Cruz Arrives To Near-Empty Room At Final Indiana Rally

On the campaign trail, a candidate will often tip their head toward the stage on the other side of the curtain and ask staff, “How’s the crowd?” 

Last night in Indiana, that question must have been a decidedly uncomfortable one for Team Cruz:

cruz rally indiana

Reports suggest fewer than a hundred voters turned out to listen to Ted Cruz speak at his final rally in Indiana.



The Campaign Image Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See…

Check out this almost empty campaign event in Ohio today which was heavily promoted by the Clinton campaign as a “women’s event” where Mrs. Clinton would be discussing women issues and her plans to continue pushing for those issues as the next president.

Apparently the women of Ohio wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton’s plans for them. Nobody showed up. What few people who are seen in the below photo are either media, Clinton staffers, and/or representatives of Mrs. Clinton’s Ohio get out the vote team.

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(ABOVE: The campaign event took place at a location intended to house hundreds of Clinton supporters. It appears fewer than a handful bothered to show up.)

This image comes on the very same day a Politico report indicates Bernie Saunders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Iowa, meaning Mrs. Clinton’s socialist opponent might very well win the first two primary state battles early next year. Yet another Drudge report story out today has Clinton operatives “raging” over the now-imploding campaign.

Paging Joe Biden…