Anti-Trump Sexual Misconduct Machine Ramps Up With Fake Fox News Poll & Unproven Media-Generated Allegations

There were no fewer than seven high-profile media stories this morning, including one from the Washington Post and another via a lengthy Megyn Kelly segment on the Today Show regarding women who claim to have been victims of sexual harassment by Donald Trump prior to his becoming POTUS. These anti-Trump attacks were joined by a glaringly biased Fox News poll that is attempting to convince Alabama voters that Judge Roy Moore, the Republican, is now trailing his Democrat opponent by ten points. More on that in a bit.

Last week D.C. Whispers warned Trump supporters of a vast media push to reignite the Trump war on women meme that was attempted against him during the 2016 presidential campaign. That attempt ultimately failed then, but the environment now is far different and makes for a legitimate risk to the Trump presidency as Americans have taken a Salem Witch Trials approach to allegations of sexual misconduct where the accused are automatically charged with guilt via the court of public opinion.

Temporarily front and center in this yet again attempt to derail the Trump presidency is the Alabama special election being held this week to fill the seat of former Alabama senator and current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Republican Roy Moore has faced an onslaught of allegations as Democrats hold out hope of snatching a senate seat from the deep red state. This morning Fox News breathlessly repeated the details of a poll they claim has Moore trailing his Democrat counterpart by ten points.

It’s an astounding claim given Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Alabama by almost 30 points.

Alabama is a state that is overwhelmingly Republican – perhaps the most Republican state in the entire nation. And yet, here is the political identification makeup of the Fox News poll that is being touted today showing Roy Moore losing by double-digits:


Fox News is peddling a poll of Alabama voters that would have us believe Alabama is now suddenly half Democrat and half Republican!!!????

That is political reporting malpractice at an astounding level. 

The poll’s true purpose is to try and energize Alabama Democrats to get out and vote while depressing the Republican vote in the hopes of pulling off an upset. This in turn would add another impeachment vote against Donald Trump into the U.S. Senate – something Senate leaders of both parties have quietly been working for. (Proof of that is a story Mitch McConnell’s office leaked to he media over the weekend stating how the Senate Majority Leader was “aghast” over Mr. Trump’s support of Roy Moore.)

Once again Trump voters will have to turn out in big numbers to overcome the Establishment Machine that would otherwise determine their elections for them.

We’ll know soon enough if they do so.


(Link to the Fake Fox News poll HERE )