BREAKING: Senator Graham States Emails Prove Hillary Clinton, DNC & DOJ Colluded During Email Investigation

Interesting. If true, this is also Senator Graham implicating the Obama White House which would have to have known about/promoted such collusion:


Hillary Clinton Will Either Be The Next POTUS – Or In Jail.

For Team Clinton, Election Day can’t come soon enough.  Hillary Clinton (and the entire political and media establishment) is fully aware of the implications of either winning or losing the White House. If she wins, the gears of government will be at her disposal, and with the help of an all too-willing media, her scandal-plagued present can merely be another chapter of her already scandal-plagued past.

If she loses the election, though, Hillary Clinton will be looking at an entirely new set of rules overseen by someone who has already made it all too clear what he thinks of her long and growing list of wrongdoing: