Mainstream Media Picks Up Hillary Email Deletion Order Story

As stated here yesterday on this very subject:

“This is an initial tremor that might very well result in an all out quake.”

The tremors are growing larger at this very moment thanks to Fox News coverage:

Read more HERE on this developing story that has a potential “smoking gun” that leads to Hillary Clinton’s involvement in obstruction of justice regarding the illegal deletion of evidence.


Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails To Remain Secret Until AFTER The Election

The audacity of the Obama administration’s ongoing manipulation of the upcoming presidential election knows no bounds. The FBI has admitted it uncovered “several thousand” of Hillary Clinton’s work-related deleted emails from her hard-drive. The law enforcement agency is not the one to release those emails though as they are the property of the Obama State Department – the very State Department that is now indicating it will not release those emails for review until some time AFTER the November election.

And check out THIS line from a release by THE HILL just out today:

“…the department claimed that it would need 75 years to process emails for top aides to Clinton.”

The Obama White House is playing slowball, delaying release until after a late-August hearing on the matter, indicating it won’t even begin to address the issue until some time after that, making the chances any of those emails, and certainly those of possible political significance, won’t see the light of day until after the election.

Now here is where the Republican-controlled Congress is once again abdicating its duty. It has the power to at the very least, make this a much more public issue and exert considerable pressure upon the Obama White House to release those emails in a matter of weeks, not months.

The Republican leadership has said almost nothing on the matter, seemingly working in conjunction with the Obama administration to shield Hillary Clinton from what might prove yet another scandal.

Democrat. Republican. Two sides of the very same coin.