CHILLING: German Chancellor Merkel Agrees To Charge Citizen For Anti-Muslim Poem

Turkey’s Muslim-Brotherhood-supporting president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was unhappy about a poem a German satirist created about him. President Erdogan messaged German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she of the take millions of Muslim refugees into Europe infamy, and demanded that Turkey be allowed to prosecute the German comedian.

Read that again if you must. Turkey’s Erdogan demanded he be able to file charges against a German citizen over satire – and Chancellor Merkel has since agreed to allow that very thing.

ABOVE: Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Erdogan has had a particularly cozy relationship with Barack Obama since both men came to power at approximately the same time, almost as if that power was a joint-effort between Turkey and the United States. Germany’s Angela Merkel stands in the background.


Merkel’s defense is to say that by allowing the foreign Muslim leader’s request to charge a German citizen with the crime of satire, it will prove the German legal system “works.” She makes no mention of simply throwing out the case and telling Mr. Erdogan to pound sand. No, instead she once again bends grotesquely to the will of an offended Muslim leader.

Angela Merkel is agreeing to put one of her own citizens on trial for mocking a Muslim thug with deep ties to ISIS as outline by this 2015 report:

“… reported of Erdogan’s deep collaboration with ISIS through logistics, intelligence and satellite imagery. Egyptian intelligence, according to WND, reported “Turkish intelligence is passing to ISIS satellite imagery and other data, with particular emphasis on exposing to ISIS jihadists the positions of Kurdish fighters and the storage locations of their weapons and munitions.”

The Turkish government has been among the loudest proponents of further Muslim immigration into both Europe and the United States, as well as being a country that has militarily pushed back against Russia’s recent war on ISIS in Syria. Now that influence apparently extends into the very legal system of non-Muslim nations.

This is madness of the most dangerous kind.

And yet, did not Barack Obama signal this very thing not so long ago as he declared to the world he would not tolerate those who, “…slander the prophet of Islam.”

Apparently that future is now.


Putin Snarls At Climate Summit: Claims Turkey Protecting ISIS Oil Routes

Vladimir Putin met with several world leaders at the Climate Change summit held in Paris this week, but he adamantly refused to meet with Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Putin claims yet more intelligence data confirms Turkey’s primary reason for shooting down a Russian fighter jet last week was to protect delivery of significant sums of ISIS-controlled oil being shipped to market through Turkey.

President Erdogan, among Barack Obama’s most enthusiastic international supporters, denounced the accusation, claiming he would resign as his nation’s president if the charges were proven true.

Interestingly, U.S. intelligence sources speaking on condition of anonymity, have already sided with Russia’s claim its fighter jet was shot down inside of Syrian airspace, directly contradicting both Turkey’s claim the jet had flown into  its airspace, and Barack Obama’s quick support of what he called Turkey’s right to defend its borders.

President Erdogan had no comment regarding recent Iraqi government indications that Mr. Putin’s claims of Turkey acting on behalf of ISIS interests are valid:

“…there is “no shadow of a doubt” that the Turkish government knows about the oil smuggling operations.“The merchants, the businessmen [are buying oil] in the black market in Turkey under the noses – under the auspices if you like – of the Turkish intelligence agency and the Turkish security apparatus,” – Iraqi MP

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The area with the three dollar-sign bags also happens to be where the Russian jet fighter was shot down.

The simmering Putin vs Erdogan conflict was enough to have several world leaders try and smooth over the situation between the two leaders, including both Barack Obama and John Kerry, among others. Mr. Putin is said to have remained polite, though notably quiet during the exchanges, while Erdogan was increasingly defensive of his government’s claimed innocence.

Putin has already imposed economic sanctions and travel bans against Turkey, with promises of more to come.

He has also continued bombing ISIS oil facilities and transport routes, including those along the Syrian/Turkish border.

REPORT: The Real Reason Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter

Within minutes of shooting down (and filming) a Russian military jet the Turkish government was claiming it did so to protect its own airspace. Russian officials then disputed that claim while the Obama White House quickly sided with Turkey.

(See the outline of that scenario here: Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet )

The real reason though is something far simpler and sinister and something both the Mainstream Media and the Obama administration doesn’t want you to know – money. Namely significant sums of money being pocketed by oddly close allies of the Obama White House via direct dealings with ISIS terrorists.

Much has been said about ISIS generating millions of dollars every week via sales of oil taken from territories it took control of months earlier. Until very recently, Barack Obama has been reluctant to attack ISIS oil fields and ISIS oil transportation routes.

(See that story here: The Moment Putin Growled & Obama Cowered At The G-20 Summit… )

Here is an excerpt from that above report regarding the much-publicized 40-minute sit down that took place between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama at the G20 Summit which was hosted by Turkey:

“…After several tense seconds, President Obama looked away and then began speaking. Putin awaited his own interpreter and with each word from Mr Obama, his smirk became more pronounced. Barack Obama spoke of the need for cooperation, of dealing with Assad, of an international approach to ensure fairness to everyone involved.

Mr. Putin jabbed a finger at the ISIS oil fields photographs and declared them gone. He then rose up from his chair, smiled warmly for the media cameras watching the exchange, and then later gave the now infamous comments that made clear his feelings toward the American president:

Putin Laughs Off Obama At G20 Summit: “He’s A Child…He’s A Child.”

It was Putin who demanded that ISIS oil production be destroyed and it was Putin who set out to do just that as described by this excerpt:

“…Within hours of that meeting, U.S. forces began bombing ISIS oil transport trucks. The Obama White House moved quickly to push the American media to detail those attacks as a show of Barack Obama’s determination to defeat ISIS in an attempt to minimize Putin’s growing influence as the dominant world leader in the war on ISIS. What the White House didn’t disclose (but disgruntled military operatives then leaked) was that it ordered leaflets to be dropped prior to the bombing campaign to allow “innocents” time to escape.

The Obama administration proudly claimed it destroyed 116 ISIS oil transport vehicles.

Russian military then proceeded to decimate over 500 hundred ISIS transport trucks – and did so without prior warning.

Statistically, the Putin-directed response to ISIS is 500% greater than that overseen by Barack Obama which would appear to only reinforce Mr. Putin’s claims of Barack Obama’s childlike approach to dealing with Muslim terrorists.”

Now with the above information in hand, add to it this very important fact:

ISIS has been using Turkey to bring its oil to market and in doing so, has developed a mutually beneficial financial arrangement with the Turkish government – namely Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is potentially making millions of dollars on the side via that arrangement.  Erdogan, perhaps the single most powerful Muslim Brotherhood leader in the world, is of course also very close to Barack Obama:

The Russian fighters were attacking ISIS oil routes that led into Turkey, thus endangering the multi-million dollar agreement between ISIS and the Erdogan regime. Turkey was allowed to shoot down a Russian jet fighter with the assurance it would have the quick support (and thus military backing) of the Obama White House after doing so.

That is exactly what just transpired.

With that information now added to this wicked cauldron of international deceit, add this excerpt from a related D.C. Whispers report:

“It should also be noted that Turkey has now militarily engaged both the Kurds and Russia – the two forces that have most aggressively taken up the fight to defeat ISIS. The Obama administration continues to refuse to adequately arm Kurdish fighters, and openly complains of the increase in Russian influence in that same region.

It’s as if Recep Tayyip Erdogan enjoys leadership of two nations, his own Turkey, and that of the United States via what appears to be considerable influence directed through the vessel known as Barack Hussein Obama.”

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

UPDATE: Senator and GOP candidate Marco Rubio just sided with Barack Obama and declared “we must defend Turkey from Russian assault.” Mr. Rubio suggested Turkey, as a NATO member, could require ALL NATO members to defend it against Russia should it be attacked. In more direct terms, that would be a potential World War III scenario.