Democrat Senator Says Democrats Are Too Smart For The Average American

Ah, and there you have it. All the failures of the Democrat Party are the result of voters being too stupid to grasp the brilliance of leftist politicians.

So says Hawaii Senator, Mazie Hirono, a politician few would mistake for being a brilliant mind. One has to wonder if Democrats might lack the self-awareness to realize it’s this very elitist attitude that turns tens of millions of voters against them. Don’t forget it was Barack Obama who declared that all voters didn’t like him because they were, “…clinging to their guns and religion.” Yes, the arrogance is strong withing the Democrat Party.

Via RT:

‘This is why Trump got elected’: Dems ‘too smart’ for average voters, says Hawaiian senator

The Democrats managed to retake the House in November’s midterm elections but it didn’t quite amount to the impending ‘blue wave’ that was prophesied. One Democrat senator believes she knows the reason why.

Speaking to Canadian-American writer and journalist Dahlia Lithwick at a conference in Washington DC Tuesday, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) argued that Democrats were more adept at appealing to voters’ minds than their hearts when asked how Democrats could improve voter turnout.

“We’re really good at shoving out all the information that touch people here [pointing to her head] but not here [pointing to her heart],” Hirono said.

Hirono advocated for less manipulative language that stokes “fear and resentment” among disparate voters on both sides of the aisle.

“But we have a really hard time doing that and one of the reasons – it was told to me at one of our retreats – was that we Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have kind of have to tell everyone how smart we are and so we have a tendency to be very left brain,” she continued, in reference to the popular theory that left brain thinking is typically associated with linear, analytical thought.

It didn’t take long before the online outrage machine kicked into gear at the apparent lack of self-awareness displayed by the senator.


The Democrat Party is not based on linear, analytical though. Just the opposite. It is a party that appeals to unthinking emotion. “Vote for us because we care” has been the message of the party for some time now. They have no grasp on budgetary constraints, no love for the Constitution and its emphasis on limited government or pride in American history. Instead, they utilize a divide-and-conqueor strategy that pits segments of the country against the other while attempting to convince them all that the Democrats are the ones looking out for their interests.

Oh, and by the way, Senator Hirono is an idiot. She is confusing “information” with propoganda. Democrats know little about the former but plenty about the latter. Hirono is part of a political party that attacks law enforcement, calling them Nazis, claims Black Americans are incapable of self-determination, that they are both pro-Muslim and pro-homosexual/transgender (even as Muslims around the world are persecuting homosexuals/transgender) that less government is dangerous but more government is good, that military personnel returning home are potentially dangerous, that gun control on citizens must be enacted now even as they surround themselves with armed security, that giving more money to families is wrong but giving more money to government is always right, speaks out against Wall Street with a nod and a wink while simulteanously taking millions from Wall Street via political donations and speaking fees, who state Americans must unite but then attacks those Americans who think differently than they do.

The Democrat Party is a sham, a con, a hoax, that would destroy every unifying facet of the nation as a whole.


REPORT: The Far Left Shames White Women To Shut Up And Do As They’re Told

“White Shaming” is real, it is pervasive, and it is particularly aggressive at targeting white women into voting for candidates and policies the far left demands be forced upon everyone. It is a sad state of affairs when women are no longer being told they can be anything but that they must only be exactly what the far left tells them to be. It’s the 21st Century version of “SHUT UP AND GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN.”

Vote-Shaming is the New 'Get Back in the Kitchen'

Via Townhall:

We’ve seen it play out over every social media platform, with countless vitriolic comment threads of and bitter tweets insulting, accusing and shaming women who voted for Republican candidates:

“White women: footsoldiers of the patriarchy”
“…white women are brainwashed and willing participants in their own captivity”
“…educated white women are strong Dems… racism is a helluva drug”
“White women gonna white”

As the demographic numbers rolled in for various races across the country, liberal media pundits, celebrities, and many in the feminist movement took to social media to lambast women who didn’t choose to vote for Democrat candidates. Feigning moral superiority while stereotyping conservative women as racist and uneducated, controlled by their husbands and GOP men, they unleashed their hateful commentary to explain why their candidate failed to win the support of these voters.

Most of the vote-shamers cited only a few races of the thousands on which were voted last Tuesday–namely that of Stacey Abrams versus Brian Kemp in Georgia and Andrew Gillum versus Ron DeSantis in Florida.

Since exit polls in these two contests demonstrated that a higher percentage of white women voted for the Republican (who in these two particular races happened to be white) than the Democrat (who happened to be black), they reasoned that these white women were obviously racist and “unsisterly”.

…The vote-shaming phenomenon perhaps is best summed up by a headline that Vogue magazine posted on their Twitter account last week. Nestled between makeup tips and highlights of a recent underwear fashion show was an article titled:

“Will White Women Voters Ever Be Who We Want Them to Be?”

Welcome to 2018…where women are only equal as long as we are who “they” want us to be.

In other words, shut up and do what you are told.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Publications like Vogue were never intended to empower women to make choices of her own. Their very existence revolves around telling a woman how she should be: what to wear, how to look, where to shop, who to emulate, and now… how to vote.

Full article HERE


It is the dirty little (not so secret) secret of the liberal machine. One that declares any woman who doesn’t quickly and completely conform to liberal ideology to be a woman unworthy to try and think for herself. (Quite the contradiction, yes?) Hillary Clinton attacked white female voters after 2016, saying those who didn’t vote for her were weak and just doing what the men in their families told them to do.

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The arrogance of such a comment is astonishing but also reveals why Mrs. Clinton remains so unpopular with so many. The (not so progressive) progressive line of thought is that most people really can’t think for themselves. They must be told what to do and what to think. It is the very same kind of thinking that supporters of slavery used during the 18th Century. It’s also the same type of viewpoint shared by Barack Obama in 2007 when he described millions of people who didn’t happen to agree with his politics as uneducated incompetents merely “clinging to their guns and religion.”

Image result for arrogant Obama

Then again, there’s not much difference between the slave owner mentality of the 1800’s and the Democrat Party mentality of 2018. Both demand masses of people to stay on the plantation, shut up, and to do what their masters tell them. The only question is if you’ll be among those who capitulate or those who continue to think for themselves.

The choice, for now, is yours.


ALERT: Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats

And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in what was and is the most blatant attempt to steal an election yet and most likely a practice run for what Democrats have planned in 2020…


Via Politico:

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of State last week asked federal prosecutors to investigate dates that were changed on official state election documents, the first voting “irregularities” it has flagged in the wake of the 2018 elections.

The concerns, which the department says can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party, center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information. Known as “cure affidavits,” those documents used to fix mail ballots were due no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 5 — the day before the election. But affidavits released on Tuesday by the DOS show that documents from four different counties said the ballots could be returned by 5 p.m. on Thursday, which is not accurate.

Audio of a Florida Democratic Party caller leaving a voicemail message asking a Palm Beach County voter to fix their vote by mail ballot after Election Day, which is not allowed, was also sent to POLITICO separately. It was not part of the information turned over to federal prosecutors.

Among the counties in question is Broward, which emerged as the epicenter of controversy as three statewide races and three local legislative races went into recounts following the Nov. 6 elections. Republicans have pointed to embattled Broward Elections chief Brenda Snipes’ record of past election gaffes in arguing that the largely Democratic country is tilted against them — perhaps fraudulently so.


Congressman Matt Gaetz: Dems Using Florida Recounts as Test to See How They Can ‘Steal’ 2020 From Trump

Congressman Gaetz knows well the typical Florida election shenanigans that so often come out of Broward county. What was and is taking place before, during, and after, the 2018 Midterms is beyond anything he has witnessed before and he’s doing his best to warn Americans what that really means for 2020 and beyond.

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Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is alleging that Democrats in Florida are “stress testing the integrity” of the election system in an effort to build “a roadmap on how to steal” the 2020 race from President Donald Trump.

In a SiriusXM interview on Breitbart News Daily, Gaetz told Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, “If the Democrats are able to learn now what techniques work and don’t work, [which] transparency laws are going to be followed and which ones aren’t, then it gives them a roadmap on how to steal the election from Donald Trump in 2020.”

Gaetz added: “The resistance movement has changed from yelling at town halls and yelling in restaurants to now, potentially, trying to steal elections that they can’t win at the ballot box.”

The Florida congressman, who won reelection in his district earlier this month by more than 30 percent, said that the most concerning element in all of this has been that since election day, more than 80,000 ballots “have just been like spoken into existence.”

“They weren’t acknowledged to even exist on election night, and then lo and behold, the Democrats needed more votes to close the gaps,” he said, “and more ballots continued to be found.”

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Why Democrats Hate America – And You

Democrats and their Establishment Media cohorts have been unhinged since losing the 2016 Election and continue to push the country down a path of highly divisive self-destruction that will most likely not end well.

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Via The Spectator:

They couldn’t care less that they’re now officially what they’ve claimed to see in Donald Trump.

For two years, the Democratic Party has insisted that the American people must follow their lead and #Resist President Donald J. Trump at all costs. The Left has argued that Trump is unlike any leader that we’ve had in American history. According to the DNC, Trump’s presidency is more than just an inconvenience to their partisan agenda. Instead, it is a threat to America’s sacred democratic institutions.

You see, Trump is Hitler in their eyes (never mind that the Left has insinuated every Republican president was Hitler going back to at least Richard M. Nixon). According to the Left, Trump is the embodiment of neo-fascism who seeks to tear down our grand, egalitarian society and replace it with a stilted cult of personality.

What evidence does the Left proffer in defense of these outlandish claims?

They say that Trump loves autocrats, like Russia’s Vladimir Putin or North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Of course, the evidence proves the contrary: Trump has been tougher on Russia than his predecessor and Trump threatened nuclear war against Kim Jong-un, which prompted the young North Korean dictator to — however briefly — come to his senses and seek a peaceful accommodation with the West.

The Left argues that Trump is out to kill NATO. In actuality, though, Trump’s tough love toward NATO has been exactly that: his actions have sent a much-needed jolt to the otherwise fraying alliance. Because of him, NATO members are starting to fully pitch in ways they’ve not done since the heady days of the Cold War.

Back in the United States, the Left decries the hated Orange Man in the White House as an autocrat-in-waiting by using his firing of a cadre of senior FBI and DOJ officials as proof-positive that Trump is both a Russian agent of influence, as well as a usurper to America’s democratic heritage. They believe that Trump is eviscerating the hallowed independence of the Department of Justice because he is seeking to prevent “the truth” of his duplicity in the 2016 election from getting out. All of this, of course, is easily proven to be false (never mind that the DOJ is not an independent branch of the government; it’s part of the Executive Branch which the president leads!).

In fact, Trump has spent the last two years having the legitimacy of his unprecedented election to the presidency challenged by unelected and unaccountable members of the U.S. intelligence community — all of whom have partisan axes to grind against Trump. The president fired FBI Director James Comey; he helped to remove senior FBI officials, like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page; Trump revoked the security clearances of former officials, like John Brennan, not because he was hiding something from the world. Rather, Trump took these actions as a means of self-defense against former Obama officials masquerading as unbiased intelligence officers.

Fact is, the intelligence community — like the rest of the federal government — was weaponized by former President Barack Obama and used to punish political enemies of the Democratic Party.

From there, the Left whines about the eradication of the First Amendment in the form of President Trump’s attacks on the press. Yet, this is hardly unprecedented in the history of presidential relations with the press (the election of 1800 is a great example). Further, the major news networks are employing a disproportionate number of former senior Democratic Party operatives and policy wonks as “objective” news reporters and analysts.

Lastly, we have been told since 2016 that Trump disrespected America’s tradition of free-and-fair elections. Although, it has been the Left that has so categorically rejected the results of a free-and-fair election — 2016 — that they are now desperately struggling to steal critical elections in Florida and Arizona. The most hallowed institution in the country — its electoral system — is flagrantly being violated by leftist partisans who simply fail to accept that they have lost the 2018 midterms in both Florida and Arizona.

So, which is the party that fundamentally hates the United States again? Because it sounds like it’s the Democrats who really hate America (and you).


How John McCain’s No Vote To Repeal & Replace Obamacare Helped Dems Win House In 2018

For years Republicans (including John McCain) raised a lot of cash on their promise to get rid of Obamacare. Then, when Donald Trump shocked the political world and won the White House, they were in a position to actually keep that promise to voters. Instead, then-Senator McCain (along with Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski) voted no on repeal and yes on keeping Obamacare fully intact. One outgoing member of Congress now thinks that is when Republicans’ hopes for keeping the House in 2018 were doomed to fail and that McCain’s no vote had nothing to do with doing what was right for Arizona voters but rather was meant to feed McCain’s desire to rebuke President Trump.

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Via Politico:

An outgoing Republican lawmaker on Sunday blamed former Sen. John McCain for the GOP’s loss of the House majority in last week’s elections, writing in The Wall Street Journal that it was McCain’s decisive vote against legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare that led to a wave of Democratic midterm victories.

Jason Lewis, a Minnesota congressman who was unseated last Tuesday by Democrat Angie Craig, claimed in his op-ed that McCain’s thumbs-down vote against a so-called skinny repeal of the Affordable Care Act “prompted a ‘green wave’ of liberal special-interest money” that he said allowed Democrats to hammer Republicans on the issue of pre-existing conditions.

Lewis wrote in his op-ed that the failed Senate vote allowed Democrats to campaign against Republicans with the claim that the GOP wanted to remove protections for those with pre-existing conditions, a keystone of many Democratic campaigns leading up to the midterms.

The freshman congressman argued that the House bill would have “[alleviated] the pre-existing condition problem,” rather than getting rid of the protections altogether as he accused Democrats of falsely claiming. PolitFact has rated claims that the House bill wouldn’t eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions as “mostly false.”

Although McCain was one of three GOP lawmakers to vote against the “skinny” repeal, Lewis singled out McCain for his “no” vote — which came after he criticized Republicans for trying to push a repeal bill through and called for the return of regular order — as an unnecessary attempt to slight President Donald Trump.

“The late Arizona senator’s grievance with all things Trump was well known, but this obsession on the part of ‘Never Trump’ Republicans has to end,” Lewis wrote. “Disapprove of the president’s style if you like, but don’t sacrifice sound policy to pettiness.”


The above sentiment by Congressman Jason Lewis is true. John McCain was very much a willing part of the “we (Republicans) are willing to lose 2018 if it means hurting Trump” sentiment. Well, they got what they wanted. Democrats took the House, (while still attempting to steal the Senate) and President Trump’s America First agenda is now facing even greater political opposition from the globalist, America Last, D.C. Swamp. John McCain is gone but the political corruption he helped expand from one coast of America to the other, very much remains.


Same Media That Pushed “Russia Hacked 2016 Election” Hoax Now Claims “No Evidence” Of Possible 2018 Election Fraud

America’s Establishment Media is shameless to the point of outright stupidity. (And then, of course, becomes uber-defensive when figures like President Trump rightfully call them out) Election shenanigans in Florida, led by a Broward County Elections official who has a long history of abuses, where ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW VOTES were suddenly just discovered and counted today, to the very odd vote counting taking place in and around what is historically right-leaning Arizona (but now in 2018 is somehow poised to elect a radical anti-war/pro-Taliban activist to the Senate) there is multiple points of proof that something may be amiss. And yet, here comes the Establishment Media, which pushed a false “Russia hacked our elections” narrative for more than a year after the 2016  Election, saying there is nothing to see regarding Democrat-led Election Day shenanigans in 2018 even after a judge smacked the hands of Broward County Election officials for failing to follow state election laws. 

All of which makes it now undeniably clear that there is no difference between the Establishment Media and the Democrat Party – they are one and the same and working together to push a false version of America until it becomes reality regardless of the law or the sanctity of our elections.


Congratulations To Republican Young Kim – The First Korean-American Woman To Win A Seat In Congress

Congresswoman-Elect Young Kim’s story is a remarkable one of self-made perseverance that exemplifies the truly diverse, big-tent reality that is the national Republican party. It is for that reason the national media all but ignored her entirely during the Midterm Election cycle.

Via The Washington Examiner:

The lack of national coverage received by Kim is certainly demonstrative of a quiet, presumably unintentional media bias that is disconcerting nonetheless. There’s nothing offensive or unremarkable about Kim that would disqualify her from the same glowing coverage granted to fellow first-timers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ayanna Pressley. Except for the fact that she’s a self-made woman of color with the wrong letter next to her name.


And there’s the rub as far as the national media is concerned. Kim represents someone outside the media-crafted narrative that Trump-era Republicans are white and male even as the evidence points to something far different. President Trump enjoys historically high support among African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and various other minority groups even as the Establishment Media persists in falsely painting a very different picture.

Congresswoman-Elect Kim is herself someone who supports Trump’s fiscal policies while distancing herself from his immigration policies. And you know what? That’s fine with the Republican Party because, unlike the Democrat Party, it allows a diversity of opinion—as does President Trump.

Republicans are the ones who truly welcome diversity while it’s the Democrats who attack and attempt to destroy anyone who strays from their increasingly radical agenda.


Will America Vote Red Today? Let’s All Hope So…

The stakes have never been higher as the entirety of the Trump economic miracle for America is what is truly on the ballot today. Democrats, the Media, and globalist powers funded largely by Chinese interests have spent hundreds of millions of dollars hoping to convince voters to vote against their own better futures. Millions of jobs created, historic low unemployment, historically depressed communities now seeing billions of dollars pouring into reinvestment ventures, The Trump Miracle is real and it is working for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. Will you vote to keep that miracle safe or see it torn apart by Democrat-led partisan politics of the worst kind?

It’s now up to you, America.


WTH??? Now Liberals Are Attacking Breastfeeding!

Will the madness ever end? Now the far left is pushing back against the concept of ‘natural’ breastfeeding, saying the term ‘reinforces’ gender roles and as such is unethical. This is quite a political platform Democrats have formed. It seems the only breast they feel people should be sucking from is the government’s. 

Apparently, basic science has no place in the minds of the American liberal these days and these are the same people who think they should have more power in Congress, not less. 

If you haven’t voted in the Midterms yet please do so. Every vote counts because every vote can be a chance to see a return to sanity in this country. 


BREAKING: Kavanaugh Rape Accusor Now Admits She Made It All Up

This is what happens when politicians and the media create a feeding frenzy of baseless allegations intended to destroy the life of someone who dares to side with the rule of law and traditional American values. One of the women who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of raping her (in very graphic detail no less) now admits she made it all up. Every single word of what she said was an outright lie. Midterm Election voters would do well to remember it was Democrats who advocated for such lies, promoted these lies, and then attempted to use these lies to end a man’s career, shred his reputation, and do great harm to his family.  SHAMEFUL. 

Woman who claimed Brett Kavanaugh raped her now says she made the whole thing up

…Committee investigators began investigating Ms. Munro-Leighton’s allegations. Given her relatively unique name, Committee investigators were able to use open-source research to locate Ms. Munro-Leighton and determine that she: (1) is a left-wing activist; (2) is decades older than Judge Kavanaugh; and (3) lives in neither the Washington DC area nor California, but in Kentucky.

…She further confessed to Committee investigators that (1) she “just wanted to get attention”; (2) “it was a tactic”; and (3) “that was just a ploy.” She told Committee investigators that she had
called Congress multiple times during the Kavanaugh hearing process – including prior to the time Dr. Ford’s allegations surfaced – to oppose his nomination. Regarding the false sexual-assault allegation she made via her email to the Committee, she said: “I was angry, and I sent it out.” When asked by Committee investigators whether she had ever met Judge Kavanaugh, she said: “Oh Lord, no.”

Via Twitchy

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REPORT: Dems Push Panic Button As Republican Midterm Election Enthusiasm Surges

Republicans dominated early voting. Then, Democrats saw their side mobilizing for a final days push they were confident would give them the House. Now, Democrats are panicking as the mobilization on their side is being countered by suddenly resurgent and enthusiastic Republican voters determined to protect and promote President Donald Trump.

Image result for trump rally

It was never supposed to be this close. Historically the party that controls the White House loses and often loses big during the Midterm cycle.

Not this time. The Senate looks increasingly secure for Republicans while the House, which was leaning heavily toward a Democrat takeover just a few weeks earlier, is now a dead heat between the two political parties and that has the Democrat leadership increasingly concerned as outlined in this Townhall report:

Whoa: GOP Actually Leads in National Early Voting — Plus, Dems Suddenly Worried About Joe Manchin?

More than 24 million early votes had been cast across the country as of yesterday, nearly doubling the total tally at this point in the 2014 cycle.


If Democrats are having to pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns like Joe Manchin at the 11th hour that is a clear sign their internal polling data is picking up on a shift in the electorate that is favoring Republicans. Internal polls have always been the true gauge of a campaign’s success. As for the media-driven polls, they are inaccurate at best and too often outright fabrications intended to shape, not gauge actual public opinion. (See Hillary Clinton: 2016)

President Trump continues to barnstorm the country at a pace that would exhaust most politicians half his age and the message he keeps repeating to the tens of thousands turning out to see him is GET OUT AND VOTE.

It seems those crowds are listening to their president and doing just that. The question now is if it will be enough to defeat the Democrat/Media machine that is as determined as ever to halt President Trump’s incredibly successful America First agenda.


Republican Voters Are Fighting Back HARD Against The So-Called ‘Blue Wave”

After all the talk by the Establishment Media about a ‘Blue Wave’ that would crash across the country come Election Day and bring back Democrat control of Congress it seems millions of Republican voters are rallying behind the get out and vote call from President Donald Trump. The early voting numbers are coming in and they appear to be favoring Republican candidates big time even in the Democrat-heavy voting bloc that is California.

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Via The San Francisco Chronicle:

…Republicans are turning out early and big

With the midterm elections just days away, there’s little indication that California is seeing a “blue wave” of Democratic votes, at least in the early returns of vote-by-mail ballots — and in some key races that will help determine control of the House, Republican voter response has been strong.

Interest is definitely high in the Republican-held congressional districts that Democrats are looking to flip in their quest to gain the 23 seats they need to take back control of the House.


It’s interesting to note how much closer these Midterm election races are in 2018 than they were during the Obama years. It seems Trump supporters are far more loyal to their president than Barack Obama voters were. It’s also equally clear that President Trump works much harder on behalf of his political party than Barack Obama ever did for his. Such a reality has to be driving the Establishment Media talking heads nuts as they nervously await next week’s election results. Historically, it isn’t supposed to be this close. Presidents tend to see their party lose power in Congress during off-year elections by wide margins. That doesn’t appear to be happening this year which in turn runs counter to the media’s narrative that Trump is an unpopular president which of course is very similar to what happened during the 2016 Election when the same media mouths were crowing about a certain Hillary Clinton victory. Trump ended up winning that election in an electoral landslide.

As of now, Republicans appear almost certain to retain the Senate while the House remains far more uncertain.

Don’t forget to vote.


Memo To Voters: It’s Democrats, Not Republicans, Who Are The Extremists Today

Excellent reminder of political reality from Investor’s Business Daily out today that is well worth reading and sharing with others…


Every day in the run-up to the midterm elections, the mainstream news peddles the same message: Republicans are extremists. But look at the data, and you see that it’s Democrats who are increasingly well outside the mainstream.

…Trump’s agenda so far has been mainstream conservative — tax cuts, deregulation, strong defense, secure national borders. (President Clinton said similar things about illegal immigrants and border security when he was president.)

Where Trump has strayed from conservative orthodoxy, it’s tended to be toward the left — witness his efforts to force down drug prices and his rhetoric on trade.

But survey data show fairly conclusively that when it comes the ideology of each party, it’s Democrats who have been moving to the fringe.

…Prominent liberals routinely say the most incredibly extremist things, without anyone batting an eye.

Case in point is actor James Cromwell, who recently promised violence if Republicans retained control of Congress.

“If we don’t stop (President Trump) now, then we will have a revolution for real,” he said at an awards ceremony this week. “Then there will be blood in the streets.”

You’ll try in vain to find any Democrat who — after lecturing the public on the dangers of Trump’s word choices — has denounced Cromwell’s rhetoric.

Despite journalists’ endless efforts to portray Democrats as reasonable, mainstream moderates, the public is getting wise to their increasingly extremist views.

This summer, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that just 33% think Democrats are mainstream today, while 56% say they’re out of step. Just two years before, 48% said Dems were mainstream, and only 42% said they were out of step.

So please, enough about how extremism can only be found among Republicans.

Related image


Watch Democrat Leader Call To Ban Birthright Citizenship (VIDEO)

There was a time when Democrat leaders were firmly opposed to illegal immigration. Union members were sick and tired of illegals taking their jobs. Below is a video of Harry Reid giving a full-throated rebuke of the country’s too passive immigration laws. He even goes so far as to suggest birthright citizenship is not a right but rather a privilege that is being abused and costing taxpayers dearly – the very same thing President Trump is saying today.

Image result for illegals voting

So, what changed from then to now? The answer is simple. The Democrat Party aligned itself with globalist interests when they discovered illegal immigrants could be used to vote in elections across the country. In 2017 a True The Vote study suggested up to THREE MILLION illegals cast votes in the presidential election and now Democrats want MORE of those illegal votes, not less. It’s sad to see a once-proud Democrat Party has fallen so far from America’s core values and is now so willing to use illegals to further an anti-American globalist agenda. President Trump wants to protect American jobs, American values, and America’s border. Democrats are clearly intent on destroying all of those things.


The Democrat Party’s Dangerous Legacy Of Anti-Semitism Brought To Light Following Pittsburg Synagogue Tragedy

The shooting at a Pittsburg synagogue this past week was a horrific act that rightfully requires America to pause, reflect, and take stock of where we are as a nation and where we hope to be. Racism of any kind should not be accepted, tolerated, or promoted. Sadly, the Democrat Party has done that very thing far too often in recent years, and more and more Americans are finally becoming aware of it. Self-reflection can be an uncomfortable thing, but self-reflection is exactly what Democrats in 2018 need to be doing if they hope to remain a viable political party in this country. 

Image result for Obama Sharpton


Exhibit One: Al Sharpton – Mr. Sharpton has enjoyed decades of lucrative media earnings and even a presidential campaign for President of the United States in 2003. His anti-Semitism is well known despite his more recent attempts to minimize that part of his highly divisive past. Just take a moment to look up the deadly Crown Heights riots of the early 1990’s:

“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” – Reverend Al Sharpton

Here is a brief excerpt about the riots from The Jewish Press:

On the third day of the pogrom, Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson led a march of protesters chanting, “No Justice, No Peace!,” “Death to the Jews!” and “Whose streets? Our streets!” The mob displayed anti-Semitic signs and burned an Israeli flag.

A Jewish man was stabbed to death by the Sharpton-inspired mob.

Seventeen years later, President Barack Obama counted Sharpton as one of his closest advisers on the subject of race in America and Sharpton was an all too frequent guest at the Obama White House.

Image result for Barack Obama Al Sharpton

A truly free and responsible media would have condemned the relationship. Instead, the media applauded as Mr. Sharpton’s long (and deadly) anti-Semitic history was ignored in favor of protecting the Obama presidency.

Mr. Obama himself is no stranger to shocking anti-Semitism. He spent twenty years in a Black Nationalist church that was loudly and repeatedly anti-Semitic. The pastor of that church then, the now infamous Jeremiah Wright, was described by Obama as a longtime mentor. (Wright officiated the Obama wedding.)

Israel National News had this to say about Reverent Wright and Mr. Obama’s odd relationship:

There is much more to be said about Wright’s anti-Semitism, but the above quotes already qualify him as a major anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate monger

Wright’s anti-Semitic incitement has a second relevant aspect: Obama’s looking away from it while he was a congregant of Wright’s. Obama justified this by saying that Wright had changed over the years[16] and that he had never heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms.[17] In this remark he avoided the core of the issue.

In retrospect, we know that Obama, if it suits him, has a remarkable capability for looking away from crimes committed by specific groups or individuals. While President, he whitewashed Islam of many of the huge crimes coming out of parts of it. So, for instance, he said that “ISIS and Al-Qaeda were distortions of Islam.”[1] It was absurd for a Christian President to speak as if he were a Muslim theologian. An analysis of his rhetoric, regarding Islam, shows in detail his intentional blindness and deafness.

Mr. Obama’s close ties to Sharpton and Wright would indicate a pattern of anti-Semitism—one the media should have been far more willing to investigate. But again, the issue was ignored and Obama was protected. Interestingly, Wright would come to claim Obama was being ‘controlled by the Jews’, the very same claim this week’s Pittsburg synagogue shooter made in relation to his deep hatred of President Donald Trump. The difference, and it’s incredibly significant, is that Barack Obama excused that kind of racist hatred while President Trump condemned it.

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Then there is Keith Ellison, currently the second highest ranking official at the DNC. Check out this excerpt via The Hill from just two years ago:

Ellison has a long history of sordid association with anti-Semitism. He worked with and repeatedly defended one of a handful of the most notorious and public anti-Semites in our country: The Reverend Louis Farrakhan. And worked with Farrakhan at the very time this anti-Semite was publicly describing Judaism as a “gutter religion” and insisting that the Jews were a primary force in the African slave trade.

Ellison has publicly stated that he was unaware of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. That is not a credible statement. Everyone was aware of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. Farrakhan did not try to hide it. Indeed, he proclaimed it on every occasion. Ellison is either lying or he willfully blinded himself to what was obvious to everyone else. Neither of these qualities makes him suitable to be the next chairman of the DNC.

Moreover, Ellison himself has made anti-Semitic statements. A prominent lawyer, with significant credibility, told me that while he was a law student, Ellison approached her and said he could not respect her, because she was a Jew and because she was a woman who should not be at a law school. This woman immediately disclosed that anti-Semitic and anti-feminists statement to her husband and friends, and I believe she is telling the truth.

Ellison’s anti-Semitism is confirmed by his support for another anti-Semite, Stokely Carmichael.

When there were protests about Carmichael’s speaking at the University of Minnesota, Ellison responded that: “The University’s position appears to be this: Political Zionism is off-limits no matter what dubious circumstances Israel was founded under; no matter what the Zionists do to the Palestinians; and no matter what wicked regimes Israel allies itself with — like South Africa. This position is untenable.”

But the connections are more recent as well. In 2009, Ellison headlined a fundraiser for Esam Omeish, a former candidate for Virginia state delegate who had told Palestinians that “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.”

And yes, Obama has been a supporter of Ellison’s and the longtime anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, as well.

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This is the same Louis Farrakhan who continues to make statements like this:

“The powerful Jews are my enemy…White folks are going down. And Satan is going down. And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.”

Those words were spoken just last year to a largely Democrat Party/anti-President Trump audience. It should also be noted the photo above with Obama and Farrakhan was during a meeting between Farrakhan and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Anti-Semitism runs long and deep throughout the Democrat Party. What is outlined above is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Why more are not aware of this is due in great part to the Establishment Media repeatedly choosing a political agenda over the reporting of facts.



America Calls On YOU, Once Again, To Keep Her Promise Alive. REMEMBER TO VOTE.

Disregard the 24/7 avalanche of anti-Trump hysteria that will be on all the major news media outlets. They are working hard to depress the pro-Trump vote.

The battle for Congress is much closer than they would have you believe. (Remember all the pro-Hillary polling data in 2016 that was proven wrong?)

Historically, the party that doesn’t hold the White House receives a thumping during the Midterms. In 2018 THAT ISN’T HAPPENING.

It is also true that historically the Democrats usually have a +5 or better advantage in the Generic Ballot. Once again, THAT ISN’T HAPPENING.

The Democrat Party has devolved into a screaming mess of anti-Americanism. Should they win Congress they have promised to push the country into war with itself via the attempted impeachment of President Trump, a push for open borders, higher taxes, and even more power to the government.

Your vote gives you the power to help stop that from happening.

Make that vote count.

Help to save the American Dream from turning into the Democrat Nightmare.

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Democrats’ Globalist Plans Become Clear: Violence At The Border, Stall The Economy, Take Over Congress, Impeach Trump

“We’re winning.” So goes the mantra of Congressional Democrats who now gleefully prepare to take the House back from Republicans and then initiate a sweeping counteroffensive to President Trump’s highly successful America First agenda that includes, but is not limited to, inciting violence at the border, stalling the economy, and ultimately pushing for the impeachment of the president leading up to the 2020 Election. 

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Nancy Pelosi is said to be trembling with anticipation over the prospect of returning to the Speaker’s office and then initiating a multitude of anti-Trump Congressional investigations certain to further divide and weaken America.

And while Democrats appear unlikely to take the Senate in 2018, they are increasingly confident that will be accomplished in 2020—along with pushing Trump out of the White House for good.

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Aiding and abetting in this attempted political coup will be the Establishment Media who are at this very moment preparing to capture the intentional violence at the border that has been planned for the last year. These same media figures are confident in the knee-jerk emotionalism of U.S. voters who they feel will then turn on President Trump and claim he is to blame.

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All that stands between the globalist intent of the Democrats and Establishment Media are millions of Trump voters. Will those millions be enough to overcome the widespread bias and corruption that infests this country’s political process?

We shall soon find out.


REPORT: Democrats Blame Losing To Trump On The Constitution And Minorities

Far left Democrats and their media cohorts are seething as the losses they’ve accumulated against President Trump continue to pile up. And what then do they blame for this consistent string of defeats? The Constitution of the United States which they now claim unfairly represents minorities. That’s right, these leftists are blaming America’s governing document which protects the voices of the few against the political mob mentality. Democrats believe political minorities should just shut up and sit down.

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Via The New York Post:

Democrats’ latest excuse: Blame the Constitution

Democrats suffered a stinging loss in the fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and have concluded that the constitutional system is to blame.

You see, if only the Founders hadn’t forged the Great Compromise between large states and small states at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, giving each state equal representation in the US Senate, they would have defeated Brett Kavanaugh handily. It’s only because smaller red states have two senators just like larger blue states that the judge got confirmed.

For the left, the US Senate is now looming, together with the Electoral College and the Supreme Court, as an institution of villainy in American life. In the words of Vox, the Senate is “a grotesquely unrepresentative body.” ThinkProgress deems it “an immoral, anti-democratic institution.” One reason Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne calls the ascension of Kavanaugh to the high court a “coup” is that he was “confirmed by senators representing 44 percent of the population.”

Democrats have gone from bragging about their permanent majority a few years ago to complaining it’s impossible for them to win under the governing regime that we’ve had for more than 200 years since it’s so tilted toward “minority rule.”


Using the Democrats’ own anti-political minority logic, the votes of black Americans, Indian Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, gay Americans, etc., should be considered “lesser” votes because they all represent minority segments of the overall population. What these same Democrats are then saying is that the only voices that truly matter to them are privileged white upper-class urban voters who have the time to protest and color their hair pink.

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Gee, kinda sounds racist don’t you think?


Democrats Have Angered Mothers, Wives, Sisters, And Friends Of Men All Across America

Far left Democrats and their hyper-partisan media cohorts were counting on women being willing to pressure Republicans into dropping the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

They weren’t. Now, women all across the country are angry at the indirect 24/7 attacks on men in America, men who represent their sons, their husbands, brothers, uncles, and friends.


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Democrats’ partisan treatment of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh shows women just who is really on their side.

…Ford’s claims of sexual assault were not believed because they were not believable.

Beyond Ford, Democrats further harmed the cause of justice for sexual abuse victims by propping up Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick’s charges of sexual misconduct as “serious allegations.” Ramirez, who claimed Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while they were both freshman at Yale, came forward with her allegation only after spending a week chatting with attorneys and thinking over her decades-old memory of a drunken night. And every person with direct knowledge of the supposed assault denied Kavanaugh’s involvement. Swetnick’s ridiculous gang-rape charge advanced by lawyer Michael Avenatti, of Stormy Daniels’ fame, further proved the political motivation behind these unbelievable 11th-hour claims.

Every fake rape claim, from Tawana Brawley’s tale in the late 1980s that four white men kidnapped and raped her, to the fiction Rolling Stone magazine perpetuated when it told “Jackie’s” tale of being raped by University of Virginia fraternity members, increases the public’s skepticism of sexual assault allegations. And skepticism quickly hardens to cynicism when the story screams it is a partisan hit job.

The cynicism, however, will not be limited to high-profile cases with clear political motivations. That is why the Democrats’ failed attempt to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court will also backfire electorally when women flock to the polls next month for midterm elections.

Women see allegations as a risk for families

The extreme left of the Democratic Party may celebrate leaders’ no-holds-bar attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but swing suburban moms are appalled by the Democrats’ ill-use of Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick.

In Ford, women saw a distraught and damaged woman paraded before the Senate, her privacy in tatters because her sexual assault allegations were leaked to the news media at the most politically opportune moment. And as Ford’s story fell apart following her testimony, women saw the obvious harm the Democrats’ tactic will inflict on real victims of sexual assault.

Moderate women voters also find Democratic senators’ utter disregard for the men affected by false claims of sexual assault terrifying. Women watched as Kavanaugh spoke forcefully to defend his name and honor, and in Kavanaugh, women saw their innocent fathers, husbands, brothers, or sons, falsely accused, condemned and left with a reputation irreparably damaged. And in Kavanaugh’s loving wife, young daughters and distraught mother, women saw themselves and their families.

Women also saw the future of a society that puts politics over the principles of fairness and the presumption of innocence. And they saw Democrats leading that charge.

Democratic politicians, professional protesters and reproductive-rights activists are so blinded by their rage at how President Donald Trump succeeded in appointing a second originalist justice to the Supreme Court, they cannot see the anger they unleashed in the apolitical populace across America. They will see it, though, come November.