There Is No Independent Media. There Is Only The Democrat Party. See Why (PIC)

Look how linked those running the largest news media outlets are linked to the Obama and Clinton Machines. So many have wondered why some stories are ignored, and others exaggerated. The reason is simply. Check out this list of those who decide what is “news” and what is not.

There’s already a word for that kind of incestuous relationship. It’s called propaganda.


Trump-Inspired Republican Registration Surging Across America

In 2012, Democrats enjoyed a significant voter registration margins over somewhat apathetic Republicans uninspired by GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, which in turn helped to ensure Barack Obama was given a second term as President. 

Not so with Donald Trump, who has Republican registration numbers skyrocketing, particularly in key battleground states.

And unlike the Democrats, much of the surge in Republican registration appears to be truly grass-roots, not requiring a political party machine and millions of dollars to make it happen.

People are simply choosing to register Republican all on their own – something which has Team Clinton increasingly concerned as it points to a level of voter-loyalty toward Mr. Trump that Mrs. Clinton simply does not have among her own supporters.

Check out this quote from the the Associated Press:

“Republicans added hundreds of thousands of voters to the rolls since 2012 in states including Florida and Arizona, and narrowed the gap in North Carolina, according to data compiled by The Associated Press. In Iowa, Republicans prevented Democrats from surpassing them, aided by a court ruling upholding a ban on voting by ex-felons, who often register as Democrats.”

The Trump campaign continues to warn its supporters to be on the lookout for Election Day fraud. In 2012, Barack Obama won some districts with 100% of the vote, and even more troubling, were examples of more votes being cast than there were actual registered voters.