Democrat Congressman Openly Advocates Abolishing The United States of America (VIDEO)

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison wants the United States eliminated. At least that’s what the t-shirt (written in Spanish) stated that he wore during a parade in his Congressional district.

A U.S. Congressman who doesn’t believe in the very borders that create a United States? Yes, that’s where the Democrat Party stands these days. A nation without borders isn’t a nation – it is merely part of a collective. That would be quite a 2018 Midterm Election platform – “Abolish America Now – vote Democrat”


Congressman Joe Kennedy + Baby Carriage + Pro-Abortion Rally = One Really Weird Photo Op

These Kennedys are an odd bunch. Congressman Joe Kennedy III (a devout Catholic?) is seen here with his wife and their baby attending a pro-abortion rally.

Wife: “Hey, want to go to the abortion rally?”

Kennedy: “Yeah! Grab the baby and let’s go!”

Weird. Sad. And definitely conflicted. 

Par for the course inside today’s Democrat Party though. Scroll down for creepy pic.