Drudge Confirms D.C. Whispers (Again) Republicans Stall Trump Agenda. Use Media Attacks As Excuse

The relentless Mainstream Media attacks on all things Trump are now being used by Establishment Republicans to excuse House and Senate Republican leaders from actively engaging in trying to accomplish the Trump agenda – the same agenda that won him a stunning victory over globalist Hillary Clinton. Tax cuts are being delayed. Obamacare repeal and reform is being delayed. Regulation reform is being delayed. And on and on and on.

The plan is clear. Marginalize Trump with alleged scandal after scandal, do nothing, and then push Trump out in 2020 – if not sooner.

(ABOVE: This is the image Drudge is using today to convey what he knows to be the anti-Trump war being waged in D.C. by BOTH Establishment Republicans and Democrats to destroy Trump’s plans to put American first.)


Here was the D.C. Whispers headline weeks earlier on the very scenario now unfolding:

Ryan Works With Pelosi & Schumer To Stall Trump Economic Recovery

And now this from BLOOMBERG. As usual, other news sources are slow to catch up to the information being provided here in real-time:

“…House Republicans are planning to meet Thursday behind closed doors to try to regain some momentum on their plan to repeal Obamacare, but action still remains weeks away, or longer. These delays, in turn, push back the GOP’s tax plans.

Neither issue has progressed enough to be on schedule to wrap up by August recess, according to a person familiar with leadership’s thinking who isn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Even if Congress gets to the tax bill by the end of the year, it’s unlikely to have any impact in 2017, giving the changes little time to spur economic growth before the 2018 midterm election. While Republicans will be able to claim success in rolling back some regulations, party leaders privately recognize they need to pick up the pace on health care and taxes to get back on track, the person said.

That won’t be easy. Congress is taking a one-week recess next week.”


Voters gave Republicans the House. At that time, Republican leaders claimed there was still little they could do because they didn’t yet control the Senate. So, voters gave Republicans the Senate. The same excuse was then applied by Republicans who said nothing could be done because they didn’t have the White House. In 2016, voters gave Republicans control of the White House. And what do we hear now? More excuses. Now, despite controlling all of Congress and the White House, the Republican leadership, along with their Democrat counterparts, are tabling much of the Trump agenda for being “too difficult” to be done too quickly. After SIX YEARS of demanding Obamacare’s repeal, these Republicans are now backing away from the power to do just that. After decades of demanding sweeping tax reforms that would empower the people and not government, these Republicans are shaking their heads and urging both caution and patience. After years of claiming to want to shrink the size of government, Paul Ryan’s office is said to be preparing a budget that would INCREASE it by hundreds of billions of dollars. It is also alleged operatives linked to Ryan’s office are working in conjunction with Obama loyalists within various government agencies to provide leaked information to cooperative media sources, meaning the same negative news Republicans are citing as reasons for the current slow and uncertain legislative climate is being provided/created by those very same Republicans.

Donald Trump, with the help of millions of supporters defeated the anti-American, globalist machine to win the presidency. That same machine is now fighting back and working diligently to ensure the Trump presidency is a failure.




Did Justice Scalia Warn Drudge About Govt War On Free Speech Shortly Before His Death?

There was a very interesting tidbit from the often controversial Alex Jones of InfoWars when he stated during an interview that Matt Drudge had been warned by a member of the Supreme Court that the Court was being told to “get on board banning Free Speech.”

The timing is particular notable given conservative stalwart Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in February while staying at a upscale hunting resort in Texas.

Just a few months prior to Justice Scalia’s death, Matt Drudge was interviewed by Alex Jones. The primary subject of that interview was a warning from Mr. Drudge that free speech was under assault in America.

Coincidence? Here is Alex Jones himself speaking to the subject:

(Please begin at the 17:47 mark of the video below)