Democrats & Liberal Media Scramble To Attack AG Sessions As Story Breaks Of Obama DOJ Corruption

BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars were funneled from the Obama DOJ to far-left groups across the nation. Some of those groups, such as the racist La Raza (“For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing”) have long advocated for parts of America to be “returned” to the Chicano people. In essence, the Obama DOJ was actively funding the overthrow of the present U.S. government.  Is it any accident that the very same week we see this story breaks, Democrats, some Republicans, and much of the media are pushing the manufactured “Jeff Sessions met with Russia” story?


BREAKING: Obama DOJ Denied FBI Request For Full Investigation Into Clinton Foundation (UPDATED)

Apparently, FBI officials found enough evidence to warrant a direct request to the Obama DOJ asking that a full investigation be initiated into the Clinton Foundation.

That request has been denied.

For months there have been speculative rumors regarding a widening FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s murky, multi-million dollar operation that sees heavy investment via foreign interests – interests Hillary Clinton had direct ties to during her tenure as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Last month, FBI Director James Comey refused to confirm or deny to members of Congress such an investigation was underway.

According to just-published reports (HERE), the FBI did in fact make a recent and direct request that the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit open a full investigation into allegations of collusion and/or influence peddling by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. That investigation would undoubtedly then involve the Obama White House and quite possibly include a grand jury.

The Obama DOJ has subsequently (and quietly) denied the request, citing a “lack of evidence.” To date, the Mainstream Media has largely ignored what should be a significant development directly related the Clintons’ seeming penchant for illegal government activity.

So far, the Justice Department has refused multiple media requests to comment on the matter.

(UPDATE #1) Now the lead story on the DRUDGE REPORT – Drudge attempting to force the hand of the Mainstream Media to report on it.



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Valerie Jarrett Fires Warning Shot At Mississippi & North Carolina

The most powerful woman in American politics sent a not-so-subtle warning to the state governments of North Carolina and Mississippi today that she was prepared to send the DOJ attack dogs to do battle against those states’ recent religious freedom laws that would protect businesses from having to abdicate their religious views.

The threat was in regards to those recently passed state religious freedom laws which would primarily serve to protect religious groups and some private businesses from being harassed and/or sued for not participating in events held for gay and transgender people.

Ms. Jarrett, speaking at an event that calls for more gender-neutral toy offerings for children (don’t ask) spoke with media after the event and made clear her intentions to utilize the DOJ to pressure states into backtracking on their most recently enacted religious freedom legislation:

“…I can tell you that we think it’s wrong, we think it’s destructive and we don’t think it reflects the better ideals or who we are as a country.”

It’s interesting to note how Ms. Jarrett no longer even bothers differentiate between herself and President Obama anymore. Instead, she simply says WE when referring to future White House policy.

It is equally interesting to also note that Ms. Jarrett’s concern is not directed at any Mosques in the United States. Repeated polling over the years has shown Muslim Americans to be among the most fervent anti-gay groups within the country, with a sizable number feeling homosexuality should be banned outright and offenders punished – severely.

Instead it would seem the longtime White House adviser thinks the DOJ’s power of intimidation is far better utilized in forcing say, a small Christian bakery into having to participate in a gay wedding ceremony, or a public school having to allow for a male/transgender young man to shower with the female students.




What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




FBI Launches Full Investigation Into Hillary Clinton Emails – Obama DOJ Refusing To Take Case?

It is being reported that in recent days the FBI has initiated a full scale investigation utilizing multiple resources in an attempt to discover just how deeply the potential threat to U.S. security was that originated from Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured email account during her time as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

The investigation has become significant enough that even some in the Mainstream Media have made mention of its far-reaching nature.

“This sounds to me like it’s more than a preliminary inquiry; it sounds like a full-blown investigation.”

So says former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes in an interview he gave to Politico.

A cursory review of the now multiple reports on the expanding investigation has one common thread:

Everyone has lawyered up.

The Obama White House is said to be watching the investigative process very closely, with daily updates said to be going to White House Counsel, Neil Eggleston and longtime Senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

A trusted D.C. Whispers source indicated something amiss regarding the FBI/Justice Department/Obama White House relationship on the matter:

“Hundreds of classified emails were found on Mrs. Clinton’s server. Then the administration declassified those emails and the Justice Department comes out and indicates it has yet to see evidence of a pending classified threat regarding the Clinton emails. They are engaged in a game of declassification catch-up, not so much for Hillary Clinton’s benefit but for their own and they’ve already done it hundreds of times and appear willing to keep on doing it until the investigation loses steam. And even if the FBI happens to turn over evidence of wrongdoing to the Obama Justice Department, those findings will likely never find the light of day, at least not until long after the 2016 Election is over. The DOJ will simply refuse to take up the case, evidence and national security be damned.”


Clinton Operatives Attempting DOJ Deal In Last-Ditch Effort To Save Campaign?

Reportedly it was a phone call several days earlier from a high-ranking legal representative of the Clinton Machine to the offices of Attorney General Loretta Lynch that set in motion what some are whispering to have been almost “absolute capitulation” on the part of Team Hillary. This was then followed up by representatives from the DNC who are equally desperate to see the ongoing email scandal situation resolved sooner rather than later.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are in very serious trouble. She knows it, they know it, and now the Obama-Jarrett DOJ is literally holding the keys to the Clintons’ future in their Martha’s Vineyard-vacationing hands. 

The most recent phone call regarding the legal implications of the ongoing FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s private email server and potential violation of federal law as it pertains to the handling of classified information comes months after an earlier meeting between the principal parties to this legal and political dilemma as outlines in this in D.C. Whispers report from March 28th:

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Obama/Jarrett/Rice

Here is an excerpt from that earlier report:

The secret White House meeting between Clinton, Jarrett, Rice, and Obama is alleged to have been orchestrated by current White House Director of Communications (meaning she answers directly to Valerie Jarrett) Jennifer Palmieri. (upper left) Palmieri was former head of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the George Soros-sponsored political action wing of Center for American Progress – the very group Hillary Clinton was said to be meeting with prior to her “unscheduled” White House meeting in the afternoon of March 23rd. Palmieri has announced her intent to take a senior position within the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign thus making her the likely primary link between the Soros political influence machine and the Clinton Machine. Her involvement appears to signal a shift in interest by Soros back to the Clintons, likely giving the Clintons some much needed leverage against the power and influence of Valerie Jarrett.

If a tentative agreement had been reached between the Clinton and Obama camps during their March 23rd meeting, it now appears said agreement has dissipated given the recent leaks indicating at least two top secret documents were found to have been in Hillary Clinton’s possession – documents that were on an unsecured server, an act which is a serious violation of federal law. Mrs. Clinton’s fortunes are further darkened by her earlier on-the-record claims to not have had such documents and now there are those implicating her in a direct attempt to tamper/destroy evidence in an ongoing investigation.

“Will we have a job next year?”

That is now the question on the minds of an increasing number of Hillary Clinton campaign staffers who are hearing a myriad of rumors from generally reliable sources in and around Washington D.C. regarding the seriousness of the current Democratic presidential frontrunner’s legal troubles.

Team Clinton is desperate to receive assurances from the Obama DOJ that the investigation will proceed in the delayed drip fashion that has become the hallmark of the Obama administration – drag in out long enough until the public loses interest entirely. This scenario is said to be a less than satisfactory one to the DNC power brokers though who fear the scandal could blow up in the final months of the 2016 campaign, thus ensuring a Republican White House victory.

At least one high-ranking member within the DNC made clear to fellow members how strongly he opposed any such deal with the Clinton Machine and is aggressively pushing to have a candidate “in place and ready” to step into what he feels is an “inevitable void” when the Hillary Clinton campaign collapses.

This information appears to corroborate yet another earlier D.C. Whispers report on the subject:

Jarrett Operative Pays Biden Visit In South Carolina To Push For Presidential Run…

Bill Clinton was recently reported to have initiated an “all is well” pep talk to leading election staffers in recent days as well as working the phones to ensure all-important donor dollars continue to roll in for his wife’s campaign. While those dollars and endorsements have yet to publicly dry up, growing discontent within the Democratic power structure is making itself known to the Clintons.

If the Obama DOJ is directed to actively pursue its investigation into Hillary Clinton and then both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett more fully shift their allegiance to a 2016 alternative, the once-powerful Clinton Machine might finally find itself little more than a torn and tattered remnant of its former glory.