Megyn Kelly Claims Trump Doing “Horribly” Among Black Voters – New Poll Says Otherwise

Megyn Kelly’s ongoing misrepresentation of Donald Trump and his millions of supporters continued this week as she returned to the Fox News airwaves following a lengthy summer hiatus. 

And just last night, Ms. Kelly repeated the claim to a panel of guests that Donald Trump was doing “horribly” among Black voters in America, despite numerous polling data that says otherwise.

Apparently, Kelly doesn’t let facts get in the way of her long-standing dislike of Donald Trump, despite this latest headline out of all-important swing-state Florida that includes some very positive news regarding Trump’s support among the African-American community:

Shock Poll: Trump Gets 20 Percent of Black Vote in Florida Poll; Leads Clinton Overall 43 to 41

The headline comes from a just-released Florida Atlantic University poll of 1200 registered voters in Florida surveyed over the last few days. In 2012, Mitt Romney, a candidate Megyn Kelly “gushed” over, according to then-media reports, garnered just six percent of the Black vote in Florida.

Donald Trump is currently more than TRIPLING that amount, and yet, Kelly repeats over and over again that Trump is doing “horribly” among black voters.

The truth Kelly chooses to ignore, is that Donald Trump is garnering far more support among African American voters than her own show does among African American viewers. (only 1% of Fox News viewers are Black according to a 2014 Nielsen survey.)

She would do well to give that fact some thought.