9-Year Old Girl Bullied By Teacher For Going Deer Hunting With Family (VIDEO)

Nine-year-old Domonique Yatsko comes from a family of proud Ohio hunters, and when one of their own gets their very first buck, the moment is captured via a sweatshirt photo as a keepsake for that young hunter.

But when Domonique proudly wore that shirt to school the following week, her teacher, Hanna Copa of Hinkley Elementary in Hinkley Township, Ohio, singled her out in front of the class and declared, “Killing animals is not what we do.” 

The story is now going viral as outraged families, be they hunters or not, are sick and tired of having their school-aged children subjected to the constant barrage of leftist abuse that is so institutionalized within our public education system.

Children are not allowed to take pride in family tradition, or to take pride in America, or to speak their own minds, but rather are forced into liberal-approved group-think.

If the 2016 Election made anything clear, it is that millions of Americans are sick and tired of this kind of crap and we are no longer willing to sit quiet and take it. These voices of opposition to the far left grow louder, more determined, and have come to realize the power they possess.

Domonique should be commended for her knowledge of how to use a weapon, of her devotion to participating in a safe and legal hunt, and for her skill that culminated in a successful hunt.


UPDATED: According to GATEWAY PUNDIT, this is a photo of the bullying teacher, Hanna Copa: