BREAKING: Senator Graham States Emails Prove Hillary Clinton, DNC & DOJ Colluded During Email Investigation

Interesting. If true, this is also Senator Graham implicating the Obama White House which would have to have known about/promoted such collusion:


Democrats & Liberal Media Scramble To Attack AG Sessions As Story Breaks Of Obama DOJ Corruption

BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars were funneled from the Obama DOJ to far-left groups across the nation. Some of those groups, such as the racist La Raza (“For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing”) have long advocated for parts of America to be “returned” to the Chicano people. In essence, the Obama DOJ was actively funding the overthrow of the present U.S. government.  Is it any accident that the very same week we see this story breaks, Democrats, some Republicans, and much of the media are pushing the manufactured “Jeff Sessions met with Russia” story?


BREAKING: Obama DOJ Denied FBI Request For Full Investigation Into Clinton Foundation (UPDATED)

Apparently, FBI officials found enough evidence to warrant a direct request to the Obama DOJ asking that a full investigation be initiated into the Clinton Foundation.

That request has been denied.

For months there have been speculative rumors regarding a widening FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s murky, multi-million dollar operation that sees heavy investment via foreign interests – interests Hillary Clinton had direct ties to during her tenure as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Last month, FBI Director James Comey refused to confirm or deny to members of Congress such an investigation was underway.

According to just-published reports (HERE), the FBI did in fact make a recent and direct request that the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit open a full investigation into allegations of collusion and/or influence peddling by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. That investigation would undoubtedly then involve the Obama White House and quite possibly include a grand jury.

The Obama DOJ has subsequently (and quietly) denied the request, citing a “lack of evidence.” To date, the Mainstream Media has largely ignored what should be a significant development directly related the Clintons’ seeming penchant for illegal government activity.

So far, the Justice Department has refused multiple media requests to comment on the matter.

(UPDATE #1) Now the lead story on the DRUDGE REPORT – Drudge attempting to force the hand of the Mainstream Media to report on it.



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