REPORT: The Real Reason Trump’s Lead Attorney On Mueller Investigation Quit

Following attorney John Dowd’s announced departure the Establishment Media rushed to report on more “chaos” inside the Trump legal team that is navigating the increasingly wide-reaching waters of the Mueller witch-hunt investigation. The truth, as it often is when it comes to anti-Trump media reports, is actually a far simpler one.

Donald Trump has no fear of Robert Meuller. His now-former lead attorney John Dowd does. Trump is willing to sit down and be interviewed/interrogated by Meuller. Dowd apparently thinks that is a horrible idea.

And that’s it. Trump is going it his way and Dowd is stepping aside. No great drama. No volatile clash of personalities. Just a lawyer with a strong-willed client who appears wholly confident of his own innocence and who is willing and ready to stare down Mueller and brush aside his year-long “investigation” once and for all.

That’s not to say Dowd’s concerns of a Mueller sitdown with the President aren’t justified. According to various sources, Dowd views Mueller as a snake working his way close enough to the Oval Office to finally deliver a bite while the President sees Mueller as just another Deep State nuisance who will scurry away when confronted directly. Dowd’s departure appears to indicate Trump is preparing to have that sitdown with Mueller sooner rather than later.

If that does happen it will truly represent the Deep State vs Donald Trump and his millions of supporters.

As for the outcome – who knows?