Remember – FBI Requested Access To Hacked DNC Servers. DNC REFUSED That Request.

On one side of its mouth the DNC (and Hillary Clinton campaign operatives) were screaming out the Russian narrative regarding hackers accessing and then leaking damning DNC docs during the 2016 Election. (DNC staffers were caught making fun of minorities, poor people, Bernie Sanders supporters, etc.) And yet, when the FBI requested access to the DNC servers in order to try and locate the source of the hack – the DNC refused that request.

Why would someone claiming to be a victim of a crime then not allow investigators access to the alleged crime scene?

Why indeed.

The Mainstream Media has since the beginning called the DNC email scandal a “hack” while offering no proof of such an act.

What has and remains far more likely is that those DNC docs were in fact LEAKED by a DNC insider. This fact then decimates the carefully constructed “the Russians did it” narrative that the Mainstream Media and Democrat operatives continue to promote. If true, it means they have been willfully lying to the American people all along.

Consider this headline from January on this subject:

Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers

“The bureau made “multiple requests at different levels,” according to Comey, but ultimately struck an agreement with the DNC that a “highly respected private company” would get access and share what it found with investigators.

“We’d always prefer to have access hands-on ourselves if that’s possible,” Comey said, noting that he didn’t know why the DNC rebuffed the FBI’s request.”

The above scenario is so critical to exposing the great DNC hack lie. While the DNC and the entirety of the then-Obama administration were repeating the false Russian narrative, that same DNC and Obama administration were denying the FBI access to the purported crime scene – indicating there was no crime but rather a cover-up by the DNC/Hillary/Obama machine.

With the above scenario outlined, now consider this D.C. Whispers headline from today:

Investigator Says Police Told To “Stand Down” Following DNC Seth Rich Murder (Hillary Related)

“At the time of his death, Rich was also involved in what some reports have described as a “highly important voter registration program” for the DNC. (See below) The DNC has not been forthcoming since Mr. Rich’s death regarding what that program might have been – though some have suggested he was preparing to blow the whistle on what was and likely remains, a massive voter fraud program:”

Is it possible part of the DNC’s motivation for creating the false Russia narrative regarding an alleged hacking was to cover up its implication in the murder of a staff member? That is speculation of course – but given how the DNC refused the FBI’s request to look at their servers, it certainly places a shadow over the entirety of the DNC’s motivations.

And note too how feeble then Director Comey’s response to his request being refused. There were members of Congress declaring that Russia’s alleged attempts to manipulate the 2016 Election was an act of war – and yet the FBI meekly goes away when the DNC refuses them access to the very servers that would provide the most critical proof of that “act of war”?

It doesn’t add up – UNLESS what you are adding up is a cover-up.

Then it makes perfect sense.

It also reveals the media and political establishment’s unhinged obsession with destroying the Trump presidency. Mr.Trump is a true D.C. outsider who is far too close to potential information that could more fully reveal the size and scope of corruption that has fueled our government for decades.

They cannot afford to have President Trump succeed. Their own survival demands he be destroyed.


FBI Director Hints That Barack Obama Was Source Of Illegal Leaks (VIDEO)

The Mainstream Media is once again scrambling to cover for Barack Obama. During the hearing yesterday between members of Congress and FBI Director James Comey, Mr. Comey made clear there has been ZERO evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the then-Trump campaign. What Director Comey did suggest is that Barack Obama himself (which would of course involve Valerie Jarrett as well) was a likely source of some, if not all, of the classified information leaks that now continue to plague Washington D.C.:

Congressman Trey Gowdy sets up the Obama-as-the-source scenario at the start of the video when he asks Director Comey if he personally briefed the then-President Michael Flynn/Russian-tied surveillance, etc. Comey refuses to answer. Then later in the video, we see Congressman Tom Rooney detailing just how dangerous to national security these Obama-era leaks have become. Comey follows this up by indicating the leaks coming out of D.C. now are “unusually active.”

The above video reaffirms there is ZERO evidence of any collusion between the then-Trump campaign and Russian officials. Those are the FACTS – facts the Mainstream Media continues to ignore as it works to try and damage the Trump administration and protect the previous Obama administration – and Barack Obama himself.

There is far more evidence to suggest the Obama White House orchestrated the leaks in question, and has Obama-era government officials who to this day, continue to engage in that same activity. Remember, nearly every major Establishment Media outlet was pushing the Russia-Trump narrative just prior to the November election. Hillary Clinton herself was more than hinting at the story. Here is her tweet from October 2016:

All of the above information would have to be obtained via classified information.

Second, the “link” between the Trump Organization server and the Russian bank appears to have been nothing more than spam, as detailed in this Daily Mail report:

FBI bows to Clinton supporters’ demands to probe Trump links with Russia – but comes up blank


  • Federal law enforcement officials combed over possible links between Donald Trump and the Russia and came up with nothing
  • The FBI found no evidence that Trump was involved in Russian hacking of Democratic Party officials’ emails 
  • A server at the Trump Organization that supposedly communicated with a Russian bank in secret was a dead end
  • None of the queries Hillary Clinton’s campaign pushed for turned up evidence that the billionaire, or his company, is working with Russia
  • A computer scientist says he found exchanges between Russia’s Alfa Bank in Moscow and the Trump Organization, but the FBI believes it was spam 
  • Alfa Bank and Trump’s campaign deny using the servers to communicate

Now here is where things get particularly interesting. What if the Obama government was the one to initiate the spam linking the Trump Organization’s server with the Russian Alfa Bank and then used that link to initiate surveillance? From there, it leaked information to the Clinton campaign, favored media sources, etc. – all in serious violation of the law.

With that in mind, it becomes very clear why so many in the media have no interest in pursuing the potential truth regarding this situation – that truth would involve their own complicity in violating the law and putting national security at risk.

Add that scenario to a D.C. Whispers report from yesterday:

James Comey Just Explained How Establishment Media Legally Creates Fake News

The ruse becomes even more clear as does the likelihood it was the Obama White House, working side-by-side with the Clinton campaign and using government operatives within the U.S. Intelligence agencies, to create a Trump-Russia story meant to help secure Election Day victory for Mrs. Clinton. That victory was denied, but the fake Russian story continues as a now-frightened media (and some politicians who were also involved) become more desperate to cover their own tracks.

Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win. He wasn’t supposed to be President and have the power to investigate THEM.

As for Barack Obama, the entire episode is yet another example of his true legacy. A man who cares little for national security and far more about highly divisive and dangerous ideological politics.



James Comey Just Explained How Establishment Media Legally Creates Fake News

Check out this quote from FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress today:

“…It’s perfectly legal for someone attending a classified briefing to LIE TO THE PRESS about what they heard in that meeting. The FBI cannot go out and correct the record because then they’d be “commenting on Classified information…”

The New York Times or the Washington Post, or CNN, etc., come out with an anti-Trump story based on “government sources” which bolster the anti-Trump slant, and/or attempts to discredit the Trump White House’s take on events such as the bogus investigation into links between Russia and the 2016 Election.

That very scenario has been happening time and time again and James Comey just admitted to Congress the FBI cannot come out and correct the record because they would then be in violation of publicly speaking about classified information.

The media is protected because it is spinning a lie, and therefore NOT classified information, even as that lie becomes fact in the minds of the media’s audience. Once again, here are FBI Director James Comey’s words on that very subject as spoken to Congress today:

“…It’s perfectly legal for someone attending a classified briefing to LIE TO THE PRESS about what they heard in that meeting. The FBI cannot go out and correct the record because then they’d be “commenting on Classified information…”

Don’t listen to anything the Establishment Media is telling you. They are not doing the bidding of truth. Rather, they are the willing denizens of the lie.


FBI Doc Drop: Threats To America DID Access Hillary Clinton’s Illegal Private Server (VIDEO)

While Hollywood whined about President-Elect Trump at the Golden Globes, the FBI quietly put out confirmation regarding the stunning danger Hillary Clinton’s incompetence posed to U.S. security. (A subject the Mainstream Media and far left continues to willfully ignore.)

It was as if during her tenure as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton put out the red carpet for anti-American foreign operatives and declared to them, “COME ON IN!”


The latest FBI doc disclosure also details just how aggressively the Obama State Department was working to influence the investigative outcome into the Hillary Clinton unsecured email scandal.

How bad was it? How deep did this cover-up and collusion go?

It was very bad – very deep, and likely one of the primary reasons why some in government today are so upset at the thought of an outsider like Donald Trump entering the White House.

Drain the swamp, indeed…

H/T Gateway Pundit


UNHINGED: Harry Reid Just Accused FBI of Working With Russia To Make Trump President

He is among the highest ranking Democrats in the nation, and today Harry Reid went full on tinfoil hat territory with accusations the FBI’s James Comey was working with Putin’s Russia to make Donald Trump President.


“It’s obvious he was a parts in all of this. Comey. Yes… We know there were people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians. And now it’s very clear. One of the big mysteries that people think exists. Why didn’t he do something. There’s no mystery to me…” -Senator Harry Reid


Trump Signals To FBI On Clinton Foundation Investigation: JUST DO YOUR JOB

Over the weekend, Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes attempted to paint President-Elect Donald Trump into a corner regarding his oft-repeated campaign-trail promise to have a real investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal – one that could even include a Special Prosecutor. It was a promise that had Trump supporters chanting “Lock her up!” in the final months of the campaign. Trump shrugged off Stahl’s questioning on the subject, stating he didn’t wish to “hurt” the Clintons, but what was left unsaid actually spoke volumes.

It is the Clinton Foundation FBI investigation that remains very much ongoing, though given the absence of Mainstream Media coverage on that fact, many Americans might not realize that to be the case.

In her interview with Trump, Stahl’s questioning focused on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server – NOT the foundation. This was no accident, but had been most likely considered and perhaps even negotiated by Trump surrogates and CBS News prior to the 60 Minutes interview.

You see, it is the Clinton Foundation scandal that has the entirety of Washington D.C. whispering to itself. Will the FBI unleash hell upon the foundation and its multi-tentacled contacts both within the U.S. government and across the globe that had U.S. policy being illegally sold to the highest bidder?  That doomsday possibility is why current Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch had already attempted to terminate the investigation, even as Director Comey continues to proceed with it.

Lynch’s role remains that of an investigative firewall between the FBI and the Clintons. (and Barack Obama)

But with Donald Trump mere weeks away from assuming power, and a new Attorney General who will accompany that transition, that firewall will soon be no more. And though Mr. Trump’s first 100-days political priorities are clearly focused upon the economy, immigration/border security, and ISIS, his refusal to state Mr. Comey’s job at the FBI is secure is an equally clear signal from the President-Elect that he expects the FBI to do its job regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation.

If justice is to be served, so be it, and because such a move will be coming from the FBI and not the White House, Trump’s detractors will find it far more difficult to accuse him of unfairly “going after” the Clintons should the FBI ultimately recommend to the new Attorney General that charges be filed.

In other words, the Clinton Foundation issue is far from over, and Donald Trump is already proving himself capable of navigating that particularly pungent swamp with considerable skill.


Tight-Jawed Obama Ignores Media Questions About FBI’s Hillary Clinton Investigation (VIDEO)

And note how the shouted question includes a reference to FBI Director James Comey being, “fit to serve.”

It would appear irony is lost upon the Mainstream Media…

This could prove a very long weak for Team Hillary and the Obama White House.

Then again, rats are most dangerous when cornered.


Hillary Clinton Will Either Be The Next POTUS – Or In Jail.

For Team Clinton, Election Day can’t come soon enough.  Hillary Clinton (and the entire political and media establishment) is fully aware of the implications of either winning or losing the White House. If she wins, the gears of government will be at her disposal, and with the help of an all too-willing media, her scandal-plagued present can merely be another chapter of her already scandal-plagued past.

If she loses the election, though, Hillary Clinton will be looking at an entirely new set of rules overseen by someone who has already made it all too clear what he thinks of her long and growing list of wrongdoing:


BREAKING: Longtime Clinton Operative Gave Wife of FBI Clinton Emails Investigator $675,000 (UPDATED)

His name is Andrew McCabe, the current FBI Deputy Director who had oversight authority over the Hillary Clinton private server/classified email investigation. His wife, Jill McCabe, is a Virginia politician who, just two months after the email investigation was launched, received a $675,000 campaign donation from longtime Clinton operative and supporter, (and current Virginia governor), Terry McAuliffe. (McAuliffe is also the former head of the DNC)

Not only did those hundreds of thousands of dollars begin flowing into the McCabe campaign so soon after the Hillary Clinton email scandal, but Andrew McCabe then found himself promoted to FBI Deputy Director with oversight authority over the Clinton email investigation during that very same time period as well.

Mere coincidence?

It should be noted that a $675,000 dollar campaign contribution is an unusually large amount to a state senate race where such contributions are most often in the tens of thousands of dollars, and entire campaigns are run for less than McAuliffe’s contributions to the wife of the FBI official overseeing the Clinton email investigation.

Again, mere coincidence?

If so, it is a messy one.

Here is the Wall Street Journal’s report on this now-breaking story: Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife

Don’t count on the the Mainstream Media to report this. It is up to all of you to SHARE-SHARE-SHARE so more and more voters can be educated to this kind of rampant political corruption that would have the ruling class in America ignore the very rules the rest of us are required to follow.

UDPATE: Fox Business News just reported that FBI Deputy Director McCabe was the LEAD INVESTIGATOR of the Clinton illegal email server probe – answering only to FBI Director James Comey himself.  And here is a chain-of-events outline of how all of this went down via Wall Street Journal reporter, Devlin Barrett:

“…order of events: server found, campaign launched, email probe, donations, promotion.”


BREAKING: Proof Hillary Ordered Email Deletion Developing Now – Smoking Gun?

This is an initial tremor that might very well result in an all out quake.

Here’s the basic gist uncovered by some talented Reddit users:

Here is a post from two years ago that has Paul Combetta (the man in charge of Hillary’s personal server) requesting help on how to delete/alter emails for a (very) VIP client:

“Hello all- I may be facing a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email that I have both in a live Exchange mailbox, as well as a PST file. Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields in all of the emails we want to send out. I am not sure if something like this is possible with PowerShell, or exporting all of the emails to MSG and doing find/replaces with a batch processing program of some sort. Does anyone have experience with something like this, and/or suggestions on how this might be accomplished?”

The issue is that these emails involve the private email address of someone you’d recognize, and we’re trying to replace it with a placeholder address as to not expose it.

The above appears to confirm that Hillary Clinton, (or someone very high up speaking on her behalf) ordered what is without a doubt, an obstruction of justice effort.

Then remember THIS – The Obama Department of Justice granted Paul Combetta immunity very early on in the FBI investigation process.

Please check out the always-good Gateway Pundit for more on this now breaking story:  HERE


“Extremely Careless” Hillary Lost Up To A DOZEN Cell Phones With Classified Information On Them

THIS is the woman to be entrusted with the entirety of the U.S. government?

Mrs. Clinton used nearly a dozen smart phones during her tenure as Secretary of State. According to now-breaking revelations, some of those phones went missing. Who might have them? Nobody knows.

Clinton staffers disposed of some of the phones by merely  “smashing them with a hammer” – a direct violation of government security protocols.

When the FBI asked to be given the multiple phone devices, Clinton’s office was only able to hand over two phones. 

ALL of the devices likely contained classified information, some of it highly sensitive.




BREAKING: Obama DOJ Denied FBI Request For Full Investigation Into Clinton Foundation (UPDATED)

Apparently, FBI officials found enough evidence to warrant a direct request to the Obama DOJ asking that a full investigation be initiated into the Clinton Foundation.

That request has been denied.

For months there have been speculative rumors regarding a widening FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s murky, multi-million dollar operation that sees heavy investment via foreign interests – interests Hillary Clinton had direct ties to during her tenure as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Last month, FBI Director James Comey refused to confirm or deny to members of Congress such an investigation was underway.

According to just-published reports (HERE), the FBI did in fact make a recent and direct request that the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit open a full investigation into allegations of collusion and/or influence peddling by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. That investigation would undoubtedly then involve the Obama White House and quite possibly include a grand jury.

The Obama DOJ has subsequently (and quietly) denied the request, citing a “lack of evidence.” To date, the Mainstream Media has largely ignored what should be a significant development directly related the Clintons’ seeming penchant for illegal government activity.

So far, the Justice Department has refused multiple media requests to comment on the matter.

(UPDATE #1) Now the lead story on the DRUDGE REPORT – Drudge attempting to force the hand of the Mainstream Media to report on it.



RELATED STORY: Justice Department declined FBI request to investigate Clinton Foundation


BREAKING: Bill Clinton Didn’t Meet Secretly W/AG Lynch About Hillary. It Was About HIM.

Apparently, it was over a month earlier that Bill Clinton received word the FBI had launched a full and separate investigation into Clinton Foundation dealings, an investigation that is an offshoot of the just-concluded one involving Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server that may have compromised national security.

It was that information that had the former president organizing a hush-hush sit down with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Phoenix last week. He was determined to find out if the noose was around his own neck and not just his wife’s, and if so, how tight AG Lynch intended to make it.

That supposed motivation was initially dismissed by various Alternative Media sites – including this one.

Then came THIS very odd exchange today between FBI Director James Comey and Congressman Jason Chaffetz:

Chaffetz: “Did you look at the Clinton Foundation?”

Comey: “I’m not going to comment on the existence or non-existince of any other investigations.”

That response is what is known as a non-response, response, indicating an answer without having to directly give one and complicating potential future legal proceedings.

If the FBI was not currently investigating the Clinton Foundation, Director Comey, who was under oath at the time of questioning, would have simply indicated so.

Breitbart News states the following on the matter:

“…That investigation involves suspicions that the former Secretary of State abused her role to solicit donations for her family’s private charity — including donations from some foreign governments…There is reason to believe Hillary Clinton set up her private email server in order to hide such transactions from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.”

There certainly appears to be something going on between the FBI and the Clinton Foundation.




STUNNING: FBI Did Not Require Hillary Clinton Be Put Under Oath & Interview NOT Recorded

THIS is undeniable proof the fix was in, and that Hillary Clinton was being treated as a high-profile political celebrity and not a person under criminal investigation for a myriad of government-related crimes.

James Comey admits Mrs. Clinton was not even required by oath to tell the truth, and even more stunning, that no recording (per FBI policy) or detailed transcripts of the FBI interview with her, even exist.

Here is video of FBI Director Comey admitting that very thing. 

Many have defended Director Comey as an honorable man. That defense has become significantly more difficult given the unbelievable fact that Hillary Clinton was not sworn to tell the truth prior to her interview/interrogation, and that there is no audio record beyond some general notes, of what she actually said. Comey also admits he didn’t even bother to speak with all of the agents who interviewed Mrs. Clinton prior to making his decision to not recommend charges against the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee.

Mrs. Clinton quite possibly compromised State secrets and put lives in danger, and she is not required to take an oath of truthfulness when questioned about that possibility?  This is an outrage even by Clinton-standards of getting away with what would normally land others in jail.

Here’s video of the admission by James Comey. This needs to be shared far and wide:


Watch FBI Directer Outline Multiple Reasons For Hillary’s Indictment (VIDEO)

Via direct questioning from Congressman Trey Gowdy, the man most responsible for discovering Hillary Clinton used a private, unsecured server to conduct top secret government business – and then lied about it, we see FBI Director James Comey repeatedly admit as much.

After watching this, all of America should be asking why Hillary Clinton is being allowed to run for President of the United States. It certainly isn’t because she followed the law, or deserves it. The only answer left that makes any sense is because we live in an era of the political elite who pass laws by which they themselves have no intention of following. (Obamcare, anyone?)

This video is informative – and infuriating when one realizes just how much Hillary Clinton got away with:


In Hillary Clinton’s World, Rules Are For Little People…

The FBI called her actions, “extremely careless” and noted Mrs. Clinton was repeatedly in direct violation of security protocols. FBI Director Comey also indicated Mrs. Clinton failed to turn over work-related emails as directed by the investigation into her private email server, and that classified information was repeatedly sent and shared via an unsecured server.

For those not named Clinton, these violations would at the very least, result in sanctions, and quite possibly jail time.

For Hillary Clinton? 

Nothing but a declaration she didn’t mean to do what she did.

Comey’s primary reasoning for not filing charges appears to be his view that Mrs. Clinton didn’t intend to break the law, therefore, no prosecutor would likely proceed with charges. Said view is in direct contrast to countless similar cases whereby people were charged for doing far less than Mrs. Clinton was guilty of.

Again, the difference there is that those people did not have the name Clinton.

For example, former CIA Director, General David Petraeus, was charged by the Obama Justice Department for mishandling classified information in the form of personal notes he gave to his biographer (and mistress). Petraeus initially lied to the FBI about those notes, leading to him facing a potential five-year prison sentence. Perhaps not coincidentally, the investigation proceeded with considerable haste at a time when Petraeus was being considered as a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate against Barack Obama. Once the scandal broke, the threat of such a campaign against Mr. Obama was eliminated.

Hillary Clinton’s violations didn’t include mere personal notes but the entirety of her communication apparatus. She purposely set up a private email server, sent and received countless classified communications, instructed staff to eliminate classified headers on emails to bypass security protocols, lied, REPEATEDLY, about never having sent or received classified information, and about handing over all specifically requested, work-related emails.

It should not be forgotten, Mrs. Clinton also deleted tens of thousands of emails during the initial phases of the investigation as well, and then attempted to destroy her server’s hard drive. 

The primary difference between the two investigations is this: the FBI stated that Hillary Clinton didn’t intentionally mislead while General Petraeus did – though a mountain of evidence clearly suggests otherwise.

It is in effect, the single most powerful investigative agency in the United States suddenly declaring that ignorance is a justifiable offense for breaking the law. 

Hillary Clinton is shockingly ignorant, therefore she is also innocent.

That is the culminating statement of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, which in turn, apparently makes her qualified to be the next President of the United States.


The Moment Hillary Clinton Grabbed Obama By The B*lls And Warned Him To BACK OFF

Judge Jeanine Pirro was among the only ones to fully comprehend the warning Hillary Clinton fired at Barack Obama a few weeks ago when Mrs. Clinton told the media EVERYONE in D.C. knew about her private email server.

Within days of sending that warning, Barack Obama was telling the media there was nothing to see regarding the Clinton email scandal, and then just this week, Bill Clinton was having a private one-on-one with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“Translation: Mr. President, this ain’t happening.”


UPDATE: On Monday, July 5th, the FBI announced it would not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, despite calling what she did in relation to her unsecured, private email server that repeatedly transmitted classified information,  “extremely careless.”

It appears quite apparent Mrs. Clinton’s warning to Obama and others in D.C. did not go unnoticed…




Hillary FBI Interview This Weekend – Just Days After Bill Clinton Met In Secret With Attorney General

The DAILY CALLER is now reporting Hillary Clinton is to have an interview pertaining to her criminal investigation with FBI officials this 4th of July weekend at her Washington D.C. residence. The scheduling is likely intended to help bury the interview away from the attention of voters who will be celebrating the holiday. 

It should also be noted that the interview is taking place mere days after Bill Clinton met with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a private jet sitting on the tarmac of a Phoenix Arizona airport. ( A meeting that would not have come to the public’s attention if not for a local media report) AG Lynch will ultimately have the final say on whether or not charges would be filed against Mrs. Clinton.


Hillary: “Obstruction” (UPDATE)

Something is afoot and it’s been a  long time percolating. In the last 48-hours there has been a significant increase in talk that Hillary Clinton is staring straight at an FBI-suggested obstruction charge.

Things are so bad in fact, the Washington Post is today willing to detail, at least in part, the imminent legal threat Mrs. Clinton (and related staff and perhaps, a certain former president-husband) now face:

…After another suspicious attempt Mrs. Clinton said she was scared to open email — but failed to report the matter.

“Notification is required when a user suspects compromise of, among other things, a personally owned device containing personally identifiable information,” the investigators said. “However, OIG found no evidence that the Secretary or her staff reported these incidents to computer security personnel or anyone else within the Department.”

The above is a report on the just-leaked and scathing State Department internal probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email use and subsequent refusal by Clinton and her staff to cooperate with the investigation – the very investigation that found Mrs. Clinton and her staff failed to notify authorities that her personal State Department email server was hacked – a clear violation of law.

Talk of a potential obstruction charge has intensified at the very same time a Romanian hacker who claims to have repeatedly hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server is said to have just made a sentencing deal with the Obama Justice Department. What is not yet known is if the hacker will cooperate by helping to insulate Mrs. Clinton, or be a part of the investigation against the former Secretary of State.

The FBI has not yet made any comment on the matter though a Fox News report suggested the hacker’s extradition from Romania was related to the ongoing Hillary Clinton investigation – a claim that if true, further solidifies the rumors of possible pending obstruction charges being leveled against Mrs. Clinton.

UPDATE: (5/26) Within twenty-four-hours of this report, the New York Times and Washington Post devoted front page stories to Mrs. Clinton’s private email server scandal, the just-leaked AG report, and ongoing FBI investigation in which the possible charge of obstruction was addressed.

Tonight, former New York Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Guiliani spoke to Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and also emphasized that an obstruction charge against Hillary Clinton had become not only possible, but perhaps even probable. Guiliani hinted that FBI Director James Comey was aware of the now concluded State Department internal investigation and can now use those findings to build an even tougher case against Mrs. Clinton – one that would be very difficult for the Obama Justice Department to ignore.

The drip-drip-drip of this scandal is now turning into a steady stream of difficulties for the would-be Democrat nominee for president.



BREAKING: Obama DOJ Hints “NO CRIMINAL WRONGDOING” Regarding Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal

Today a CNN report indicated that FBI investigators have found “no criminal wrongdoing” by any parties affiliated with the Hillary Clinton email and private server scandal.

This information is said to have been pushed out there by the Obama Department of Justice – not the FBI.

Here is an excerpt of the recent CNN report on the subject:

“The interviews, we’re told, are focused on whether classified information was mishandled, and the security of the server. So far officials tell us, no, there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing at this point in the investigation, but, again, the investigation is not over.

…Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides, including her longtime adviser Huma Abedin, have provided interviews to federal investigators, as the FBI probe into the security of her private email server nears completion, U.S. officials briefed on the investigation tell CNN. The investigation is still ongoing, but so far investigators haven’t found evidence to prove that Clinton willfully violated the law the U.S. officials say.”

Emphasis was made on the last sentence as it is particularly interesting language coming from what is a likely DOJ leak. “Willful violation” is not a prerequisite for an actionable violation and yet that is the very defense it appears the Obama Department of Justice is setting up for Mrs. Clinton – a “she didn’t mean to break the law” defense if you will.

The above statement by the Obama DOJ is the administration’s justification for not pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton regardless of the FBI’s findings. Wrongdoing will be forgiven as being unintended, and the matter will then be quickly swept under the proverbial carpet.

That’s the seeming plan at this point, anyway.

Here’s video of the CNN report: