It’s Official: The Age of Trump Begins…

In the eyes of the Establishment media and political class, he was a most improbable candidate. They mocked him, demonized him, dismissed him. Only when the voters had their say, and made him the GOP front-runner, and then the nominee, did the elites begin to worry over the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

Today, that possibility became reality.

The Age of Trump begins…

“The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

That all changes starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment.

It belongs to you.

It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America.

This is your day.

This is your celebration.

And this, the United States of America, is your country.”  

-President Donald J. Trump: January 20th, 2017


When Donald Trump Visited The Brady Bunch…(VIDEO)

Actually, it’s longtime Hollywood character actor, Denny Miller who plays a former football star and friend to Mrs. Brady – “Tank Gates.” The resemblance is rather remarkable to our soon-to-be 45th President of the United States, though – especially in the category of hair!

Just a bit of pre-inauguration fun. Enjoy!


Trump Hits Road This Week To Thank Voters For Victory

It’s a Presidential-Elect “Thank You Tour” that is set to begin on Thursday in Ohio.

Donald Trump, the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States, wants to personally thank the voters whose support helped to make this remarkable moment in American history possible.

The tour is set to focus on states won by Barack Obama in 2012 and then “flipped” for Donald Trump in 2016.


Just A Few Weeks After Helping To Elect Donald Trump, Cuban Exiles Cheer Death Of Castro

After decades of tyrannical rule, the island nation of Cuba is on the verge of a significant transformation that has the very same group of Cuban Americans who so recently helped Donald Trump achieve his stunning presidential election victory just a few weeks earlier, now celebrating the death of the man who turned their home into a communist prison nearly sixty years ago.

President-Elect Trump was quick to make clear his solidarity with those now celebrating Castro’s permanent departure:

“Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty.”

Florida’s Cuban-American community was said to have overwhelmingly favored Trump over Hillary Clinton, thus helping to secure Florida’s all-important 29 electoral votes. Much of that support stems from Mr. Trump’s more hard-line approach to the Castro regime, a stark contrast to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s more moderate and accommodating tone. Just last year, Mr. Obama sat shoulder to shoulder with Fidel’s dictator brother Raul, smiling and joking as both men watched a baseball game together:

Our own American Mainstream Media portrayed the Obama visit to Cuba as a noble diplomatic gesture.

For many Cuban-Americans, it was seen as an act of betrayal and unprecedented weakness by preening, self-important U.S. president toward a Castro regime that has killed thousands, including specific targeting of minorities and homosexuals:

THIS was, and sadly in some ways still is, Castro’s Cuba. The very Castro-Cuba that an American president sat giggling next to:

President-Elect Trump appears ready to hasten the demise of the last vestiges of the Castro regime, and allow Cuban exiles to return to their homeland and from there, initiate a transformative phase that would have the island state rejoin the free market community. After so many years of communist rule, it won’t likely be a trouble-free process, but one that will rightfully allow Cuba to live free, and hopefully, prosper once again.

The winds of change are upon the Cuban people.


Trump Enjoys Near Double-Digit Jump In Favorability Among Voters (VIDEO)

The New York billionaire appears to be playing chess as his opponents scramble to recover from years of bumping about with checkers. And while the Mainstream Media continues to struggle with the reality of being utterly defeated by a man they spent months mocking, Donald Trump is taking his message directly to the American people, and thus, threatening to make this same Mainstream Media irrelevant.

In a week that saw President-Elect Trump’s administration forming at a pace far greater than his presidential predecessors, a still-ongoing “Trump Bump” to the U.S. economy that has Middle Class Americans looking at their retirement accounts and rejoicing, and a now infamous one-on-one meeting between Trump and various Mainstream Media figures that quickly turned into a stern warning from the soon-to-be President that he expects far more honest and fair coverage of his administration than what was given to his campaign. Those same media members left Trump Tower flush-faced and tight-lipped.

Message received.

And now a recent poll has the public giving Mr. Trump a collective thumbs up as well, as outlined in this Washington Times report:

“President-elect Donald Trump’s favorable rating has jumped 9 points since the election and now sits at 46 percent, according to a poll released Monday…“Trump’s favorability among voters has reached new highs since he became president-elect,” said Morning Consult Cofounder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp.”

And this poll was taken before Mr. Trump took his transition update message directly to the people via what is now the #1 trending social media topic:

Trump’s America-First message is starting to resonate with those who initially did not support his presidency – the same support that allowed him to win the historically Democrat stronghold states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

It is a message of lower taxes, fewer regulations, smaller government, a great military, and prosperity for ALL Americans.

Message received.


BIZARRE: Barack Obama Calls America-First “Dangerous” – Yet Embraces Black Lives Matter

There is being out of touch with Middle Class America, and there is Barack Obama, a president who, in the final weeks of his presidency, once again demeans the very country he is to be serving.

Oh, and he once again did it while speaking to a foreign audience, thus ending his time as president much like it began – apologizing to the world for America.

ABOVE: During an overseas visit, Barack Obama lectures an audience of Greeks on how an “America-first” position is dangerous and potentially racist – calling those who support such a stance as practicing a “…crude ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them.”

The president’s words were a clear swipe at Trump supporters, who the Mainstream Media are now in full-on attack mode against, trying to portray millions of America voters as both racist and misinformed for having elected Donald Trump the country’s next president.

And let us not forget, that while Barack Obama charges Middle Class America with being practitioners of “crude ethnic identity” he has for years openly embraced and promoted the crude ethnic identity group known as Black Lives Matter, a movement motivated by racism, violence, and anti-Americanism upon whose hands are the blood of innocent law enforcement officers:

In Barack Obama’s world, (one supported fully by the Mainstream Media) “America first” is dangerous racism, while “kill white people and cops” is merely people practicing their First Amendment rights as part of a needed and necessary movement.

That’s messed up – BIG LEAGUE.


Donald Trump is the Rosa Parks Of Modern American Politics

Yes, a New York billionaire and an Alabama-born African American woman have much in common.

Rosa Parks, the iconic symbol of the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement, and Donald Trump, the insurgent Republican candidate for President of the United States, are connected by their shared fight for inclusion into a system that would rather have them on the outside looking in.

ABOVE: Trump pictured with Rosa Parks in 1986 when both were recipients of the Ellis Island Award.


And like Parks in 1955, Trump has refused to sit in the back of this country’s 2016 political bus.

Rosa Parks’s act of moral defiance stirred millions more to denounce an establishment that was in need of serious self-reflection and change for the better.

Donald Trump’s defiance of a similarly corrupt political system some sixty years later has also stirred millions in this country to demand change from both the political and media establishments.

Rosa Parks was arrested for her refusal to accept a fate prescribed to her by those who thought themselves her betters.

Donald Trump has seen his reputation attacked from all sides, his business empire threatened, and his personal fortunes diminished for having the audacity to give voters a choice outside of the political establishment.

Just as Rosa Parks came to realize her singular refusal to sit in the back of the bus became something far greater than one person, so too has Donald Trump repeatedly indicated an awareness that the political movement his candidacy has created extends well beyond the parameters of himself.

“This isn’t about me. This is a movement, folks.”

For years a growing number of Americans have watched the slow but steady decline of this country and wondered, often in silence, why our elected leaders appeared to choose time and time again to do nothing, or worse, act in a way that only hastened our seemingly imminent demise.

There were moments of collective outrage, where these voices of shared concern became temporarily unified, such as Ross Perot’s candidacy of the 1990’s, and the Tea Party movement of 2009.

Each time, the media and political establishments coordinated in their efforts to demean and minimize such opposition to the status quo, most often using the weapon of political correctness to charge participants with claims of racism, or repeatedly mocking them for their supposed lack of intelligence and understanding of how things “really worked.”

And each time, those efforts to demean and frustrate were successful. Ross Perot retreated into irrelevance, his reputation bruised and battered for having dared challenge those self-anointed political masters. (In his case, the Bush family – the very same family who has been so instrumental in fomenting opposition to Trump.)

The Tea Party, lacking a unifying voice, also became disjointed and far less effective in waging war against the status quo and by Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012, was widely viewed by the masses of uninformed as a racist group of unhappy white people. The end result was fewer and fewer willing to openly align themselves with the true motives of the Tea Party – namely smaller government and more personal freedoms.

Then came Donald Trump.

Upon declaring his candidacy for President of the United States, the media pounced with gleeful abandon, no doubt confident their doing so would send Trump scurrying for cover.

Trump didn’t scurry, though, he fought back – HARD.

Voters took notice. Donald Trump was talking the language of common sense – their language, and not apologizing for doing so.

We’re a country, right? So secure the damn border. We’re shipping off tens of thousands of jobs overseas every year, right? So stop doing that and renegotiate these idiotic one-sided trade agreements. ISIS is killing by the thousands? Wipe the Islamic terrorist scum out! We’re the United States, for crying out loud. If something needs to be done – WE DO IT.

Soon, the Republican Establishment was joining the same liberal media who had attacked them for so long in attacking Donald Trump. And one by one, those establishment politicians were dispatched, despite repeated claims and prognostications from the political pundits that Trump would quickly be relegated to the scrapheap of political-oddities history.

He wasn’t.

Donald Trump won primary battle after primary battle and then, despite so many claims that it would never happen, he won the Republican nomination for president.

Enter the Clinton Machine – the essence of what has gone so wrong in American politics over the last forty years.

With political and media ties going back decades, the Clintons and their advocates delighted in the possibility of going against Trump for the White House. They watched, smirking, as a dutiful media leveled one attack after another against the New York billionaire.

Though Trump sometimes stumbled, he never fell, and he never backed off. In the political ring, he proved himself capable of taking a punch, shaking it off, and punching back. America hasn’t seen that kind of grit from a Republican since the days of Ronald Reagan, and it has won many a voter over – including millions of Democrats who have, and will, be voting for Trump.

Rosa Parks’s simple refusal to be categorized by the establishment as second-class helped to propel a movement that changed all of America for the better.

Donald Trump’s remarkably resilient insurgent campaign for the presidency now seeks to do the same.


Media Freaks Out Over Trump’s “Rigged Election” Comments

Could it be Donald Trump’s warning of a rigged election process is hitting too close to home for the Mainstream Media? As of this morning, every major cable news program, from Fox News to CNN, were lambasting Trump for suggesting the election process in America is rigged.

Didn’t these same media figures watch a recent video that proved such rigging takes place? Why are they now fighting back against something they already know to be true? Here is the NYC Democrat Election Commissioner admitting the very kind of rigging Donald Trump is now warning about:

So within the last week, video evidence is produced of a major city elections commissioner admitting that election fraud takes place – and the Mainstream Media says nothing. And then when Donald Trump warns voters that the now-admitted fraud might once again take place this November, the same Mainstream Media ridicules him for saying what has already been proven to be true.

Listen today to find out how many times you’ll hear a media pundit and or newscaster state someone is more likely to be struck by lightning than impacted by voter fraud. They hatched that line last week – WITH INPUT FROM THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN. The same Clinton campaign that worked hand in hand with DNC officials to rig the primary race process at the expense of Bernie Sanders. And it was the DNC, working in conjunction with the media, who made certain to give Hillary Clinton the debate questions beforehand. (Another grievous example of a “rigged election” the Mainstream Media largely ignored due in great part because it was a story that implicated them in the ongoing political process fraud being perpetrated against the American people.)

Could the fix be in?

To deny that possibility is to deny already-proven political reality. Team Clinton’s own operatives have already admitted that winning at any cost is the objective, morality and the law be damned…


Newt Gingrich: Political Coup Is What Is Happening To America Right Now (VIDEO)

The former Speaker of the House didn’t hold back in describing the truth of what is now happening to the election process in America, including those who are responsible, and how Donald Trump is the only figure in the modern era of American politics, who has taken the corrupt, colluding machine head on.

This is a must-watch:

Martha Raddatz tries to mock the idea of election fraud, while Gingrich reminds her this country’s own history has proven fraud takes place. He also explains that without the media, Trump would be defeating Hillary Clinton by fifteen points and poised to win in a landslide.



Donald Trump Thumps Paul Ryan In Just-Released GOP Leadership Poll

Earlier this week, House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted a kill-shot coup against Donald Trump’s candidacy. The timing was in part, intended to halt Trump’s momentum following what is now widely regarding as a remarkably strong performance at the second presidential debate that had the New York billionaire repeatedly pummeling Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

A new poll suggests Speaker Ryan is losing his war with Trump.

What Ryan, and so many other anti-Trumpers don’t understand, be it through choice or ignorance, is that Donald Trump represents something far greater than Donald Trump. Trump is the embodiment of years of voter anger and disappointment in a leaderless Washington D.C. and a federal government that continues to grow bigger and more expensive while becoming increasingly less effective at doing anything right.

Donald Trump’s imperfect but plain-spoken version of America-first patriotism has millions holding out hope that for the first time in a very long time, the 2016 election is offering a real choice. Trump is the choice of dramatic change, while Hillary Clinton is the choice of more and more of the same.

Speaker Ryan feels himself marginalized by Trump’s popularity, and his attempted attacks against Mr. Trump were both petty and self-serving. Voters are realizing that, and Ryan’s status both within and outside of the party, is now rightfully suffering.


NBC/FOX Appear To Commit Blatant Polling Fraud

An NBC/MSNBC/Fox News poll you say? Why yes, via what is officially classified as an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. Remember, the Wall Street Journal is majority owned by the same family who owns Fox News – the Murdoch Clan.

And what NBC/Fox News did following the second debate that had Donald Trump CRUSHING Hillary Clinton is nothing short of astonishing in that it takes polling fraud to an entirely new level.  Check it out:

The national poll results showing Hillary Clinton with a double-digit lead over Donald Trump has been repeated across all of the Mainstream Media outlets today, and certainly by Fox News, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC – with the clear intent of trying to convince voters of a Hillary Clinton Election Day tsunami.

The above poll is being advertised as the first post-second debate poll.

Except it actually wasn’t taken after the debate.

The poll was initiated two days before the debate, and was concluded on the day of the debate. Worse yet, the majority of the polling was completed before the debate, thus, making this very much NOT a post-second debate poll.

The media is lying to you about that. BIG TIME.

Now, once we delve into the actual “meat” of the poll itself, we find something else quite startling. That is, if attempting to conduct a fair and honest poll was actually the intent. (Which it clearly wasn’t in this case.)

Of those polled, 46% indicated they voted for Barack Obama in 2012, and only 32% for Mitt Romney – a very lopsided +14% polling sample when you consider Obama defeated Romney nationally by about 4%. That also means that the NBC/Wall Street Journal/Fox News poll over-sampled Democrat-leaning voters by more than 300%. (4% of actual national results vs +14% from the polling sample.)

Another way to look at is is this. NBC/Wall Street Journal gave Hillary Clinton a +14 polling sample advantage, but she was only able to garner a +10 result, meaning she is actually under-performing by 4% points!

And another thing to consider that reveals just how slanted this poll is. It was taken immediately after the Trump “naughty-word” tape scandal broke on Friday, and then concluded the day of the second debate.

This poll was skewed from the outset, did NOT include voter input after the second debate, and in fact shows Hillary Clinton under-performing badly given the lopsided polling sample.

You won’t get Fox News, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, or the Wall Street Journal reporting those facts though.

You can access the poll internals HERE

You have to dig around a bit to find them, but it’s all there, though understandably hidden somewhat given how fraudulent the media-spin polling results are.


“Hillary Clinton Threatened Me, After Bill Clinton Raped Me.” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has had enough of the political and media hypocrisy that would obsess over his sometimes questionable choice of words, versus Bill and Hillary Clinton’s unquestionably horrific choice of actions. The Republican candidate for President declares war on the hypocrisy of the political and media elite, as thousands cheer him on to continue doing just that:


Trump Rocks Clinton Machine With Epic Second Debate Throwdown

Even before the debate was formally started, Donald Trump was pushing back HARD against the sleazy tactics of the Clinton Machine that culminated in days of exaggerated outrage by establishment politicians and media over an eleven-year-old audio recording that captured brief locker-room styled banter between Donald Trump and then Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush.

While apologizing for his words, Trump pointed to four women – all victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s attacks against them, and reminded the nation of the Clintons’ actions that have long brutalized women.


It was the first time former Bill Clinton and would-be president Hillary Clinton, had to sit in the same room with some of their victims of the past. The media has purposely ignored their stories, even as some politicians have held up the Clintons as the paragon of virtue and values.

Donald Trump was willing to allow these same women, these survivors, an opportunity to remind older voters, and introduce a new generation of voters, of the abusive legacy that has long been a foundation of the Clinton Machine.

After getting through an initially awkward fifteen minutes of having to acknowledge and apologize for the hot mic moment of eleven years ago, Trump initiated a powerful pivot to the real concerns now facing America, and soundly defeated Hillary Clinton both on substance and sincerity.

By the last third of the debate, Clinton sat hunched over in her chair, looking tired, fighting back a cough, and clearly wanting to be off the debate stage as quickly as possible. It was a stark contrast to Donald Trump, who seemed to gain energy as the debate progressed, even as he found himself taking on not only Hillary Clinton, but the two blatantly biased debate moderators as well. By the debate’s conclusion, the New York billionaire had swatted away his debate forum detractors, and emerged the undeniable winner, leaving even some of his many media detractors, marveling over Mr. Trump’s tenacity and ability to come back from what would have been a political death blow to a lesser candidate. Some likened Trump to Rocky Balboa, a man who is able to take a devastating amount of damage, and yet somehow grows stronger by it, and comes back swinging.

It was a fascinating, remarkable, and powerful performance from a man who has transitioned from private businessman to politician just sixteen months earlier, and since that time, has shaken up the entirety of the political and media establishments in America and beyond. There can be no doubt Donald Trump is a fighter the likes of which has never been seen in the modern era of American politics. More and more voters are now wondering, hoping, that he might be the one to fight just as hard for the people of this country.


Why Won’t The Media Investigate How The Clintons Became So Rich?

The Mainstream Media and its Democrat cohorts continue to demand Donald Trump release his tax returns, thinking it a winning issue that makes the New York billionaire look like, well…a New York billionaire?

And yet, these same figures are absolutely silent on something potentially far more nefarious. How is it that two “nearly broke” public servants are now worth upwards of a quarter-BILLION dollars?  Where did all that money come from?

The symbols of Donald Trump’s great wealth are easily distinguished by the skyscrapers and golf courses that carry his name. Mr. Trump has been building things for decades.

What have Hillary and Bill Clinton built that has made them so astronomically wealthy?

Surely not the Clinton Foundation, for that is a non-profit entity, right?

Perhaps most of their current wealth comes from the as reported by CNN, amount of $153 million dollars in speaking fees accumulated by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton since 2001. Much of this money came in the form of payments from entities like big banks, drug companies, and overseas governments – namely Middle East nations like Saudi Arabia. Hillary Clinton will talk out of one side of her mouth claiming to represent the needs of women, while at the very same time happily taking money from nations that have long considered women as less than human.

All told, those speaking and “consulting” fees account for the vast majority of the Clintons’ current wealth:

And the lion’s share of this great wealth was generated during Hillary Clinton’s time as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Over half of the meetings Hillary Clinton held as Secretary of State were with figures who then donated to the Clinton Foundation and/or paid Bill Clinton for a speech.

Think on that. It is illegal for a public servant in America to receive funds from outside sources. What the Clintons did was create the Clinton Foundation as a front for their extensive personal fundraising activities. Hillary Clinton held public office, which means she also held sway over significant U.S. government agreements that were of great interest to a multitude of outside individuals. These individuals would donate to the Clinton Foundation and/or pay Bill Clinton a substantial “speaking fee” and gain direct access to Hillary Clinton and thus, U.S. government policy.

Access and influence upon OUR American government is what Bill and Hillary Clinton have been selling since 2001, and it has made them very-very wealthy. The Russians have paid them, as have the Chinese, the Saudis, and a long list of other foreign entities.

And the Mainstream Media now remains largely silent on the whole sordid affair.

Hillary Clinton herself accepted numerous speaking fees from Wall Street – millions of dollars worth. To this day she refuses to release the transcripts of those speeches to the institutions she now tries to convince Middle Class Americans she will stand up to.  The media continues to give her a pass on her refusal to release those transcripts while clamoring to push the the Trump tax return narrative.

“Hillary release your transcripts” should be a clarion call across the country at this moment, for those transcripts offer a critical glimpse into the Clinton mindset – one which tells anyone willing to pay that the American government is very much for sale, regardless of the needs of the American people.

For Bill and Hillary, the needs of the many have never been so important as the needs of the Clintons.


Hillary Clinton’s Porn Star/Murder Accomplice/Organized Crime Campaign Disaster

Team Clinton, in what now looks to be a clearly desperate move to try and generate support among women voters, name-dropped Alicia Machado during this week’s prime-time presidential debate. Mrs. Clinton accused Donald Trump of having called Machado, a former Miss. Universe pageant winner some twenty years ago, “Ms. Piggy” when Machado gained seventy pounds following her pageant victory.

What the Clinton campaign failed to do, apparently, was vet Machado’s shocking past – a past that includes pornography, being investigated as an accomplice to murder, and for having a relationship with notorious gangster, Jose Alvarez, according to now multiple media reports.


ABOVE: Porn star,Playboy centerfold, alleged murder accomplice, and now Clinton campaign representative, Alicia Machado. When recently asked about her link to a murder, Machado simply stated she, “…wasn’t a saint.”



The online comments to the still-developing story have been less than kind to Hillary’s blunder:

“Hillary Clinton claims she can protect America from terrorists. How can she say that when she can’t even protect her own campaign from attention-seeking porn stars who lay down with criminals? Was this Bill Clinton’s idea to make her part of the campaign?”  

“Let me get this straight. Hillary Clinton is trying to get more support from women voters by pushing out a Playboy centerfold who appears to have done anything and anyone for a buck and fifteen minutes of fame? Now I know why every time I see and hear Hillary talking I feel like I need to take a shower. GROSS.”

“How in the hell does a presidential campaign with the baggage it has concerning women because of Bill Clinton’s many abuses, think it’s a good idea to use a porn star as its new spokesperson for all things women? This has got to be some kind of joke, right?”


Miss Universe Alicia Machado who sparked Donald Trump Miss Piggy row had SEX on a reality show called The Farm

FACT CHECK: Hillary Caught Lying AGAIN About TPP During Presidential Debate

During last night’s debate, Hillary Clinton denied calling the TPP – the “Trans Pacific Partnership” which is yet another lopsided trade agreement that will likely cost thousands and thousands of American jobs, the “Gold Standard” of trade agreements. Her reason for doing so is clear. Voters now don’t favor the TPP.

Not so long ago, Hillary Clinton did favor the TPP – very much so! 

Here is the exact exchange between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from last night:

DONALD TRUMP: You called it the gold standard. You call it the gold standard of trade deals.

HILLARY CLINTON: You know what —

DONALD TRUMP: You said it’s the finest deal you’ve ever seen.


Hillary Clinton lied – big league. She repeatedly advocated for the TPP until she found herself losing to her former primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, on the subject. Suddenly, Mrs. Clinton changed her tune.

Last night, she outright denied her own past – even though it was caught on video. It is a reminder of Hillary Clinton’s character that was outlined so succinctly by another former primary opponent – Barack Obama:


Clinton Campaign Tells Debate Moderator Lester Holt To Attack Trump & Protect Hillary

And the order came directly from the top of the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

Campaign manager Robby Mook, during an interview with CBS, stated he fully expects Lester Holt, the NBC anchor and moderator for tonight’s debate, to “check” Donald Trump.

“We are concerned that Donald Trump may lie, he may throw misinformation out there, and that Hillary will have to spend all of her time trying to correct the record rather than talking about the things she wants to accomplish…So if Donald Trump lies, which he has repeatedly done in the past, that that be simply checked.” -Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook

The instructions are clear, the intent certain.

Lester Holt is to actively insert himself into tonight’s debate, and play the role of facilitator FOR the Hillary Clinton campaign. What Mook is asking for, is that if Donald Trump is winning the debate, Holt is to intervene on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.

The question now is if Mr. Holt will do the bidding of the Clinton campaign and the vast majority within the Mainstream Media, and do just that, or will he instead do the bidding of the American people who want, for once, a fair and balanced presidential debate?

We’ll have our answer soon enough.


Healthcare Costs See Largest Year Over Year Price Increase In 34 Years.


The Obama economy is an era of stagnant wages and skyrocketing medical costs which are decimating Middle Class America.

One of the quickest ways to destroy America is to eliminate its middle class.

It appears the Obama era is working double-time to do just that:

“Prices for medicine, doctor appointments and health insurance rose the most last month since 1984…a recent report by Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits forecasts that the average family health care plan will cost $18,142, up 3.4% from 2015. That’s faster than wage growth in America…Premiums on the Obamacare exchanges are expected to rise by double-digits this year.”

In November, voters will have a choice.

Hillary Clinton represents more of the same: Fewer jobs, lower wages, bigger government, higher healthcare costs.

Donald Trump represents something vastly different than the above.

America, it’s almost time to choose.


“Deplorables” Prepare To Give Donald Trump Win In Ohio – And Possibly America

A little over a month ago, political pundits had all but declared Ohio locked up for Hillary Clinton, and thus, a likely easy walk into the White House for the Clinton campaign.

And then came an army of “deplorable” Americans who decided Mrs. Clinton did not represent the nation’s values nearly so much as she represents her own desire for power and influence.

The results of Hillary’s dismissive, elitist rebuke of millions of Americans has possibly been most astonishing in Ohio, bastion of American Midwest values.

“Hillary Clinton calls people who aren’t supporting her deplorable and irredeemable. I call people who aren’t supporting me American citizens—who are entitled to the same respect as anyone else—and I will not stop campaigning for every last American vote, in every last American community, right up until November 8th.”  -Donald Trump during recent speech in Ohio.

It is no happenstance that Trump’s Ohio surge (along with other Midwest states such as Michigan and Wisconsin) came at the same times as Ford Motor Company’s announcement it was shipping all of its small-car production to Mexico – another hard kick to the collective nuts of Middle Class America.

Trump has warned jobs would continue to move out of this country if people continued to vote for the same-old-same-old. He says we can do better, and people are starting to not only listen, but more importantly, believe, that to be true.

One month ago, the Quinnipiac poll had Hillary Clinton winning in Ohio by 4 points.

This very same poll now has Donald Trump leading Ohio by 1 – a five point swing in just four weeks and a sign momentum is clearly in the Trump campaign’s favor. It is said internal polling that the Clinton campaign was quick NOT to let be known, has Trump with a more comfortable five-point lead in the critical battleground state. Those numbers have Team Clinton currently panicking and pleading with its media cohorts to change the political narrative to one that forcefully pushes back against Donald Trump’s recent successes.

If it’s Ohio for Trump on Election Day, it will likely be America for Trump as well, and the Clinton campaign is more determined than ever to make certain that doesn’t happen.


Clinton Operatives Urge Calm: “Hofstra will be Trump’s Waterloo. After the debate, he’s done.”

Hillary Clinton has had a horrible few weeks, culminating in her literal collapse on a sidewalk that had her security detail throwing her into the back of a van like a wet sack of grain as her unresponsive feet dragged along the concrete.

The campaign then went into full on blackout mode for nearly two hours, eventually declaring that Mrs. Clinton had become “overheated” at the 9-11 memorial service, despite relatively mild temperatures accompanied by a breeze.

Once some in the media (including physicians) began to question the overheating explanation for Mrs. Clinton’s collapse, the campaign then announced Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and had fallen ill while attending the memorial service.

This announcement was in direct contradiction to Hillary’s emerging from a location stated to be her daughter’s apartment where the former Secretary of State declared to the media that she was “feeling great” before getting into a van and rushed off to what was said to be her home in Chappaqua for some much-needed rest. (Rumors suggest a full medical detail was already awaiting her there.)

Now Team Clinton, having once again circled the wagons and successfully reached out to its most trusted media supporters who are working hard to push the “she’s doing fine” narrative, is communicating to party leaders and more importantly, party donors, that “after Hofstra” all will be well once again.

Hofstra is a reference to the very first (and possibly most critical) presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to take place at New York’s Hofstra University on September 26th. The debate is to be moderated by NBC’s Lester Holt.

The debate format will be six 15-minutes sections focusing on topics chosen by the debate moderator, Mr. Holt. The campaigns are to be told what the topics will be approximately one week before the scheduled debate.

Whispers suggest Clinton operatives are extremely confident about the debate outcome:

“Hofstra will be Trump’s Waterloo. After the debate, he’s done.”