Following Failed Compromise Vote, Globalists Demand Brits Concede Full Authority To The EU

Most believed British Prime Minister Teresa May’s monstrosity of a compromise would go down but few thought it would just a thoroughly disastrous defeat as more than 100 members of her own party voted no on the attempted Brexit compromise. The globalist labour party was quick to table a vote of no confidence in the May government while a growing number conservative members demanded the original intent of the Brexit vote, that Brittain withdraw from the EU and reassert its own political and financial independence, be honored in full. 

A monster of a fight looms as EU officials are now demanding the Brexit vote be thrown out entirely, a position which further emphasizes the EU’s belief all nations in Europe are to bow to a centralized globalist form of government. Interestingly, it is the very same sort of concentrated authority domination pushed by Adolph Hitler some eighty years earlier and being currently proposed by EU official, Donald Tusk:

Liberals in Brittain are using the fracture that arose within the conservative wing of government caused by those who wanted to move to complete the Brexit mandate with withdraw from the EU and those, like May, who wanted some sort of hybrid withdrawal that kept much of the EU’s authority over Great Brittain in place. British liberals wish to throw away the Brexit vote altogether and allow full implementation of EU authority into nearly every aspect of British governance – a situation some are calling treasonous.


Trump Stares Down World Over Anti-American Trade Agreements – And The World Is Blinking

“Hold the line.”

So went the order from POTUS Trump to his administration as China and the EU coordinate some retaliatory tariffs on American-made goods. Mr. Trump is not backing off, though, confident the strong U.S. economy that he has helped to create can now withstand the trade tantrums of nations that have been taking advantage of the United States for far too long.

This morning the European Union announced $3.5 billion in new U.S. goods tariffs – a move sources indicate was the direct result of Chinese pressure for them to do so. President Trump is shrugging off the measure and moving forward with $34 billion in tariffs against China and now threatening to enact further tariffs on the EU.

A longtime D.C. Congressional staffer put it this way:

“It’s a dick swinging contest and right now Trump has the much bigger stick. He’s knocking down buildings with it. It’s not even close. The Chinese economy isn’t nearly as strong as it was ten years ago, and the EU is always one big crisis away from collapse. Trump built up the America economy and is now pushing hard on the trade issue at exactly the right time. We can sustain a full-on trade war if we need to. The world knows that. They don’t like it, but they know it. There’ll be more tit for tat over the summer but sooner rather than later they’ll be coming to the table and the entire trade blueprint is going to be rewritten in America’s favor. You just watch. The president is staring down the world and the world is blinking. Anyone who says Donald Trump is anything less than brilliant needs to put their head right back up there own ass and shut it because they have no idea what they’re talking about. Trump is proving his intelligence every day on the job. The reason he’s making so many enemies is because everything he’s doing is America-first and they can’t stand that. They hate America. They want to see it punished. Liberals love self-abuse. Always have. Always will.”