EU Globalist Leader Threatens To Break Up America (VIDEO)

A clearly agitated European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker lashed out at the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s support of that historic event that saw Great Britain withdraw itself from the European Union. Mr. Juncker went so far as to threaten to support the break up of the United States.

These globalists are none too happy to see Americans placing American interests and values first. (And Brits doing the same.) Make no mistake, this might yet be more than a merely proverbial shot across the bow of the United States.


WHOA! France’s Version Of Donald Trump Surges To Lead In Latest Presidential Poll

Marine Le Pen is a staunch advocate of “France First” – a political platform very similar to that of President Donald Trump who recently kicked over the Establishment money tables in the D.C. Temple in what might very well be the most shocking election victory in U.S. political history.

And what Trump did in America, Le Pen is now poised to do in France as voters, disgusted by a weak globalist-leaning government and rampant immigration-related violence, demand change.

It is a stunning reversal in French politics that has Le Pen’s Front National party emerging from the political wilderness where it was once a political bystander. Now, with Le Pen at the lead, it is poised to become a far more influential player in shaping the nation’s future.

Le Pen has called for a referendum on France’s participation in the European Union. If France were to go the way of Great Britain which voted to leave the EU last year, it would likely spell the end of the globalist organization. Just yesterday she told a Paris audience her unwavering belief in a “Europe of nations” where countries were free to pursue their own goals and identities free from outsider influence.:

“I rejoice in Europeans claiming back their freedom against the attempts to create an artificial superstate. The European Union is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

Such talk is a direct slap in the face of those who continue to work toward a globalist government that has seen national identities throughout Europe decimated via a deluge of immigration whereby hundreds of thousands have entered Western European nations whose history and culture they despise. Sadly, on occasion, terrible violence has been the result.

Le Pen is declaring enough. It now appears more and more French voters are inclined to agree.


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French Voters Eye Possible “FREXIT” Move – Want Out Of European Union

The French have actually been more hostile to the European Union than have their British counterparts, a hostility born largely from the highly unpopular 2005 Treaty of Lisbon that had members of the French parliament abdicating French autonomy in favor of a centralized European authority.

And now whispers of a French, anti-E.U. insurgency are on the rise following the successful Brexit vote of last week.

If the Frexit movement continues to build momentum, it would be a potentially crippling blow to an already wobbly European Union that was stunned by the earlier Brexit vote.

Globalism has found many enemies within a number of nations, and in France, the dislike of globalism is now making for some strange bedfellows as politicians and voters from both the left and the right are coming together to fight for French autonomy.

“The gap between pro- and anti-Europeans is in the process of replacing the right-left cleavage. This situation obligates us to reinvent Europe.”

Those are the words of former French Prime Minister, Alain Juppé, spoken just days ago. It is an important observation, one that is also being played out here in the United States via the millions of seemingly disparate Donald Trump supporters. From blue collar union workers, to liberal anti-Free Trade advocates, to legal immigrants, and longtime closed borders advocates, Trump is a candidate who has grown beyond the limited divide of mere “left” and “right” in American politics.

And just like Trump is fond of declaring “America first” must by this election cycle’s rallying cry, so too are an increasing number of French demanding “France first” leadership. Current socialist French President, François Hollande is mired in record low approval ratings among French voters and is unlikely to even qualify for the 2017 election. 

French journalist, Benoît Hopquin, just published a column in which he decried the “carcass” that is now France after years of globalization policies, a carcass marked by closed factories, lost jobs, and neighborhoods dominated by blight and hopelessness – a message almost identical to that of the Trump campaign here in America.

Battle lines are being drawn, pitting national pride versus the New World Order.

Both Brexit and Donald Trump represent the appeal of nationalism and self-determination, and have made powerful enemies among those who would see national borders disappear, right along with national identity.

Will it be Vive la France, or a globalist collective?

It appears we might just find out soon enough.


Obama Globalists Move To Ignore Brexit Vote

It is no secret the Obama White House was both stunned and outraged at British voters’ decision to withdraw from one of the most critical components of globalist governance – the European Union.

Now rumors are rampant that the Obama government has joined forces with its British and German counterparts to effectively ignore the will of the British people and keep the E.U. intact.

ABOVE: Barack Obama stands with Germany’s Angela Merkel and current British Prime Minister David Cameron. To the left is former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, a conservative who was at best a tepid supporter of his country’s involvement in the European Union. In late 2013,Sarkozy suddenly found himself facing corruption charges (which remain unproven) and he narrowly lost his re-election bid to pro-E.U. socialist candidate, François Hollande.


Earlier this week, Obama Secretary of State John Kerry informed a panel that the situation was “complicated” while behind-the-scenes whispers suggested Mr. Kerry was in fact working feverishly with British government officials to quickly form a second referendum vote that would effectively nullify last week’s vote. This move is said to have considerable support among other E.U. nations such as Germany and France, among others, and is being strongly suggested/demanded to take place by Barack Obama himself.

It should be noted that British Prime Minister David Cameron has yet to invoke Article 50 – the act which would formally initiate Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Cameron initially promised this would take place soon after the vote.

It hasn’t, and some are now saying it might never be invoked.

While Cameron is apparently being told by such figures as Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Angela Merkel to simply ignore the will of the people, the now-departing Prime Minister is publicly stating the British people have spoken and their will should be fully represented.

If that is the case, though, why hasn’t Mr. Cameron already invoked Article 50?

Germany’s Merkel has made similar public comments indicating the Brexit vote will stand, while privately working to minimize that vote’s authority as much as possible. Rumors indicate Germany will take an increasingly active role in trying to influence upcoming British elections, hoping it can possibly help to see that a more E.U.-friendly representative is made Prime Minster.

Perhaps it will be up to the British people to once again thwart those plans as well.