Trump Rightfully Rips Clueless Republican Leaders Following Weakening Of Ethics Board Powers

Republican leaders, happy to now have control of both houses of Congress, (thanks to voter support for Donald Trump) did something so politically stupid it evoked an immediate reaction from the President-Elect, who called them out for their lack of political perspective. The genesis of the Trump rebuke came in the form of a proposed reform of the Office of Congressional Ethics by Republicans, weakening the office to the point investigations would now be conducted “in-house” and under nearly full control by members of Congress.

Mr. Trump was none too pleased with the effort:

The clueless duo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have yet to formally respond to the President-Elect’s demands that Congress focus fully on far more important issues than those related to protecting the cash-corruption money machine that has long infested this nation’s legislative body. It is a glimpse into how Mr. Trump intends to govern as a president of the people first, not of a political party.

If members of Congress misbehave, be they Republican or Democrat, this president will call them out publicly for their misdeeds. The entirety of the Political Establishment in America now lives in fear of what a Donald Trump presidency will bring – namely America-first policies that favor the American people, and not the political elite.