REPORT: Democrats Are Now The Party Of Death…

Many lifelong Democrats, upon hearing the accounts coming out of both New York and Virginia, thought it impossible. Surely the story was wrong. Surely it was some terrible version of fake news. Democrat officials aren’t actually advocating for terminating the life of a 9-month old child under the guise of protecting a “woman’s right to choose” are they?

Then they learn that is EXACTLY what is going on right now in America. The once-great Democrat Party has veered off into the dark and dangerous wilderness of total radicalization where human life means little and common sense even less.

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Via Real Clear Politics:

…Last week New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, himself a Catholic, ordered the spire above the One World Trade Center illuminated in pink to commemorate passage of the most permissive abortion law in America, which allows the procedure to be performed all the way up to birth. In response, Albany Bishop Edward Scharfenberger wrote to Cuomo that “your advocacy of extreme abortion legislation is completely contrary to the teachings of our pope and our Church.” Politically speaking, Cuomo’s position is also contrary to overwhelming public opinion, as only 13 percent of Americans, per Gallup, support legal third-trimester abortion, including only 18 percent of Democratic voters.

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But compared to the Democrats in Virginia, Cuomo actually seemed restrained. House Democrats there submitted an abortion bill that sponsor Kathy Tran admitted would permit pregnancy termination even once delivery of the baby begins. Gov. Ralph Northam — who is a physician — responded to the uproar by going even further, stating that “if a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and family desired.” Apparently, the extremist governor of Virginia thinks that making a fully delivered newborn baby “comfortable” while his or her right to live is determined represents … compassion?

The Democratic Party has traversed from acceptance of early-stage abortion as something that is “safe, legal, and rare” to a wholesale celebration of abortion throughout pregnancy, and even beyond. In addition, Democratic protestations about protecting the health of mothers fall flat because their inclusion of a mother’s mental and emotional well-being allows for nearly anyone to abort at any point during pregnancy. This absolutist position amounts to an infanticide stance that makes even Roe v Wade supporters understandably queasy.

…President Trump, at last invited to deliver the State of the Union by Catholic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, should use that august occasion to encourage adoption in the case of unwanted pregnancy and assail the anti-life and anti-Catholic extremism of the new Democratic Party. Most pro-choice voters recoil at the idea of full-term babies dying by lethal injection in the womb. In calling out Democrats, Trump can promote a culture of life and reap the electoral benefits of opposing the growing radicalism of the Party of Death.


Democrat politicians are cheering laws which allow for the ending of a newly born human life even as millions of Democrat voters are first confused that such a thing could really be happening and then understandably outraged that it in fact is happening. What is next? A mass euthanization program for the elderly, the infirm, and all those deemed “unacceptable” to society?

Something has gone horribly wrong with the Democrat Party. Something beyond mere politics.

Call it out of touch, misguided, or even evil, it no longer represents working Americans, mothers, fathers, grandparents. What it does represent is something dark, something wicked, something far beyond any reasonable status quo.

If you are currently a Democrat but also love life, family, children, it is now time to leave the party because in case you haven’t noticed the Democrat Party has, without a doubt, already left you.


This Just In: Americans Sick Of Being Fed Same Sh*t Sandwich From Media & Politicians

LOL. Good old ABC News was visibly confused by a recent poll that indicates Americans feel the Democrat Party doesn’t stand for anything beyond standing against POTUS Trump. It’s a poll that is yet another reflection of the very environment that had Trump winning the 2016 Election.

We the People are sick and tired of the same crap being fed to us time and time again. Both political parties are spineless rats that only appear interested in maintaining a status-quo that has decimated the American Middle Class and pushed the nation dangerously toward a fiscal precipice from which it will never return.

We don’t care if the current president tweets. Or if he sometimes says things that have not been sanitized by an army of political consultants prior to saying them. Or if his eldest son held a brief meeting at the request of a few Russian citizens during the campaign on the promise they would deliver damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

What we DO care about are jobs, security, and a better future for our kids – period.

Donald Trump deserves a chance to try and make those things happen for us. If he fails, voters will go with someone else. That’s how the system is supposed to work. We don’t need the manipulations of the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, or the political establishment to convince us otherwise.