THANKS, OBAMA: More People Now Out Of Work Than At Any Other Time In American History

Talk about depressing.

According to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 94 MILLION Americans are currently out of the labor force, a stunningly bad figure that, if not reversed, brings the entirety of the U.S. economy toward the brink of total collapse.

And for those defenders of Barack Obama (namely Mr. Obama himself) HOLD UP.

You want to know what the jobless rate was in 2009 when the country was in the middle of the Great Recession?

80.5 million.

That’s right – during Barack Obama’s tenure as President, nearly 15 million MORE people have dropped out of the labor force.

That isn’t an economic recovery.

That’s a disaster – and THAT’s the Obama economy.

And for those who claim much of that decline in the labor participation rate is caused by retirement of Baby Boomers would do well to remember that as of now, the single largest generation currently in America are those beloved snowflake Millennials as outlined in this recent headline via PEW RESEARCH:

Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation

Under a stronger economy, those Millennial workers would be more than filling the vacancies left by retired Baby Boomers.


Millions of Millennials remain unemployed, living at home, wasting what are to be the most productive work years of their lives obsessed with Social Media and the latest video games, a generation lost in perpetual college attendance, safe spaces, and repeated manufactured outrage – overfed, under-motivated, and an ever-increasing drain on a nation with dangerously limited financial resources:

Think about this and then try and argue America is not in serious economic trouble:

Among the youngest and now the largest generation in America, is also among the most unemployed. 

That trend is unsustainable, and if not reversed, economic collapse is the only possible result.

Thanks, Obama.


Barack Obama, King Of Irrelevance, Tells A Whopper Of A Lie During Convention Speech

There are lies, and then there are Obama lies, and last night, Barack Obama put his penchant for historical revisionism on full display, condemning those who would judge him too harshly and using referencing himself and his “achievement” over a hundred times.

And then he said this:  

“The economy is better off by almost every economic measure.”

Then again, given he has overseen the DOUBLING of the national debt (meaning your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren will each be burdened with hundreds of thousands of dollars of Obama spending decades from now) math is clearly not Barack Obama’s best subject.

But c’mon, Mr. President, even you cannot be so self-involved to think economic reality no longer exists in the bubble you and your handlers have so diligently crafted around the entirety of your administration:

(see graphic below)


Under Barack Obama, the rich have gotten (MUCH) richer, the poor (MUCH) poorer, the Middle Class is shrinking, manufacturing jobs continue to go overseas, replaced by lower pay service jobs, (more and more Americans are working harder for less pay – often via multiple jobs to try and make ends meet) Obamacare is even worse than those of us who initially opposed it thought it would be, (high costs, rampant fraud, and the emerging collapse of the entire system) millions more on government assistance, minority neighborhoods falling apart, higher crime rates, deeper division, and over 70% who feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Yeah, you’ve done well, Obama.

Hey, perhaps by 2017 you will have truly accomplished your primary goal of destroying all of America?



Former Reagan Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Warns Of Impending Recession (VIDEO)

He is among the brightest free-market minds on deciphering  U.S. economic indicators, and as of this week, Larry Kudlow is warning that tepid business growth has resulted in equally tepid jobs growth and that means we are currently in a “shallow” business recession that could quickly worsen into a larger-scale recession unless the country changes course.

It should also be noted that Mr. Kudlow is currently advising the Trump campaign on economic issues.

Check out the Kudlow commentary below:











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Trump Turns To Reagan-Era Economic Advisers To Bring American Economy Back To Life

For those who remember the record-breaking era of economic prosperity that was the Reagan years, you will be happy to learn that the Team Trump is at this very moment receiving advice from some of the most influential economic policy advisers who helped shape that Reagan-era success.

Names like Laffer, Moore, and Kudlow were once synonymous with an America that saw itself push back from the deep doldrums of the Carter economic morass, and Team Trump, with the encouragement of Trump campaign supervisor Paul Manafort, is now working to bring a version of that 1980’s success to 2017 and beyond.

“American jobs for American workers.”

So goes the mantra inside the still-developing Trump economic platform. Job creation is rivaled only by the subject of national security as priorty #1 for the New York billionaire – and now Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, and Larry Kudlow are all on board helping to see that job creation goal go from the realm of hopeful to reality and doing so by eliminating top tier tax deductions and most importantly, expanding the tax-payer base while delivering much-needed tax relief to the long-embattled American Middle Class.

“This is really for the economy and the future of our country, and the most important election since Reagan’s election in 1980,” Moore said. “Every conversation that we have with either Mr. Trump or the Trump campaign staff, we say, ‘This is the JFK-Reagan, supply-side, tax-cutting agenda that worked to cause a big economic boom in the ’60s and ’80s, and we can do it again.’ ”

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Laffer remarked on the similarities he sees between Reagan, a man he worked with, and Trump, a man he first met two months earlier inside Trump Tower. Mr. Laffer noted how Reagan, like Trump, was initially mocked and vilified by the Republican and media establishment who dismissed Reagan as a simpleton, war-monger, and bigot only to find just a few years later that same Republican establishment singing the praises of Reagan who had by then emerged as one of the most popular and successful American presidents of the modern era.

Trump is “going to make mistakes, but he’s going to do some great things too, and I think you’re going to be very, very pleasantly surprised with a Trump presidency,” Laffer said.



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