The Left Are Now Admitting The Entirety Of Michael Wolff’s Anti-Trump “Fire & Fury” Is A Lying, Steaming, Pile Of Crap (VIDEO)

Make no mistake, this is a distancing ploy being engaged by MSNBC that is the signal to all other left wing media to do the same. Of course this comes after WEEKS of giving the book a massive wave of media-driven publicity. (Hillary Clinton just read from it for a televised awards show skit) The Wolff book was fiction hastily put together to attack President Trump and cited as fact via a media narrative that was then plastered across millions of social media screens.

Ah, but then some of these left-wing journalists actually started to read the book and discovered just how salaciously inaccurate it really was. So much so these media stooges are back peddling and now condemning that which they so recently advertised as PROOF of Donald Trump being unfit to be POTUS. They know the damage has already been done, though. And they wonder why people view the Establishment Media with such disdain?

Watch as the left turns on one of their own. Word is they are going to be doing a lot more of this in the coming days and weeks… 



Michael Wolff, Author Of Anti-Trump Fire & Fury Book: “WE WILL END THIS PRESIDENCY NOW.”

It was the intent of the book all along, yet it seems only those outside the Establishment Media are stating that simple fact. Michael Wolff rushed together Fire and Fury not as a matter of trying to capture the remarkable political outsider victory that continues to be the Trump presidency, but as a tool to do as much harm to that presidency as possible. Wolff was allegedly brought in by ousted Trump White House adviser, Steve Bannon. (who the Establishment Media once called a white nationalist but are now praising!?) Mr. Wolff, now riding high on the waves of an adoring media and a massive advertising push, is openly admitting to the book’s primary purpose – and he actually thinks it will end the Trump presidency: