Diamond & Silk To Testify About Facebook Censorship. Will Media Ignore Their Story?

They are two proud, feisty and undeniably entertaining black female supporters of President Donald Trump who amassed a social media following in the millions.

Then Facebook deemed them “dangerous to the community” and censored them.

Now Diamond and Silk are set to tell their story to Congress. Will the media pay attention or ignore them like they ignore so many other minorities who support the President?


The Real Reason Facebook Attacked Diamond & Silk?

Donald Trump continues to gain in popularity among minority voters due most likely to the fact the President’s policies have made remarkable gains in jobs for minorities across America. The media has been burying these truths as social media platforms move to silence pro-Trump minority voices like Diamond and Silk who have accumulated millions of followers over just the last year. A poll just this week shows 30% approval among Black voters for President Trump (with 20% indicating strong approval!) and it’s likely the true number is even higher making Donald Trump the most popular Republican president among black voters in generations. These truths are a direct contrast to the media-generated anti-Trump narrative of course so the truth is buried and the falsehoods of a “racist” Donald Trump continued. 


Watch Barack Obama Say Publicly That Without Facebook He Might Not Be President

Show anyone who says Facebook was not working hand-in-hand with the Obama campaigns in 2008 and 2012 (and the Clinton campaign in 2016) this video.

This week’s Senate and House hearings on Facebook are a hoax meant not to restrict Facebook, but rather to restrict free speech. The Deep State wants more control over all social media platforms – not less. Watch for even more crackdowns against non-Establishment media sources to follow.


Watch Ted Cruz Confront Mark Zuckerberg Regarding Facebook Being A Political Arm Of The Left Wing Globalist Agenda

It must be noted that in 2008 and 2012 Facebook worked hand in hand with the Obama campaign during those election cycles. This is indisputable. In 2016 it was doing so again for Hillary Clinton but there was also something different going on. Donald Trump had millions of grassroots supporters also utilizing the social media platform to better educate voters about the candidates and their issues – and Donald Trump won.

That is the only reason Mr. Zuckerberg is being called out in front of Congress. The Deep State wants the authority to control all social media platforms. Watch as Ted Cruz gets Mr.Zuckkerberg to address the issue of Facebook bias. It is real. It is pervasive, and the Deep State doesn’t want less bias – it wants MORE.


Why Are Social Media Masters Attempting To Silence Women Of Color?

Diamond and Silk are the often hilarious pro-Trump supporters who rose to social media fame after garnering tens of thousands of followers during the 2016  Election. 

This week Facebook has deemed them “unsafe” to the social media community. Many are calling it a clear example of bias. Not racial bias but a bias against traditional/conservative beliefs. Diamond and Silk represent millions of black and brown minority Americans who don’t subscribe to the far left political plantation.

To silence them as Facebook has apparently done is yet another way of telling such minorities to get back on that plantation and shut up.

It’s ideological slavery – and it has to stop.



**AHEM** Just a reminder that in 2012 the Obama campaign grabbed FIVE TIMES the Facebook data as Cambridge Analytica did in 2016

This current anti-Facebook hysteria has taken quite a turn as liberals who once embraced the social media giant are now demanding it be dismantled because -gasp- its data was used during a political campaign in 2016. And yet where was this same anger when the same thing was being done in 2012 – but at far greater levels? 


Check this out via a Politico article out today:

…During the 2012 campaign, President Barack Obama’s reelection team built an app that extracted the same types of data in the same fashion as the Cambridge Analytica data in question, with one critical difference: Obama’s team extracted nearly five times the information.

According to Carol Davidsen, a member of Obama’s data team, “Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn’t stop us once they realized that was what we were doing.” The social graph is Facebook’s map of relationships between users and brands on its platform. And after the election, she recently acknowledged, Facebook was “very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side.”


What Team Obama did in 2012 with its Facebook data was heralded far and wide as a sign of a truly formidable and cutting-edge political campaign. After Team Trump attempted the same in 2016, to a much smaller degree, that attempt is being vilified and Facebook is being blamed for allowing it to happen.

That’s beyond hypocritical. It’s dangerous. Clearly, there are some in high positions of power and influence in America who feel they and they alone should control the flow of information.

The Cambridge Analytica work in 2016 and Facebook’s part in it should be much ado about nothing but the enemies of freedom and choice in America are making it into something and demanding punishment against Facebook – a platform people choose to be or not to be a part of.



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Establishment Media’s Facebook “Data Breach” Hypocrisy Fully Exposed

When the Obama campaign utilized social media to collect personal information data and turn it into a political outreach resource the Mainstream Media rejoiced, calling it “brilliant” and a “political gamechanger.”

Fast-forward to the 2016 Election. The Hillary Clinton campaign attempted the same. (The Obama Machine is even assumed to have shared some of its social media data with the Clinton campaign) The Donald Trump campaign did as well. The media’s response? HOW DARE HE.

Utter hypocrisy and yet another fabricated “crisis” to try and explain how Trump defeated Clinton and the political and media establishments.

(And it is now being said they hope to make it so a Republican candidate will never have access to this kind of information again – but Democrats will still be able to continue using it.)