Congressman Joe Kennedy + Baby Carriage + Pro-Abortion Rally = One Really Weird Photo Op

These Kennedys are an odd bunch. Congressman Joe Kennedy III (a devout Catholic?) is seen here with his wife and their baby attending a pro-abortion rally.

Wife: “Hey, want to go to the abortion rally?”

Kennedy: “Yeah! Grab the baby and let’s go!”

Weird. Sad. And definitely conflicted. 

Par for the course inside today’s Democrat Party though. Scroll down for creepy pic.


There Is No Independent Media. There Is Only The Democrat Party. See Why (PIC)

Look how linked those running the largest news media outlets are linked to the Obama and Clinton Machines. So many have wondered why some stories are ignored, and others exaggerated. The reason is simply. Check out this list of those who decide what is “news” and what is not.

There’s already a word for that kind of incestuous relationship. It’s called propaganda.