishment is pushing its version of events, which is in stark contrast to the American people’s.


Clinton Operatives Urge Calm: “Hofstra will be Trump’s Waterloo. After the debate, he’s done.”

Hillary Clinton has had a horrible few weeks, culminating in her literal collapse on a sidewalk that had her security detail throwing her into the back of a van like a wet sack of grain as her unresponsive feet dragged along the concrete.

The campaign then went into full on blackout mode for nearly two hours, eventually declaring that Mrs. Clinton had become “overheated” at the 9-11 memorial service, despite relatively mild temperatures accompanied by a breeze.

Once some in the media (including physicians) began to question the overheating explanation for Mrs. Clinton’s collapse, the campaign then announced Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and had fallen ill while attending the memorial service.

This announcement was in direct contradiction to Hillary’s emerging from a location stated to be her daughter’s apartment where the former Secretary of State declared to the media that she was “feeling great” before getting into a van and rushed off to what was said to be her home in Chappaqua for some much-needed rest. (Rumors suggest a full medical detail was already awaiting her there.)

Now Team Clinton, having once again circled the wagons and successfully reached out to its most trusted media supporters who are working hard to push the “she’s doing fine” narrative, is communicating to party leaders and more importantly, party donors, that “after Hofstra” all will be well once again.

Hofstra is a reference to the very first (and possibly most critical) presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to take place at New York’s Hofstra University on September 26th. The debate is to be moderated by NBC’s Lester Holt.

The debate format will be six 15-minutes sections focusing on topics chosen by the debate moderator, Mr. Holt. The campaigns are to be told what the topics will be approximately one week before the scheduled debate.

Whispers suggest Clinton operatives are extremely confident about the debate outcome:

“Hofstra will be Trump’s Waterloo. After the debate, he’s done.”



Trump Doing Something For First Time: Preparing For A GOP Debate

In the face of an especially bad winter storm, Donald Trump cancelled a campaign rally in New Hampshire today and will remain atop Trump Tower in New York working with family and a few of his most trusted advisers to try something he has yet to do during this 2016 political campaign – fully prepare for an upcoming GOP debate.

“He was humbled by the Iowa results.”


Donald Trump is doing his homework.

Some around his his insurgent 2016 campaign are likely breathing collective sighs of relief over this fact and grateful to those responsible for getting the New York billionaire to do so – namely his oldest children.

It is said it was the collective efforts of Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric who huddled with their father recently and gently suggested it would be a good idea he “get ready” for the upcoming GOP debate on Saturday.

Trump is no fool.

One does not build, nearly lose, and then rebuild a multi-billion dollar real estate and media empire without a keen sense of when to attack and when to retreat. He has enjoyed great success, and it seems in private he was finally willing to admit that success can sometimes lead to potentially dangerous overconfidence. He knows this lesson well having survived past financial challenges that sunk the empires of many of his business contemporaries.

“He hates losing more than he enjoys winning.”

Trump does not consider Senator Ted Cruz to be his equal in anything and so after the Iowa results, the GOP front-runner alternated between bouts of disbelief, seething anger, acceptance, and then to a fiery determination to not let it happen again.

Among Donald Trump’s most trusted advisers and confidants is a man named George. Trump will drop the name from time to time in public, by it is a relationship that remains largely unknown outside of the billionaire’s most immediate circle. If George provided support for the campaign concerns of the elder Trump offspring, that would be more than enough for the real estate mogul to sit up, take notice, and alter course. It is the ability to quickly do so that is the hallmark of anyone who succeeds in business at the level a Donald Trump has.

Like a shark, Trump needs to always be moving. He was caught too motionless in Iowa, and it cost him, and while he hates to admit so publicly, he knows it to be true. His oldest daughter was apparently the first to let her father know of this, and she was also the one to remind him of who he was and what he is capable of. The Trumps have always been a close-knit group, and the children are both fiercely loyal to, and proud of, their iconic father.

“He’s Donald J. Trump. Where others have failed, he succeeds. His failures are temporary and lessons to be learned from and motivation to come back tougher and more determined than ever. And what he has done in providing for himself, his family, and his company, he is convinced he can do for America.”

So today Donald Trump is taking time to study up on the political details of our time, preparing verbal attacks and counter-attacks. He hopes to combine his natural and proven instinct for success with the information necessary to secure a much-needed victory in the New Hampshire primary.

As Trump has often said, he is new to this “political stuff.”

His supporters now hope he proves himself a quick study so he has a real chance of making good on his promise to Make America Great Again.







REPORT: Fox News DID Attempt Trump Political “Kill Shot”

D.C. Whispers Confirmed: Fox News planned Trump “kill shot” at upcoming GOP debate:

News broke late yesterday that confirmed an earlier report here regarding Fox News’ plan to try and do significant damage to the Donald Trump political campaign during the scheduled Thursday GOP debate moderated by Fox News.

(ABOVE: Muslim activist Nabela Noor was chosen by Fox News to participate in Thursday’s GOP debate. Noor has publicly condemned Donald Trump and likened him to Adolph Hitler. Previous reports also indicate she condemns the United States as a racist nation that suffers Islamophobia which is largely responsible for inciting terror attacks against it. Fox News has yet to explain why it would allow such a person to participate in a nationally-televised GOP debate despite requests to do just that.


Part of the moderating panel is network personality, Megyn Kelly, a figure with whom Donald Trump has sparred with over the last few months following a question many felt to be terribly out of line and biased in which she accused Trump of hating women. In the last few weeks heading into the this week’s Fox News debate, the Trump campaign communicated to Fox News their concerns over Kelly being part of the moderating panel. Then additional information is alleged to have reached the Team Trump regarding Fox’s intention to use the last debate prior to the Iowa Caucus to try and influence that state’s Caucus outcome.

This is the headline from the earlier D.C. Whispers report on the subject:

Is Fox News Preparing Proverbial “Kill Shot” Against Trump Campaign?

Now this from our friends at Breitbart News published late yesterday:

Google and Fox TV Invite Anti-Trump, Hitler-Citing, Muslim Advocate to Join Next GOP TV-Debate

“Fox News and Google have invited three YouTube personalities to ask questions at the Jan. 28 GOP debate — including a Muslim advocate (Nabela Noor) who describes Donald Trump as a bigot and who visually portrayed him as being in agreement with national socialist Adolf Hitler.”

Noor has also blamed what she deems to be America’s anti-Muslim culture for past, present, and possible future terrorist attacks against the United States, a nation she says suffers from “Islamophobia.”

It seems quiet clear that Fox News’ intent to allow such a radical, militant-styled Muslim advocate to participate in the GOP debate was to set up a moment intended to challenge and embarrass Donald Trump.  While it is far from certain Ms. Nabala would have succeeded in doing so, it goes to the network’s intent. Fox News was not merely playing the role of moderator, it was acting as an anti-Trump activist.

Breitbart News has attempted to get a response from Fox News representatives regarding the above information.

So far, the news network has refused to respond as rumors now swirl that staff directly associated with Megyn Kelly played a role in Noor’s selection to be a participant in the debate.

Readers can access the full Breitbart News report on this subject: HERE

Kudos to them for uncovering what appears to be decidedly underhanded and manipulative plot to damage the current GOP frontrunner. It will be interesting to see if any of the other candidates condemn Fox News for what was so clearly attempted.

This has nothing to do with voters who support or don’t support Donald Trump’s campaign. It has everything to do with a news media giant attempting to make that choice for voters via the direct manipulation of a presidential debate. That is an action worthy of widespread condemnation regardless of one’s political loyalties.









MUST READ: Trump Was Right On China & The TPP Agreement

There was a brief exchange during last night’s GOP presidential debate that had Senator Rand Paul chiding Donald Trump for his anti-TPP stance. Trump made mention that it was a “terrible deal” that would cost American jobs and that once again China would “sneak in through the back door.”

Paul declared China wasn’t part of the TPP deal. The senator is right.

But Mr. Trump, in so much as how the agreement will hurt American jobs and benefit China, is right on those far more important points.

Take this quote from an earlier Globe & Mail report on the subject:

“…many TPP countries already have free-trade agreements with China. Even the United States is negotiating a bilateral investment treaty with China…In the shorter run, China is likely to seek to fast-track its own favoured free-trade accord – the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which comprises the 10 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries plus China, South Korea, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand. This 16-country bloc would be a larger grouping than the TPP and include the world’s two most populous countries, China and India.”

What the above outlines is the very thing Donald Trump said – China is once again outsmarting us and sneaking in through the back door. It should also be noted that TPP rules include strict environmental regulations – primarily for the United States and other more developed nations. China wanted nothing to do with such economically prohibitive rules and so has, and continues to make trade agreements of its own accord which includes getting a bilateral agreement with the United States.

It appeared no-one on that stage last night was aware of the above facts, and yet, the media is already spinning how Senator Paul “fact-checked” Donald Trump. Mr. Trump never said China was part of the TPP. What he did say is that China will take advantage of that agreement which stifles American job creation while likely further increasing already lopsided trade imbalances between this nation and others.

Donald Trump is right – the TPP is a horrible deal in relation to creating jobs here at home and China knows it.

About Those Trump vs Carson Numbers The Media Isn’t Quite Telling You…

The Mainstream Media is noticeably giddy over a series of recent polls showing Donald Trump falling behind Dr. Ben Carson both in Iowa, and the latest New York Times/CBS national poll.

There is a very strong caveat to those polls this same media is neglecting to share, instead burying it at the bottom of their reports, if reported at all. It is a fact which links to earlier D.C. Whispers’ reports on this very subject of Trump vs Carson and directly ties into tomorrow night’s CNBC-hosted, GOP debate.

Here is a just-released and related CNN report on Dr. Carson’s challenge to the longstanding Trump dominance of GOP polls. It was a sentence buried at the very end of the story after a large-font headline declaring, “Ben Carson knocks Donald Trump from top spot nationally”:

The poll does carry an important caveat, however: 70% of respondents said they had not settled on a choice yet. Trump’s supporters, however, are more locked in with their support.

Donald Trump is not only at or near the top of every current GOP candidate poll, but has among the most loyal base of supporters. Dr. Carson’s current standing (and I say this as a fan of Mr. Carson on a personal level) is far more similar to the “here again gone again” cycles seen during the 2012 Republican primary race that had a series of candidates becoming polling front runners only to then fade quickly into oblivion.

The media, and the Establishment Republican Machine knows this fact well – and they have no intention of actually allowing Ben Carson to win the GOP nomination. See this quote from an earlier D.C. Whispers report:

“Ben Carson is being used as a political wedge against the Trump campaign…The senator’s team (a reference to the Rubio campaign) is positioning to take Carson’s support over the next two months and then emerge as the dominant candidate in the nomination race.”

See original report:  HERE

CNN acknowledged, albeit very quietly, how soft the current support for Ben Carson is in relation to Trump supporters. With that fact in mind, it becomes clear how accurate the above D.C. Whispers information is now proving to be.

The media, in conjunction with Establishment Republicans, are at this very moment utilizing Dr. Carson as a wedge against the Trump campaign. The second phase of this plan, and one interested voters should pay very close attention to, is when Dr. Carson finds his poll numbers suddenly declining while Marco Rubio’s continue to rise as the Rubio campaign succeeds in absorbing the majority of Carson’s previous support.

There is a nationally televised Republican debate tomorrow hosted by CNBC and moderated by far-left ideologue, John Harwood. In recent months Harwood has publicly defended Hillary Clinton, marginalized Donald Trump, and declared Republicans to be the party of the rich and that parents who opposed Barack Obama were stupid and racist.

He is the one the Mainstream Media has chosen to control the content/direction of tomorrow night’s Republican primary debate. Rumors suggest the Jeb Bush campaign sees this as quite possibly their last hurrah to regain some semblance of relevance, while the Rubio campaign is fully on board and with the plan referenced above. The question that remains is if Ben Carson will allow himself to be used by those who certainly don’t have his own best interests in mind, and if Donald Trump will finally do what so many have been saying he would do for so long – collapse under the forces being brought against him and his bid for the White House.

John Harwood has likely been given his marching orders, and will be more than happy to carry them out tomorrow night…





Behind The Scenes Debate War: “You Don’t Attack Hillary.”

Though the Mainstream Media has ignored it, there is a war going on behind the scenes at the DNC and it is a war which played a pivotal role in the tone and tenor of the first Democratic presidential debate last night.

The prevailing theme during the 72 hours prior to that debate was this:  YOU DON’T ATTACK HILLARY.

That battle was clearly won.

Above: Team Hillary is said to be “thrilled” with her debate performance last night though is saying nothing regarding allegations of ongoing intimidation by DNC officials to keep both the candidates and the media from directly challenging either her or her record.

Above: DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a longtime Clintonite, has been pushing back aggressively against anyone who attempts to exert influence on debate format and content other than that coming directly from her office. This includes what is said to have been an “extended and thorough” back and forth between the DNC and CNN when negotiating the terms of last night’s debate.

Above: DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard was disinvited to last night’s debate by Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office due to Gabbard’s demand there be more Democratic candidate debates. Both Schultz and Hillary Clinton want as few debates as possible to ensure the process is more easily controlled by them.

Above: Former President Bill Clinton continues to exert significant influence within the Democratic Party. He is said to have promised substantial fundraising efforts to key Democrat officials in exchange for continued and unyielding support for Hillary’s campaign. Bill Clinton’s influence also extends into the Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, ABC, and most notably, NBC.

What last night’s debate did do without question was solidify Hillary Clinton’s hold upon the current Democratic Party power structure. So much so in fact, many are speculating a “get in the race” version of Joe Biden might soon be replaced by a “get out of the way” Joe Biden.

There is that matter of the FBI actively investigating Hillary Clinton, though. There was a brief moment when fellow presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley motioned toward Hillary Clinton and mentioned both email and FBI in the same sentence. The seeming perma-smile on Mrs. Clinton’s face suddenly vanished and was replaced by a grim tightening as she quickly looked toward DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as if to say, “He needs to be punished for that.”


Check Out This Post-Debate Poll That Will Have Trump-Haters’ Heads Exploding…

The Trumpinator – what once was something of a joke regarding the outspoken GOP presidential candidate’s resilience is turning into a seemingly verifiable fact.

Every attack, every declaration that his campaign is finished, every political pundit’s promise he “can never win the nomination” is proven wrong. Every time Mr. Trump appears to endanger his front-runner status, his supporters refuse to allow that to happen and yet more join the cause to keep him atop the latest polls.

Just check out the post-debate poll numbers below…


Note how Donald Trump’s support jumped another 5% after the most recent GOP debate – the very debate so many indicated certainly didn’t help and in fact might very well hurt him. As for the other candidates, Fiorina sees an understandable jump in support as well, as does Rubio, Cruz, and Huckabee, while Carson’s support drops, and Jeb Bush manages to drop even lower into single-digit territory. As for the others, they are hardly registering these days:

gop poll morning consult

D.C. WHISPERS’ Reports On Anti-Trump Fox News Agenda Proven True

Nearly a month before the first Republican presidential debate, D.C. Whispers reports were outlining details of a simmering anti-Trump media backlash that was being led by Fox News. What some called unlikely many more are now confirming as truth following the undeniable anti-Trump agenda that was on display during the Fox News moderated GOP presidential debate last Thursday. 

Below is a story-linked timeline of the D.C. Whispers coverage regarding this subject.

If you wish to know the news before it’s news should be among your very first places to visit. Please let others know of this site and help to fight the Mainstream Media manipulations that would make slaves of us all.



Big Donors Warn Candidates On Eve Of Debate: “Take Trump Out”

Rift Forms Between Donald Trump & Koch Brothers Political Machine

Donald Trump Fighting Against DNC/RNC/Mainstream Media Coalition – Including Fox News


Big Donors Warn Candidates On Eve Of Debate: “Take Trump Out”

Though the Fox News promos state it is a debate of Republican candidates, most of the network’s on-air personalities have admitted publicly it has turned into the Donald Trump show as the top GOP contender has become the single most referenced topic on the minds of everyone following the 2016 Race for the White House.

That reality is not sitting well with GOP power brokers who are said to have made it clear to operatives linked to a variety of candidate camps that Donald Trump cannot be allowed to appear to win tomorrow night’s debate. Some are said to have taken an even more aggressive stance by indicating Trump’s Republican rivals are to “take him out” tomorrow night.

Trump has shocked the GOP establishment with his currently growing base of support based largely on his straight talk and a repeated promise to “Make America Great Again.”

That dominance is said to be facing its most focused challenge tomorrow night as Mr. Trump will be target #1 for a number of GOP hopefuls who have been told their own presidential hopes will be finished if they do not help in breaking the Trump momentum once and for all. This threat is said to come from an assortment of Wall Street and business interests concerned over the potential volatility of a Trump political machine – volatility that might make him “unmanageable” should he actually go on to become the Republican nominee.

It should also be noted some of these high-powered donors are helping to finance the campaigns of BOTH Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Presently, Donald Trump represents the single greatest threat to their intention of controlling the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Of the candidates who are said to have been given their anti-Trump marching orders last night, one was apparently told with the greatest sense of urgency – Senator Marco Rubio.

Senator Rubio is currently sitting near the bottom of the top-tier candidate rankings with just 5% support among Republican voters. He was not so long ago viewed by some to be a legitimate contender for the GOP nomination. If he is to regain that former momentum (and the all-important campaign dollars that come to a real contender) he must prove himself to the political donor class tomorrow night by coming out aggressively against Mr. Trump.

It was reportedly the Rubio campaign that was specifically given the directive to, “take Trump out” during this week’s debate.