Panicked Democrats Threaten House Intelligence Chair For Supporting President Trump

The behavior of Congressional Democrats (and some Establishment Republicans) has become downright bizarre even by their normally bizarre standards. Yesterday, House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes, a Republican, spoke publicly about information he had obtained which indicated members of the Trump campaign had been surveilled and their conversations recorded. this claim appeared to substantiate, at least in part, President Trump’s earlier statements that he had been “wiretapped” by the previous Obama administration.

That declaration by Congressman Nunes has since sent D.C. into an all out scramble mode, a situation that includes Congressman Elijah Cummings, a Democrat, now calling for an investigation to be launched against Congressman Nunes. 

Cummings’ complaint is that Nunes spoke out of turn, going directly to the American people with his thoughts on how the Obama administration did in fact oversee some sort of surveillance against Donald Trump and/or the Trump campaign – a situation that would push the boundaries of normal presidential practice far beyond acceptable.

It should be noted that to date, there has been NO evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign prior to the November Election, and yet Cummings and other Democrats (and some Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham) have had no issue with repeating their “concerns” over a situation the facts state never existed.

At the same time, the House Intelligence Chair comes forward indicating facts show the Obama administration DID in fact know of surveillance of Trump/and or the Trump campaign – and for that, Cummings believes Congressman Nunes should be silenced via threats of an investigation against him.

The D.C. Establishment appears increasingly panicked over having their Shadow Government exposed. Remember the days when Democrats railed against the increased powers then President George W. Bush granted to the U.S. intelligence community following the 9-11 terrorist attacks? Cummings himself voted no on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant in 2007, when Bush was President, then voted to EXPAND those federal surveillance powers in 2011 when Obama was President.

Cummings represents so many of the D.C. politicians, regardless of party affiliation, who have grown drunk on the powers of the federal intelligence agencies of which they believe they have oversight powers over.

What Congressman Nunes confirmed this week is what so many Americans who have been paying attention have long believed – we are being surveilled in this country at every turn. What was once illegal for the federal government to carry out has now become all too common practice, and figures like Elijah Cummings have willfully allowed that expansion of surveillance powers over U.S. citizens.

The Nunes disclosure on the surveillance being conducted against Donald Trump and his campaign is likely just a quick glimpse behind the dark curtain of D.C. corruption and abuse of power. Cummings would see Nunes punished for that.

We the People must make certain Congressman Nunes knows he has our gratitude.