Hillary Clinton’s Own Words: “Super Predators, Taco Bowls, Bimbos, Deplorables, Basement Dwellers”

Team Clinton, with repeated help from the Mainstream Media, have attempted to portray Donald Trump as a highly divisive figure. And yet, if the media would take but a brief (and honest) look at Hillary Clinton’s own statements over the course of her many years of public “service”, Hillary’s own often abusive and insulting rhetoric would be revealed.

This week, audio was uncovered that revealed Mrs. Clinton mocking Bernie Sanders supporters as basement dwellers. These comments reveal the true Clinton: arrogant, contemptuous, and utterly dismissive of any and all who might oppose her quest for power.

Here is just a partial list of Clinton’s views on others:

“SUPER PREDATORS” – Hillary’s phrase used to describe young black males in America.

“TACO BOWLS” – A description of Hispanic voters by the Clinton campaign revealed via hacked DNC emails.

“BIMBOS” – Hillary’s generalization of women who claimed to have been sexually abused by her husband, Bill Clinton.

“DEPLORABLES” – Hillary Clinton’s description of tens of millions of Donald Trump supporters.

“BASEMENT DWELLERS” – This is how Hillary views Bernie Sanders supporters.

Hillary Clinton has spent the entirety of her adult life being coddled and cared for by the the same American taxpayer she holds in such low regard.

Think on that when it’s time to vote in November, America.


“Deplorables” Prepare To Give Donald Trump Win In Ohio – And Possibly America

A little over a month ago, political pundits had all but declared Ohio locked up for Hillary Clinton, and thus, a likely easy walk into the White House for the Clinton campaign.

And then came an army of “deplorable” Americans who decided Mrs. Clinton did not represent the nation’s values nearly so much as she represents her own desire for power and influence.

The results of Hillary’s dismissive, elitist rebuke of millions of Americans has possibly been most astonishing in Ohio, bastion of American Midwest values.

“Hillary Clinton calls people who aren’t supporting her deplorable and irredeemable. I call people who aren’t supporting me American citizens—who are entitled to the same respect as anyone else—and I will not stop campaigning for every last American vote, in every last American community, right up until November 8th.”  -Donald Trump during recent speech in Ohio.

It is no happenstance that Trump’s Ohio surge (along with other Midwest states such as Michigan and Wisconsin) came at the same times as Ford Motor Company’s announcement it was shipping all of its small-car production to Mexico – another hard kick to the collective nuts of Middle Class America.

Trump has warned jobs would continue to move out of this country if people continued to vote for the same-old-same-old. He says we can do better, and people are starting to not only listen, but more importantly, believe, that to be true.

One month ago, the Quinnipiac poll had Hillary Clinton winning in Ohio by 4 points.

This very same poll now has Donald Trump leading Ohio by 1 – a five point swing in just four weeks and a sign momentum is clearly in the Trump campaign’s favor. It is said internal polling that the Clinton campaign was quick NOT to let be known, has Trump with a more comfortable five-point lead in the critical battleground state. Those numbers have Team Clinton currently panicking and pleading with its media cohorts to change the political narrative to one that forcefully pushes back against Donald Trump’s recent successes.

If it’s Ohio for Trump on Election Day, it will likely be America for Trump as well, and the Clinton campaign is more determined than ever to make certain that doesn’t happen.


MUST WATCH: Trump’s “Deplorables” Take Stage & Rock Political Rally

THIS is why Donald Trump is doing so much better than any of the political elite thought he could.

The man appears to truly love ALL people – and they love him.

No other presidential candidate of the modern era, not even Bill Clinton, was as natural and comfortable among regular Americans as Donald Trump is: