The Most Accurate Election Outcome Prediction Was RIGHT HERE – FIRST.

Based on information from a highly trusted source, D.C. Whispers went live with a stunning pre-Election Day scenario that many welcomed, some dismissed, and yet others attacked.

In the end, it was D.C. Whispers who was proven right, and its few but vocal detractors so very-very wrong.



Here was the headline to that report published nearly three full days before Election Day:

Want To Know Why Team Trump Has Been So Positive Of Late? Here’s Why…

Now with the actual Election Day results known, check out this information that was an essential part of that report from three days earlier and see how it played out almost EXACTLY as forecast here via D.C. Whispers:


“…Moving on from North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio (three HUGE Trump wins if this internal polling data holds) there is the battle for Pennsylvania, a state that has long been considered Republican “fools gold” as it draws in a Republican presidential candidate’s time and resources, only to end up voting Democrat.

This time might be different, and here’s why. Outside of Philadelphia, Trump is polling extremely well. So well in fact, he might just overcome the Philly deficit and win the state – and Team Hillary knows it and is in a panic to add resources there to prevent that from happening. This resource shift has then made the Clinton campaign more vulnerable in places they never, until quite recently, thought they would be:

Virginia and Michigan.

The Trump campaign is said to be feeling increasingly confident they will get a win in at least one of those two states, though in the last 48-hours, some are thinking a 2/2 outcome is not only possible – but probable. There has been an upsurge in the old Reagan Democrats voting bloc who are showing seriously motivated enthusiasm for Donald Trump. It has been more than three decades since this segment of the Democrat Party has been so willing to vote for the Republican ticket, and though not as numerous as they were in the 1980’s, could still prove pivotal in securing Trump victories in historically blue states.

NOTE: Trump’s last-minute move into Wisconsin is strategic. We won’t say more than that for now. Let’s just see if the strategy works.”


Of course we now know that the above scenario was very nearly duplicated on Election Day. Team Trump carried Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio and then outperformed all the Mainstream Media polling to put up a very serious challenge in Virginia, while also taking Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Team Clinton and the political pundits were certain the battle would be almost exclusively waged for North Carolina and Florida, (while shoring up their defenses in Virginia and conceding Ohio) and it was to be in those two states where Trump’s campaign would ultimately be crushed. Failing to win there, they then watched the Election Night results in stunned disbelief as Team Trump outmaneuvered them in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and most astonishingly, Wisconsin.

Those three wins made it game over . Donald Trump won the White House, just as outlined here via D.C. Whispers’ days-earlier report:

Want To Know Why Team Trump Has Been So Positive Of Late? Here’s Why…



Donald Trump is the Rosa Parks Of Modern American Politics

Yes, a New York billionaire and an Alabama-born African American woman have much in common.

Rosa Parks, the iconic symbol of the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement, and Donald Trump, the insurgent Republican candidate for President of the United States, are connected by their shared fight for inclusion into a system that would rather have them on the outside looking in.

ABOVE: Trump pictured with Rosa Parks in 1986 when both were recipients of the Ellis Island Award.


And like Parks in 1955, Trump has refused to sit in the back of this country’s 2016 political bus.

Rosa Parks’s act of moral defiance stirred millions more to denounce an establishment that was in need of serious self-reflection and change for the better.

Donald Trump’s defiance of a similarly corrupt political system some sixty years later has also stirred millions in this country to demand change from both the political and media establishments.

Rosa Parks was arrested for her refusal to accept a fate prescribed to her by those who thought themselves her betters.

Donald Trump has seen his reputation attacked from all sides, his business empire threatened, and his personal fortunes diminished for having the audacity to give voters a choice outside of the political establishment.

Just as Rosa Parks came to realize her singular refusal to sit in the back of the bus became something far greater than one person, so too has Donald Trump repeatedly indicated an awareness that the political movement his candidacy has created extends well beyond the parameters of himself.

“This isn’t about me. This is a movement, folks.”

For years a growing number of Americans have watched the slow but steady decline of this country and wondered, often in silence, why our elected leaders appeared to choose time and time again to do nothing, or worse, act in a way that only hastened our seemingly imminent demise.

There were moments of collective outrage, where these voices of shared concern became temporarily unified, such as Ross Perot’s candidacy of the 1990’s, and the Tea Party movement of 2009.

Each time, the media and political establishments coordinated in their efforts to demean and minimize such opposition to the status quo, most often using the weapon of political correctness to charge participants with claims of racism, or repeatedly mocking them for their supposed lack of intelligence and understanding of how things “really worked.”

And each time, those efforts to demean and frustrate were successful. Ross Perot retreated into irrelevance, his reputation bruised and battered for having dared challenge those self-anointed political masters. (In his case, the Bush family – the very same family who has been so instrumental in fomenting opposition to Trump.)

The Tea Party, lacking a unifying voice, also became disjointed and far less effective in waging war against the status quo and by Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012, was widely viewed by the masses of uninformed as a racist group of unhappy white people. The end result was fewer and fewer willing to openly align themselves with the true motives of the Tea Party – namely smaller government and more personal freedoms.

Then came Donald Trump.

Upon declaring his candidacy for President of the United States, the media pounced with gleeful abandon, no doubt confident their doing so would send Trump scurrying for cover.

Trump didn’t scurry, though, he fought back – HARD.

Voters took notice. Donald Trump was talking the language of common sense – their language, and not apologizing for doing so.

We’re a country, right? So secure the damn border. We’re shipping off tens of thousands of jobs overseas every year, right? So stop doing that and renegotiate these idiotic one-sided trade agreements. ISIS is killing by the thousands? Wipe the Islamic terrorist scum out! We’re the United States, for crying out loud. If something needs to be done – WE DO IT.

Soon, the Republican Establishment was joining the same liberal media who had attacked them for so long in attacking Donald Trump. And one by one, those establishment politicians were dispatched, despite repeated claims and prognostications from the political pundits that Trump would quickly be relegated to the scrapheap of political-oddities history.

He wasn’t.

Donald Trump won primary battle after primary battle and then, despite so many claims that it would never happen, he won the Republican nomination for president.

Enter the Clinton Machine – the essence of what has gone so wrong in American politics over the last forty years.

With political and media ties going back decades, the Clintons and their advocates delighted in the possibility of going against Trump for the White House. They watched, smirking, as a dutiful media leveled one attack after another against the New York billionaire.

Though Trump sometimes stumbled, he never fell, and he never backed off. In the political ring, he proved himself capable of taking a punch, shaking it off, and punching back. America hasn’t seen that kind of grit from a Republican since the days of Ronald Reagan, and it has won many a voter over – including millions of Democrats who have, and will, be voting for Trump.

Rosa Parks’s simple refusal to be categorized by the establishment as second-class helped to propel a movement that changed all of America for the better.

Donald Trump’s remarkably resilient insurgent campaign for the presidency now seeks to do the same.


VIDEO OF THE DAY: Dinesh D’Souza Mic Drops The 2016 Election

One of the most brilliant socio-political minds of our time.

To all of those intending to sit out this election due to dislike of both candidates, please listen to and learn from the message Mr. D’Souza is outlining here. This election isn’t about two people – it’s about America.

Everyone has something to vote FOR this election.

Vote FOR America.


Hillary Goes Full Nutters. Blames Trump For Recent Terror Attacks In America (VIDEO)

It was a bizarre performance to be sure from a candidate who appears to be getting more bizarre by the minute.

Hillary Clinton, who was part of the very administration that created ISIS, is now blaming Donald Trump for radical Islamic terror – though she won’t use that phrase of course, merely referring to such terrorists as, “the bad guys.”

This is a level of deflection that is frightening even by a politician’s standards.

Ah, but never forget that Mrs. Clinton has been paid tens of MILLIONS of dollars by Middle East interests.

She will not bit the hand that feeds her.

So the question to voters is if they will feel it time for America to stand upright and push back against the Middle East corruption that has infested every nook and cranny of this nation’s political process, or vote to protect that very corruption?

THAT is the very essence of the Trump vs Clinton choice.


Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails To Remain Secret Until AFTER The Election

The audacity of the Obama administration’s ongoing manipulation of the upcoming presidential election knows no bounds. The FBI has admitted it uncovered “several thousand” of Hillary Clinton’s work-related deleted emails from her hard-drive. The law enforcement agency is not the one to release those emails though as they are the property of the Obama State Department – the very State Department that is now indicating it will not release those emails for review until some time AFTER the November election.

And check out THIS line from a release by THE HILL just out today:

“…the department claimed that it would need 75 years to process emails for top aides to Clinton.”

The Obama White House is playing slowball, delaying release until after a late-August hearing on the matter, indicating it won’t even begin to address the issue until some time after that, making the chances any of those emails, and certainly those of possible political significance, won’t see the light of day until after the election.

Now here is where the Republican-controlled Congress is once again abdicating its duty. It has the power to at the very least, make this a much more public issue and exert considerable pressure upon the Obama White House to release those emails in a matter of weeks, not months.

The Republican leadership has said almost nothing on the matter, seemingly working in conjunction with the Obama administration to shield Hillary Clinton from what might prove yet another scandal.

Democrat. Republican. Two sides of the very same coin.


The Political Apostle: July 31st, 2016: “All hope abandon, ye who enter here!”

All hope abandon, ye who enter here!  -Dante

“We won’t lose because we can’t lose. It’s simply inconceivable. Years and years and years of preparation. Do you really think they would just sit back and let it all be for nothing? No, not them. Not ever. The White House will be hers, and thus, the country, all of it, will be ours.”

For the sake of this tale, I’ll call him Occam. The name fits given his peculiar penchant for uncomfortably accurate prognostication based upon the repeated premise that if given a choice, regardless of a singular subject or multitudes, it is human nature to attempt more with less.

That is his church, his altar, his place of greatest content.

He loves to win. Even as death tugs at his shirttails, he can only think of the next future, for the past is worthless to him.

“Memory is burden, and I prefer to work light.”

That statement is so…HIM. Arrogant, self-assured, yet ultimately, a pathetic reminder of his near-constant battle to keep himself from being flushed down the drain of irrelevance with all the other spent waste that is yesterday’s news. When I seek the truth, or at the very least, an approximation of that truth, and am unable to secure it on my own, it is to him I find myself going, despite good sense and reason warning me not to do so. For each time, I lose a little more of what I once was. If I don’t stop, there will be nothing of me left. I will be him – a shadow of a shadow, a figment of accumulated experience drowned within the waters of repeated manipulations.

The flesh, bone, and blood will yet remain, but the soul will have departed, never to return.

His own flesh has been badly singed by great power on more than one occasion. He wears those burn scars proudly,  like the most expensive of jewelry. Throw out a name, and he’ll nod, lift up his chin, and remark how he worked with them back in 88′, 92′,99′ 08′, etc. Millionaires  and billionaires, presidents and kings, they are the rarefied oxygen that he breathes. Hell’s Rolodex of the greatest political sinners of the modern era.

He knows just about everyone. Not their public persona, but much more importantly, he knows that which they fear the most.

Their secrets.

“Some of them have wanted me dead over what I know, but I remained valuable enough to more who would rather continue to keep me around, and so, here I am.”

Yes indeed, here he is, 2016, and still doing what he does best.


More recently he has taken to rattling off names of campaign staffers he is directly involved with. Names like John, Jim, Maya, and Joel. He talks mostly of Joel. He likes him, perhaps even respects him, even though I think he is most likely no longer capable of forming such a feeling.

Instead, he is fueled primarily by fear, resentment, and as already stated, the all-consuming desire to win.

“Joel knows his sh*t. The parents of the Muslim soldier they used at the convention? That was Joel’s baby. I could spot his work a mile away. And they are kicking ass with it, aren’t they? Look at the stupid son-of-a-b*tch Donald walk right into it! The man is too primitive for this game. We’re nine steps ahead of him, every step of the way.”

He almost always uses first names when referring to others.

“They can’t prove you knew what you knew. First names are ambiguous. Last names? Well, that can get too close to something or someone real, and that pisses people off. Eventually that is going to come back and bite you. There’s a whole lot of us still around, but none of us have all our fingers and toes left. The important thing, though, is to keep your head.”

As he so often does, he laughs at his own joke.

We’re working for the same goal, but doing so from opposite directions this time. I say “this time” even as I know, though that knowing came far too late, that he was never with me to begin with.

“It’s just business, kid. You’ll understand some day.”

He doesn’t mind. Doesn’t care. Clearly doesn’t think me worthy of being feared. I’m a spent tool, a badly soiled rag, a broken toy from an already almost forgotten war, barely hanging on to whatever is left of my own quickly fading relevance.

I remind him how close the polls are, despite a forty million plus campaign in just the last four weeks to damage Trump, and despite the media giving Hillary Clinton hours and hours of fawning coverage.

It is quite literally, Donald Trump and his supporters -vs- the world.

Case in point. He told me the following, and I believe him. EVERY WORD OF IT.

And so should you, that is, if you care to know the truth.

It goes something like this:

**Last Friday, just three days before the long-scheduled beginning of the Democrat Party’s national convention, Wikileaks released thousands of DNC emails, some of which included clear evidence of an alliance with the Clinton campaign at the expense of insurgent Democrat candidate, Bernie Sanders. Other emails hinted at other biases as well, including Antisemitism and the ridiculing of Hispanic voters. More than one report described the emails as “hateful.”

**Later that evening, a panicked Clinton campaign ( including Joel) huddled with affiliated DNC officials to come up with an alternate version, a subjective pivot, to spin the email hack into something they could use in their favor. It took nearly four hours of intense discussion, but by Saturday morning, that alternative was finding its way to a handful of highly trusted Mainstream Media sources.

And by Monday, the beginning of the convention, there was almost no media discussion on the actual substance of the hacked DNC emails. Instead, there were a multitude of accusations that Russia had done the hacking, and that Donald Trump himself was in favor of it.

“The only political reality that matters is the one WE make, and it doesn’t matter one damn bit whether it has anything to do with the truth or not.”

That’s an old saying of his, but one he has been saying more and more of late, and for good reason. That alternative reality ploy has been applied again and again in Hillary Clinton’s favor in recent months, from her own personal email scandal, to multiple shootings of police officers linked to the Black Lives Matter group, to a tepid economy running on fumes and a presidential campaign still getting away with promising yet more of the same.

So, he says they won’t lose because they can’t lose.

I say they won’t win because they can’t win.

Two sides of a very different coin.

And a truth that will most likely not set either one of us free.

The game is afoot…


As Of This Moment, Donald Trump Is Winning…

The Trump surge is on.

Just-out battleground polls make that fact undeniable – and Team Clinton is none too happy about it.

Via Politico:

New swing-state polls released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University show Trump leading Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania — and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio.

The Clinton campaign responded to this most recent polling data by trying to remind America that “Trump is dangerous.”

Trump in turn responded by telling his supporters thank you with a #I’mWithYou tweet – a direct hit upon Hillary Clinton’s now widely mocked, “I’m With Her” slogan. 

More troubling for Team Clinton is that polling data has consistently under-polled Trump’s actual support – a fact known to them via internal polling the campaign has made certain to not publicize. Team Trump has just began to initiate similar internal polling and are said to be coming up with the same result:

As of this moment, Donald Trump is winning the race for the White House.

Look for the Clinton Machine to demand yet more money from its long list of high-dollar donors to combat the man they declare to be “dangerous” as the Republican National Convention puts Mr. Trump front and center in the national spotlight. 

The war is upon us.



Check Out This Visual That Has Clinton Campaign Hitting The Panic Button


Oh, my…

trump abc

Hillary Clinton’s support is collapsing while Donald Trump’s is surging. The above graphic demonstrates far more than a typical election cycle “bump” but rather a serious trend that might prove increasingly difficult for Team Hillary to counter.

And when one delves more deeply into the polling data, that trend becomes even more troubling for Mrs. Clinton.

In just the last month alone, Donald Trump has enjoyed a 33-point swing in support among millennial voters (ages 18-29) and is now tied with Hillary Clinton among that voting bloc.

That wasn’t supposed to happen and is a yet another reminder of Donald Trump’s unprecedented crossover appeal that could have him competing in states during the General Election a Republican presidential candidate has not competed in since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Things are no doubt getting testy behind the scenes in Clintonville…