Democrat Congresswoman Declares To CNN It Was Obama & Clinton Who Armed ISIS….

WOW. It appears Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has had enough of following the Democrats’ company line as proven by her recent interview with CNN this week during which she blasted the now-departed Obama administration for its role in arming dangerous Islamic militants – including ISIS, and goes on to explain how the entirety of the anti-Assad campaign by Establishment Democrats and Republicans is largely a manufactured lie.

What Congresswoman Gabbard has done in recent days is put the entirety of her political career on the line by openly condemning the lies and manipulations of both the Obama administration, and much of the D.C. political establishment as it pertains to the fight against Islamic terror in general, and the manufactured Syrian refugee crisis in particular. Whatever motivated American politicians to so aggressively move military against place like Libya and Syria remains a mystery. What is less a mystery are the myriad of results following that policy – namely increased instability throughout the Middle East, the rise in power of deadly terror groups like ISIS, and a far less safe world overall.


LOL: Watch Stuttering Mess Nancy Pelosi Fail To Defend Obamacare

The freshly tossed hair did nothing to hide the mental collapse underneath that newly-colored dome as Democrat relic Nancy Pelosi stuttered and stammered her way through a seemingly panicked explanation on why the disastrous Obamacare legislation has been “healthy” for America. You can almost hear the collective “Oh-my-gods” from the people standing behind her.

The Democrat Party has become a place where failed ideologies go to die, as this video so clearly shows…


CAUGHT!! Broward County Elections Officials Filling Out Absentee Ballots Behind Closed Doors (UPDATE)

A blockbuster turn of events is now unfolding in the critical swing state of Florida.

According to information in a signed affidavit from a former Secretary of Elections Department employee in Broward County, Florida, Democrat Party election officials were filling out absentee ballots in a secret backroom. 

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H/T Gateway Pundit


An operation like this could fill out thousands of fraudulent ballots every day, and tens of thousands over the course of weeks. Ever wonder why Democrats are so keen on weeks-long early voting?


The entire document is available here:

UPDATE: Late on Friday, Broward County election officials told media that the ballots being filled out were for overseas military personnel and that nothing illegal was taking place.

If true, one has to wonder why the woman who reported what she saw (county staff filling in stacks of absentee ballots) was fired for her doing so?

Here is a portion of that signed affidavit outlining what happened to the Broward County employee soon after seeing the ballots being filled out in the back room of the elections office:

When I returned from lunch at 12:30, I was met by a uniformed security guard at the SOE entrance and told that I had been terminated, and was forced to immediately turn over my SOE credentials. I was warned that I was no longer welcomed in the SOE building and that I should never return. I was given no explanation for this action.”



LOL: Pathetic Democrats Now Claim FBI Director Comey Controlled By Putin

When FBI Director James Comey declared he would not seek prosecution against Hillary Clinton for her illegal private email server, claiming then that she had been negligent, but not criminally so, Democrats applauded Comey’s decision. Now, with Director Comey announcing the investigation has suddenly been re-opened due to new evidence, these same Democrats are actually forwarding the conspiracy theory that Comey is being controlled by Russia’s Vladimir Putin.


What these same Democrat operatives fail to account for is the fact it was Hillary Clinton who, as Secretary of State, sold a stunning amount of uranium rights to Putin’s Russia, and in turn, received millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation, as reported just last year by none other than the New York Times:

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.

If there is anyone being controlled by the Russian Putin-government, it’s Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, not FBI Director James Comey.

And is it any wonder America’s standing has fallen so much throughout the world? Our government is being run by the criminally insane.


Louie Gohmert Angrily Confronts Democrat Politicians’ Refusal To Blame Radical Islam (VIDEO)

The recent Orlando Massacre involved a young Muslim-American man who was the son of Afghan parents who screamed out his allegiance to ISIS before shooting up a gay nightclub that left nearly a hundred people dead and/or wounded. Democrats quickly called it a gun control issue, not a radical Islam/terrorist attack issue, and demanded that law-abiding Americans give up their guns as a result.

gohmert democrats

Last night, Representative Louie Gohmert had heard enough and confronted Democrats on the House floor demanding they acknowledge the role of radical Islam in the attack that took place in Orlando.

It should be noted that House Speaker Paul Ryan could have enforced House rules and shut down the Democrats’ ongoing protest that demands passage of various federal gun control bills.

Mr. Ryan has refused to so so, once again allowing Democrats a platform to spread their anti-Second Amendment and pro-Muslim agenda. 

Louie Gohmert is likely just as disgusted by Paul Ryan as he is the Democrats who are now actively fundraising off of the Orlando Massacre tragedy.

Check out the video below:

#NeverTrump’s Epic FAIL

For weeks, the #NeverTrump “movement” received considerable media/social media attention, leading many to think it was in fact a viable and increasingly powerful nationwide focus to halt Donald Trump’s momentum toward the GOP nomination.

The facts have now proven that #NeverTrump was never much more than a small, albeit well-funded group of discontents who found themselves going up against a candidate who, despite what they attempted to convince others of, had much more support than they did.

The always silly and ineffectual #NeverTrump movement is yet another failed parody of events within the larger clown car that is the current GOP Establishment.

Its greater purpose in fact has been to yet further expose the fallacy of choice of voters to pick  the candidate they feel most represents their present and future interest. This fakery of choice has long infected both the Republican and Democrat parties and the #NeverTrump effort helped to make that fact both indisputable and far more known to many.

There are still enough Americans out there who bristle at the thought of someone so willfully attempting to tell them how they are to think instead of allowing them the opportunity to continue thinking for themselves.

The utter failure of #NeverTrump was the repudiation by millions of voters against the small and small-minded political and media cartel that so arrogantly presumed it and it alone was to decide who was worthy of being the next GOP presidential nominee. Instead, Donald Trump, via the support of millions who refused to bow before the alter of the political establishment, has and continues to amass millions of votes and widespread support across the nation.

There is something undeniably American about that kind of grassroots push back.

And that’s something to be proud of.


Democrat Party Bosses Panicked Over Bernie Sanders

“This has gotten way out of hand.”

So goes the oft-repeated refrain from top-tier DNC bosses to rank and file operatives who are all now scrambling to try and figure out what is an increasingly serious Bernie Sanders dilemma.

The Sanders’ dynamic playing out within the Democrat Party is in fact a far greater and more important story than the Donald Trump vs GOP Establishment meme that the Mainstream Media has put on a repeating loop for the last several months. As combative and boisterous as Trump can be, his views represent a significant wing of BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties and are ultimately, a newly emerged America first sentiment that appeals to millions of voters.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is a devoted socialist who has for the entirety of his adult life denounced the fundamental tenets of the Great American Experiment. He left the United States to honeymoon in the then-Soviet Union, a top-down government monstrosity that literally enslaved hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The USSR was, as President Ronald Reagan so assertively put it decades earlier, “…an evil empire.”

Sanders is the epitome of the radical 1960’s I hate America, crowd and his current appeal to so many younger voters is the direct result of an American educational system that has for some forty years been controlled by that very same hate America agenda. If not for the Democrat Party’s selection of Hillary Clinton as its 2016 nominee (a direct result of an earlier agreement between the Obama and Clinton Machines) Bernie Sanders would not be posing a serious challenge for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton is simply an unlikable, lying, and utterly out of touch with reality choice that has now come back to haunt the Democrat Party Establishment.

“They have no idea what to do with Sanders. They don’t want to offend and politically displace his supporters while at the same time knowing that if this thing continues to grow, it will destroy the Democrat Party.”

Things are said to have become so panicked and contentious inside 430 S. Capitol St, (DNC headquarters) that current DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been warned this could prove the end of her career if she does not somehow find a way to successfully navigate the morass of the Bernie Sanders phenomena.

“She won’t be able to get a job washing dishes in this town.”

A clear sign of the panic button being pushed was when the Clinton campaign most recently was literally begging for more public debates and the DNC power structure happily encouraged that request. It was their hope that the more Sanders spoke, the less appealing he would become – a similar ploy utilized by the RNC to handle the, “Trump factor.”

Unfortunately for them, that tactic has yet to work. If anything, it has diminished Hillary Clinton’s appeal as the sound of her strident voice, her repeated wide-eyed refusal to accept any blame for wrongdoing, and the ever-increasing allegations of pay to play scandal and Wall Street millions has educated an entirely new generation of voters to the stink that has always permeated the Clinton political dynasty.

South Carolina is now the proverbial fire wall for Clinton 2016. The Clinton Machine has deep ties to the southern state and is spending millions to ensure victory in that soon-to-be primary battle. From there, the campaign hopes to see Sanders pushed back and ultimately off, of the nomination stage.

There is one very significant caveat to that outcome, though:

Should the FBI move forward with a recommendation that formal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for the myriad of allegations surrounding her use of a private email and the possible pay-to-play wrongdoing involving the Clinton Foundation, Mrs Clinton will not likely survive that outcome. If the Obama Department of Justice refuses to proceed with the FBI’s recommendation, (as has already been rumored) Hillary Clinton would prove too toxic even for the notoriously forgiving Democrat voter.

At that point the DNC will be operating at DEFCTON 1 – Doomsday scenario with a candidate still ready and willing to whisper sweet nothings to the American voter in an attempt to make this persistent Bernie problem all better:



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Donald Trump’s “Ditch & Switch” Moving Democrats To Support Him (VIDEO)

It is a phenomena the Mainstream Media has largely refused to acknowledge likely out of fear it will then multiply at an even greater pace than it already is. Hillary Clinton campaign operatives are certainly quite aware of it, as are the top tier Republican campaigns.

Donald Trump is seeing growing success in getting Democrats who feel abandoned by a political party that has veered so far to the left during the Obama era, changing party affiliation and working to make Mr. Trump the next President of the United States. 

Thirty-five years ago the nation saw millions of voters become what the media grudgingly classified as “Reagan Democrats” a reality that led to two of the most historic landslide election victories by any presidential candidate in the history of American politics. This very same trend, though not yet nearly so significant as what took place for Reagan in the 1980’s, appears to be emerging right now within the Trump campaign.

“Donald Trump is going to have Democrats switching in droves to vote for him,” Ms. Hardaway said in an interview. “He’s going to be the only candidate to be able to pull independents and Democrats to vote for him in the primaries and the general election.”

That is the promise of Lynette Hardaway, half of the pro-Trump Internet sensation known as “Diamond and Silk.” Hardaway is a former Democrat and African American who believes Donald Trump to be the only hope the country has to emerge from the significant damage left by the failed Obama presidency that has seen the debt sour, the disparity between the rich and poor widen to historic levels, and jobs within largely minority communities disappear.

The two ladies’ Ditch and Switch YouTube video already has over 50,000 views:







The Worst American City For Income Inequality Is…WASHINGTON D.C.

If anyone desires to see how great the disparity between the haves and the have nots in a place dominated by the most liberal politics in the nation, you need look no further than Washington D.C., home of the political elite and its cadre of lobbyists, media, media consultants – the place where the gap between rich and poor according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is by far the greatest.

It is the epitome of the Democratic Party’s utopia – a place where the rich and powerful reside behind protective barriers meant to separate them from the remainder of society that grovels at their feet begging for a few entitlement crumbs to fall their way…

The above image is Washington D.C. – just a few blocks from the White House. It is a city mired both in far-left policies that has decimated the general population and an indifferent political class that ignores the ongoing destruction taking place all about them.

It is the embodiment of socialism, attempted and failed time and time again throughout history where people become mindless slaves to their government masters, begging for the next handout while becoming increasingly unwilling to fight for a hand up thus ensuring the gap between rich and poor becomes greater and greater.

DC’s streets are rampant with homelessness, drug use, prostitution, and crime-related violence.

Whitehaven Clinton

This is just one of Hillary Clinton’s residences – a three million dollar mansion in Washington D.C.’s ultra-exclusive “Embassy Row” neighborhood – also known as “Millionaire’s Row.”

Seemingly world’s apart, the above photo is just a couple miles from Hillary Clinton’s “Millionaire’s Row” D.C. home.

Street violence is rampant just beyond the secured-for-the-elite borders of D.C.

Washington D.C./District of Columbia has elected its own mayor since 1975.

It has never had a Republican mayor. With that fact known, how is it a political party that time and again cries out against the gap between the rich and the poor has long dominated a city in which that gap has never been greater? In fact, that same economic disparity between rich and poor has never been greater throughout the United States than it has during the administration of Democrat President Barack Obama.

And now here comes Hillary Clinton embracing the very same far-left, government plantation principles that will not improve that economic disparity, but most assuredly make it worse. It is her intention to then view the damage of her work not from her Millionaire’s Row home in D.C., but from the White House itself.

When will longtime voters for the Democrat Party whose lives have only worsened each time they vote for a Democrat politician, finally open their eyes to the prison those votes have placed them into?

Maybe, just maybe, 2016 will be the election some of them prove themselves just a little smarter than the Democrats think them to be.

If you wish to remain in the ghetto and watch the political elite to continue to get richer, and the poor to continue to get poorer, then by all means, vote Democrat.

If you still have hope for something better, if you still wish to enjoy a bit more freedom and opportunity, then perhaps it’s time you change your vote to something different.

Free your mind, and the rest might just follow…