MAGA! DOW Jumps +5000 Points In One Year For The First Time EVER

Make no mistake, if Donald Trump were a far left globalist Democrat, the Mainstream Media coverage would be at this very moment portraying him as the most remarkable American president of the modern era. The fact the media has taken the opposite approach doesn’t seem to bother POTUS too much. Instead he has a remarkably unleashed U.S. economy to speak for him. For the first time in the history of the United States, the DOW has enjoyed a year-over-year increase of 5000 points. That correlates into hundreds of BILLIONS going back into the retirement accounts of everyday Americans all across the country and hundreds of thousands of new high-paying jobs being created right here and right now. (And of course if Trump were a far left globalist Democrat the economy wouldn’t be doing nearly so well as it is now!)

Mr. Trump started his presidency slashing the piles of federal regulations that had been accumulated at a break-neck pace during the Obama years. Businesses responded in kind by expanding, creating more jobs, and as those with even just a basic understanding of economics understand, actually paying more in taxes due to the resulting economic expansion.

The reduction in regulation was joined by POTUS Trump’s highly successful overseas tours that saw him bring back nearly a TRILLION dollars in new trade agreements. The Establishment Media did all it could to portray these trips as failures. NOT TRUE. Mr. Trump used the might of the American market to muscle his way into making some significant America-First trade deals that are already paying positive dividends here at home. Again, more jobs, more tax revenue, a stronger economy.

Now we are on the verge of a tax cut/reform deal that includes eliminating federal penalties on people who don’t want to sign up for the failed Obamacare mandate. While not a perfect tax plan, its a big step in the right direction. Some tax experts estimate the positive impact on small business and innovation will be especially positive. The net gain will again be more jobs, more money into the pockets of the Middle Class which in turn makes for a stronger and more prosperous America.

The far left elite continue to satisfy themselves with insipid (and unfunny) jokes at Mr. Trump’s expense. They hear their own laughter echo back at them on the right and left coasts and think the whole country is joining in on that laughter. It isn’t.  Donald Trump has already amassed a number of considerable successes as President of the United States even as the liberal elites in New York and Hollywood continue to be exposed as inhuman degenerates. The real joke is on them.